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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/stl_util.h"
#include "chrome/common/extensions/api/extension_action/action_info.h"
#include "extensions/common/constants.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/core/SkColor.h"
#include "ui/gfx/image/image.h"
class GURL;
namespace extensions {
class Extension;
class IconImage;
namespace gfx {
class Image;
class ImageSkia;
// ExtensionAction encapsulates the state of a browser action or page action.
// Instances can have both global and per-tab state. If a property does not have
// a per-tab value, the global value is used instead.
class ExtensionAction {
// The action that the UI should take after the ExtensionAction is clicked.
enum ShowAction {
// We don't need a SHOW_CONTEXT_MENU because that's handled separately in
// the UI.
static extension_misc::ExtensionIcons ActionIconSize();
// Returns the default icon to use when no other is available (the puzzle
// piece).
static gfx::Image FallbackIcon();
// Use this ID to indicate the default state for properties that take a tab_id
// parameter.
static const int kDefaultTabId;
ExtensionAction(const extensions::Extension& extension,
const extensions::ActionInfo& manifest_data);
// extension id
const std::string& extension_id() const { return extension_id_; }
// What kind of action is this?
extensions::ActionInfo::Type action_type() const {
return action_type_;
extensions::ActionInfo::DefaultState default_state() const {
return default_state_;
// Set the url which the popup will load when the user clicks this action's
// icon. Setting an empty URL will disable the popup for a given tab.
void SetPopupUrl(int tab_id, const GURL& url);
// Use HasPopup() to see if a popup should be displayed.
bool HasPopup(int tab_id) const;
// Get the URL to display in a popup.
GURL GetPopupUrl(int tab_id) const;
// Set this action's title on a specific tab.
void SetTitle(int tab_id, const std::string& title) {
SetValue(&title_, tab_id, title);
// If tab |tab_id| has a set title, return it. Otherwise, return
// the default title.
std::string GetTitle(int tab_id) const { return GetValue(&title_, tab_id); }
// Icons are a bit different because the default value can be set to either a
// bitmap or a path. However, conceptually, there is only one default icon.
// Setting the default icon using a path clears the bitmap and vice-versa.
// To retrieve the icon for the extension action, use
// ExtensionActionIconFactory.
// Set this action's icon bitmap on a specific tab.
void SetIcon(int tab_id, const gfx::Image& image);
// Tries to parse |*icon| from a dictionary {"19": imageData19, "38":
// imageData38}, returning false if a value is corrupt.
static bool ParseIconFromCanvasDictionary(const base::DictionaryValue& dict,
gfx::ImageSkia* icon);
// Gets the icon that has been set using |SetIcon| for the tab.
gfx::Image GetExplicitlySetIcon(int tab_id) const;
// Sets the icon for a tab, in a way that can't be read by the extension's
// javascript. Multiple icons can be set at the same time; some icon with the
// highest priority will be used.
void DeclarativeSetIcon(int tab_id, int priority, const gfx::Image& icon);
void UndoDeclarativeSetIcon(int tab_id, int priority, const gfx::Image& icon);
const ExtensionIconSet* default_icon() const {
return default_icon_.get();
// Set this action's badge text on a specific tab.
void SetBadgeText(int tab_id, const std::string& text) {
SetValue(&badge_text_, tab_id, text);
// Clear this action's badge text on a specific tab.
void ClearBadgeText(int tab_id) { badge_text_.erase(tab_id); }
// Get the badge text that has been set using SetBadgeText for a tab, or the
// default if no badge text was set.
std::string GetExplicitlySetBadgeText(int tab_id) const {
return GetValue(&badge_text_, tab_id);
// Set this action's badge text color on a specific tab.
void SetBadgeTextColor(int tab_id, SkColor text_color) {
SetValue(&badge_text_color_, tab_id, text_color);
// Get the text color for a tab, or the default color if no text color
// was set.
SkColor GetBadgeTextColor(int tab_id) const {
return GetValue(&badge_text_color_, tab_id);
// Set this action's badge background color on a specific tab.
void SetBadgeBackgroundColor(int tab_id, SkColor color) {
SetValue(&badge_background_color_, tab_id, color);
// Get the badge background color for a tab, or the default if no color
// was set.
SkColor GetBadgeBackgroundColor(int tab_id) const {
return GetValue(&badge_background_color_, tab_id);
// Set this ExtensionAction's DNR matched action count on a specific tab.
void SetDNRActionCount(int tab_id, int action_count) {
SetValue(&dnr_action_count_, tab_id, action_count);
// Get this ExtensionAction's DNR matched action count on a specific tab.
// Returns -1 if no entry is found.
int GetDNRActionCount(int tab_id) const {
return GetValue(&dnr_action_count_, tab_id);
// Clear this ExtensionAction's DNR matched action count for all tabs.
void ClearDNRActionCountForAllTabs() { dnr_action_count_.clear(); }
// Get the badge text displayed for a tab, calculated based on both
// |badge_text_| and |dnr_action_count_|. Returns in order of priority:
// - GetExplicitlySetBadgeText(tab_id) if it exists for the |tab_id|
// - GetDNRActionCount(tab_id)
// - The default badge text, if set, otherwise: an empty string.
std::string GetDisplayBadgeText(int tab_id) const;
// Returns whether this extension action is using the DNR action count as its
// badge text.
bool UseDNRActionCountAsBadgeText(int tab_id) const;
// Set this action's badge visibility on a specific tab. Returns true if
// the visibility has changed.
bool SetIsVisible(int tab_id, bool value);
// The declarative appearance overrides a default appearance but is overridden
// by an appearance set directly on the tab.
void DeclarativeShow(int tab_id);
void UndoDeclarativeShow(int tab_id);
const gfx::Image GetDeclarativeIcon(int tab_id) const;
// Get the badge visibility for a tab, or the default badge visibility
// if none was set.
// Gets the visibility of |tab_id|. Returns the first of: a specific
// visibility set on the tab; a declarative visibility set on the tab; the
// default visibility set for all tabs; or |false|. Don't return this
// result to an extension's background page because the declarative state can
// leak information about hosts the extension doesn't have permission to
// access.
bool GetIsVisible(int tab_id) const {
if (const bool* tab_is_visible = FindOrNull(&is_visible_, tab_id))
return *tab_is_visible;
if (base::Contains(declarative_show_count_, tab_id))
return true;
if (const bool* default_is_visible =
FindOrNull(&is_visible_, kDefaultTabId))
return *default_is_visible;
return false;
// Remove all tab-specific state.
void ClearAllValuesForTab(int tab_id);
// Sets the default IconImage for this action.
void SetDefaultIconImage(std::unique_ptr<extensions::IconImage> icon_image);
// Returns the image to use as the default icon for the action. Can only be
// called after SetDefaultIconImage().
gfx::Image GetDefaultIconImage() const;
// Returns the placeholder image for the extension.
gfx::Image GetPlaceholderIconImage() const;
// Determine whether or not the ExtensionAction has a value set for the given
// |tab_id| for each property.
bool HasPopupUrl(int tab_id) const;
bool HasTitle(int tab_id) const;
bool HasBadgeText(int tab_id) const;
bool HasBadgeBackgroundColor(int tab_id) const;
bool HasBadgeTextColor(int tab_id) const;
bool HasIsVisible(int tab_id) const;
bool HasIcon(int tab_id) const;
bool HasDNRActionCount(int tab_id) const;
extensions::IconImage* default_icon_image() {
return default_icon_image_.get();
void SetDefaultIconForTest(std::unique_ptr<ExtensionIconSet> default_icon);
// Populates the action from the |extension| and |manifest_data|, filling in
// any missing values (like title or icons) as possible.
void Populate(const extensions::Extension& extension,
const extensions::ActionInfo& manifest_data);
// Returns width of the current icon for tab_id.
// TODO(tbarzic): The icon selection is done in ExtensionActionIconFactory.
// We should probably move this there too.
int GetIconWidth(int tab_id) const;
template <class T>
struct ValueTraits {
static T CreateEmpty() {
return T();
template<class T>
void SetValue(std::map<int, T>* map, int tab_id, const T& val) {
(*map)[tab_id] = val;
template<class Map>
static const typename Map::mapped_type* FindOrNull(
const Map* map,
const typename Map::key_type& key) {
typename Map::const_iterator iter = map->find(key);
if (iter == map->end())
return NULL;
return &iter->second;
template<class T>
T GetValue(const std::map<int, T>* map, int tab_id) const {
if (const T* tab_value = FindOrNull(map, tab_id)) {
return *tab_value;
} else if (const T* default_value = FindOrNull(map, kDefaultTabId)) {
return *default_value;
} else {
return ValueTraits<T>::CreateEmpty();
// The id for the extension this action belongs to (as defined in the
// extension manifest).
const std::string extension_id_;
// The name of the extension.
const std::string extension_name_;
const extensions::ActionInfo::Type action_type_;
// The default state of the action.
const extensions::ActionInfo::DefaultState default_state_;
// Each of these data items can have both a global state (stored with the key
// kDefaultTabId), or tab-specific state (stored with the tab_id as the key).
std::map<int, GURL> popup_url_;
std::map<int, std::string> title_;
std::map<int, gfx::Image> icon_;
std::map<int, std::string> badge_text_;
std::map<int, SkColor> badge_background_color_;
std::map<int, SkColor> badge_text_color_;
std::map<int, bool> is_visible_;
// Declarative state exists for two reasons: First, we need to hide it from
// the extension's background/event page to avoid leaking data from hosts the
// extension doesn't have permission to access. Second, the action's state
// gets both reset and given its declarative values in response to a
// WebContentsObserver::DidNavigateMainFrame event, and there's no way to set
// those up to be called in the right order.
// Maps tab_id to the number of active (applied-but-not-reverted)
// declarativeContent.ShowAction actions.
std::map<int, int> declarative_show_count_;
// declarative_icon_[tab_id][declarative_rule_priority] is a vector of icon
// images that are currently in effect
std::map<int, std::map<int, std::vector<gfx::Image> > > declarative_icon_;
// Maps tab_id to the number of actions taken based on declarative net request
// rule matches on incoming requests. Overrides the default |badge_text_| for
// this extension if it has called chrome.setActionCountAsBadgeText(true).
std::map<int, int> dnr_action_count_;
// ExtensionIconSet containing paths to bitmaps from which default icon's
// image representations will be selected.
std::unique_ptr<ExtensionIconSet> default_icon_;
// The default icon image, if |default_icon_| exists. Set via
// SetDefaultIconImage(). Since IconImages depend upon BrowserContexts, we
// don't have the ExtensionAction load it directly to keep this class's
// knowledge limited.
std::unique_ptr<extensions::IconImage> default_icon_image_;
// The lazily-initialized image for a placeholder icon, in the event that the
// extension doesn't have its own icon. (Mutable to allow lazy init in
// GetDefaultIconImage().)
mutable gfx::Image placeholder_icon_image_;
// The id for the ExtensionAction, for example: "RssPageAction". This is
// needed for compat with an older version of the page actions API.
std::string id_;
struct ExtensionAction::ValueTraits<int> {
static int CreateEmpty() {
return -1;