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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <GLES2/gl2.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <memory>
#include "base/containers/hash_tables.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "gles2_impl_export.h"
namespace gpu {
namespace gles2 {
class GLES2Implementation;
class GLES2CmdHelper;
class VertexArrayObject;
// VertexArrayObjectManager manages vertex array objects on the client side
// of the command buffer.
class GLES2_IMPL_EXPORT VertexArrayObjectManager {
GLuint max_vertex_attribs,
GLuint array_buffer_id,
GLuint element_array_buffer_id,
bool support_client_side_arrays);
bool IsReservedId(GLuint id) const;
// Binds an element array.
// Returns true if service should be called.
bool BindElementArray(GLuint id);
// Unbind buffer.
void UnbindBuffer(GLuint id);
// Geneates array objects for the given ids.
void GenVertexArrays(GLsizei n, const GLuint* arrays);
// Deletes array objects for the given ids.
void DeleteVertexArrays(GLsizei n, const GLuint* arrays);
// Binds a vertex array.
// changed will be set to true if the service should be called.
// Returns false if array is an unknown id.
bool BindVertexArray(GLuint array, bool* changed);
// simulated will be set to true if buffers were simulated.
// Returns true service should be called.
bool SetupSimulatedClientSideBuffers(
const char* function_name,
GLES2Implementation* gl,
GLES2CmdHelper* gl_helper,
GLsizei num_elements,
GLsizei primcount,
bool* simulated);
// Returns true if buffers were setup.
bool SetupSimulatedIndexAndClientSideBuffers(
const char* function_name,
GLES2Implementation* gl,
GLES2CmdHelper* gl_helper,
GLsizei count,
GLenum type,
GLsizei primcount,
const void* indices,
GLuint* offset,
bool* simulated);
bool HaveEnabledClientSideBuffers() const;
void SetAttribEnable(GLuint index, bool enabled);
bool GetVertexAttrib(GLuint index, GLenum pname, uint32_t* param);
bool GetAttribPointer(GLuint index, GLenum pname, void** ptr) const;
// Returns false if error.
bool SetAttribPointer(
GLuint buffer_id,
GLuint index,
GLint size,
GLenum type,
GLboolean normalized,
GLsizei stride,
const void* ptr,
GLboolean integer);
void SetAttribDivisor(GLuint index, GLuint divisor);
GLuint bound_element_array_buffer() const;
typedef base::hash_map<GLuint, VertexArrayObject*> VertexArrayObjectMap;
bool IsDefaultVAOBound() const;
GLsizei CollectData(const void* data,
GLsizei bytes_per_element,
GLsizei real_stride,
GLsizei num_elements);
GLuint max_vertex_attribs_;
GLuint array_buffer_id_;
GLsizei array_buffer_size_;
GLsizei array_buffer_offset_;
GLuint element_array_buffer_id_;
GLsizei element_array_buffer_size_;
GLsizei collection_buffer_size_;
std::unique_ptr<int8_t[]> collection_buffer_;
VertexArrayObject* default_vertex_array_object_;
VertexArrayObject* bound_vertex_array_object_;
VertexArrayObjectMap vertex_array_objects_;
const bool support_client_side_arrays_;
} // namespace gles2
} // namespace gpu