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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// This file is here so other GLES2 related files can have a common set of
// includes where appropriate.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <limits>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/numerics/safe_math.h"
#include "gpu/command_buffer/common/gles2_utils_export.h"
namespace gpu {
namespace gles2 {
// Does a multiply and checks for overflow. If the multiply did not overflow
// returns true.
// Multiplies 2 32 bit unsigned numbers checking for overflow.
// If there was no overflow returns true.
inline bool SafeMultiplyUint32(uint32_t a, uint32_t b, uint32_t* dst) {
base::CheckedNumeric<uint32_t> checked = a;
checked *= b;
*dst = checked.ValueOrDefault(0);
return checked.IsValid();
// Does an add checking for overflow. If there was no overflow returns true.
inline bool SafeAddUint32(uint32_t a, uint32_t b, uint32_t* dst) {
base::CheckedNumeric<uint32_t> checked = a;
checked += b;
*dst = checked.ValueOrDefault(0);
return checked.IsValid();
// Does an add checking for overflow. If there was no overflow returns true.
inline bool SafeAddInt32(int32_t a, int32_t b, int32_t* dst) {
base::CheckedNumeric<int32_t> checked = a;
checked += b;
*dst = checked.ValueOrDefault(0);
return checked.IsValid();
struct GLES2_UTILS_EXPORT PixelStoreParams {
: alignment(4),
skip_images(0) {
int32_t alignment;
int32_t row_length;
int32_t image_height;
int32_t skip_pixels;
int32_t skip_rows;
int32_t skip_images;
// Utilties for GLES2 support.
static const int kNumFaces = 6;
// Bits returned by GetChannelsForFormat
enum ChannelBits {
kRed = 0x1,
kGreen = 0x2,
kBlue = 0x4,
kAlpha = 0x8,
kDepth = 0x10000,
kStencil = 0x20000,
kRGB = kRed | kGreen | kBlue,
kRGBA = kRGB | kAlpha
struct EnumToString {
uint32_t value;
const char* name;
: num_compressed_texture_formats_(0),
num_shader_binary_formats_(0) {
int num_compressed_texture_formats() const {
return num_compressed_texture_formats_;
void set_num_compressed_texture_formats(int num_compressed_texture_formats) {
num_compressed_texture_formats_ = num_compressed_texture_formats;
int num_shader_binary_formats() const {
return num_shader_binary_formats_;
void set_num_shader_binary_formats(int num_shader_binary_formats) {
num_shader_binary_formats_ = num_shader_binary_formats;
// Gets the number of values a particular id will return when a glGet
// function is called. If 0 is returned the id is invalid.
int GLGetNumValuesReturned(int id) const;
// Computes the size of a single group of elements from a format and type pair
static uint32_t ComputeImageGroupSize(int format, int type);
// Computes the size of an image row including alignment padding
static bool ComputeImagePaddedRowSize(
int width, int format, int type, int alignment,
uint32_t* padded_row_size);
// Computes the size of image data for TexImage2D and TexSubImage2D.
// Optionally the unpadded and padded row sizes can be returned.
static bool ComputeImageDataSizes(
int width, int height, int depth, int format, int type,
int alignment, uint32_t* size, uint32_t* opt_unpadded_row_size,
uint32_t* opt_padded_row_size);
// Similar to the above function, but taking into consideration all ES3
// pixel pack/unpack parameters.
// Optionally the skipped bytes in the beginning can be returned.
// Note the returned |size| does NOT include |skip_size|.
// TODO(zmo): merging ComputeImageDataSize and ComputeImageDataSizeES3.
static bool ComputeImageDataSizesES3(
int width, int height, int depth, int format, int type,
const PixelStoreParams& params,
uint32_t* size, uint32_t* opt_unpadded_row_size,
uint32_t* opt_padded_row_size, uint32_t* opt_skip_size,
uint32_t* opt_padding);
static size_t RenderbufferBytesPerPixel(int format);
// Return the element's number of bytes.
// For example, GL_FLOAT_MAT3 returns sizeof(GLfloat).
static uint32_t GetElementSizeForUniformType(int type);
// Return the number of elements.
// For example, GL_FLOAT_MAT3 returns 9.
static uint32_t GetElementCountForUniformType(int type);
static size_t GetGLTypeSizeForTextures(uint32_t type);
static size_t GetGLTypeSizeForBuffers(uint32_t type);
static size_t GetGroupSizeForBufferType(uint32_t count, uint32_t type);
static size_t GetGLTypeSizeForPathCoordType(uint32_t type);
static uint32_t GLErrorToErrorBit(uint32_t gl_error);
static size_t GetComponentCountForGLTransformType(uint32_t type);
static size_t GetGLTypeSizeForGLPathNameType(uint32_t type);
static size_t GetCoefficientCountForGLPathFragmentInputGenMode(
uint32_t gen_mode);
static uint32_t GLErrorBitToGLError(uint32_t error_bit);
static uint32_t IndexToGLFaceTarget(int index);
static size_t GLTargetToFaceIndex(uint32_t target);
static uint32_t GetGLReadPixelsImplementationFormat(uint32_t internal_format,
uint32_t texture_type,
bool supports_bgra);
static uint32_t GetGLReadPixelsImplementationType(
uint32_t internal_format, uint32_t texture_type);
// Returns a bitmask for the channels the given format supports.
// See ChannelBits.
static uint32_t GetChannelsForFormat(int format);
// Returns a bitmask for the channels the given attachment type needs.
static uint32_t GetChannelsNeededForAttachmentType(
int type, uint32_t max_color_attachments);
// Return true if value is neither a power of two nor zero.
static bool IsNPOT(uint32_t value) {
return (value & (value - 1)) != 0;
// Return true if value is a power of two or zero.
static bool IsPOT(uint32_t value) {
return (value & (value - 1)) == 0;
static std::string GetStringEnum(uint32_t value);
static std::string GetStringBool(uint32_t value);
static std::string GetStringError(uint32_t value);
static size_t CalcClearBufferivDataCount(int buffer);
static size_t CalcClearBufferfvDataCount(int buffer);
static void MapUint64ToTwoUint32(
uint64_t v64, uint32_t* v32_0, uint32_t* v32_1);
static uint64_t MapTwoUint32ToUint64(uint32_t v32_0, uint32_t v32_1);
static uint32_t MapBufferTargetToBindingEnum(uint32_t target);
static bool IsUnsignedIntegerFormat(uint32_t internal_format);
static bool IsSignedIntegerFormat(uint32_t internal_format);
static bool IsIntegerFormat(uint32_t internal_format);
static bool IsFloatFormat(uint32_t internal_format);
#include "../common/gles2_cmd_utils_autogen.h"
static std::string GetQualifiedEnumString(
const EnumToString* table, size_t count, uint32_t value);
static bool ComputeImageRowSizeHelper(int width,
uint32_t bytes_per_group,
int alignment,
uint32_t* rt_unpadded_row_size,
uint32_t* rt_padded_row_size,
uint32_t* rt_padding);
static const EnumToString* const enum_to_string_table_;
static const size_t enum_to_string_table_len_;
int num_compressed_texture_formats_;
int num_shader_binary_formats_;
explicit GLSLArrayName(const std::string& name);
// Returns true if the string is an array reference.
bool IsArrayName() const { return element_index_ >= 0; }
// Returns the name with the possible last array index specifier removed.
std::string base_name() const {
return base_name_;
// Returns the element index of a name which references an array element.
int element_index() const {
return element_index_;
std::string base_name_;
int element_index_;
enum ContextType {
struct GLES2_UTILS_EXPORT ContextCreationAttribHelper {
ContextCreationAttribHelper(const ContextCreationAttribHelper& other);
void Serialize(std::vector<int32_t>* attribs) const;
bool Parse(const std::vector<int32_t>& attribs);
// -1 if invalid or unspecified.
int32_t alpha_size;
int32_t blue_size;
int32_t green_size;
int32_t red_size;
int32_t depth_size;
int32_t stencil_size;
int32_t samples;
int32_t sample_buffers;
bool buffer_preserved;
bool bind_generates_resource;
bool fail_if_major_perf_caveat;
bool lose_context_when_out_of_memory;
ContextType context_type;
} // namespace gles2
} // namespace gpu