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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
namespace blink {
class WebMediaPlayer;
namespace media {
// An interface to allow a WebMediaPlayer to communicate changes of state to
// objects that need to know.
class WebMediaPlayerDelegate {
class Observer {
// Called when the WebMediaPlayer enters the background or foreground
// respectively. Note: Some implementations will stop playback when hidden,
// and thus subsequently call WebMediaPlayerDelegate::PlayerGone().
virtual void OnHidden() = 0;
virtual void OnShown() = 0;
// Requests a WebMediaPlayer instance to release all idle resources. If
// |must_suspend| is true, the player must stop playback, release all idle
// resources, and finally call WebMediaPlayerDelegate::PlayerGone(). If
// |must_suspend| is false, the player may ignore the request. Optionally,
// it may do some or all of the same actions as when |must_suspend| is true.
// To be clear, the player is not required to call PlayerGone() when
// |must_suspend| is false.
virtual void OnSuspendRequested(bool must_suspend) = 0;
virtual void OnPlay() = 0;
virtual void OnPause() = 0;
// Playout volume should be set to current_volume * multiplier. The range is
// [0, 1] and is typically 1.
virtual void OnVolumeMultiplierUpdate(double multiplier) = 0;
WebMediaPlayerDelegate() {}
// Subscribe or unsubscribe from observer callbacks respectively. A client
// must use the delegate id returned by AddObserver() for all other calls.
virtual int AddObserver(Observer* observer) = 0;
virtual void RemoveObserver(int delegate_id) = 0;
// The specified player started playing media.
virtual void DidPlay(int delegate_id,
bool has_video,
bool has_audio,
bool is_remote,
base::TimeDelta duration) = 0;
// The specified player stopped playing media. This may be called at any time
// with or without a DidPlay() having previously occurred. Calling this will
// cause the delegate to be registered for idle suspension. I.e., after some
// time elapses without a DidPlay(), OnSuspendRequested() will be issued.
virtual void DidPause(int delegate_id, bool reached_end_of_stream) = 0;
// The specified player was destroyed or suspended and will no longer accept
// Observer::OnPlay() or Observer::OnPause() calls. This may be called
// multiple times in row. Note: Clients must still call RemoveObserver() to
// unsubscribe from callbacks.
virtual void PlayerGone(int delegate_id) = 0;
// Returns whether the render frame is currently hidden.
virtual bool IsHidden() = 0;
virtual ~WebMediaPlayerDelegate() {}
} // namespace media