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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <memory>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "storage/browser/storage_browser_export.h"
#include "storage/common/quota/quota_types.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
namespace content {
class QuotaDatabaseTest;
namespace sql {
class Connection;
class MetaTable;
class GURL;
namespace storage {
class SpecialStoragePolicy;
// All the methods of this class must run on the DB thread.
class STORAGE_EXPORT QuotaDatabase {
struct STORAGE_EXPORT OriginInfoTableEntry {
OriginInfoTableEntry(const GURL& origin,
StorageType type,
int used_count,
const base::Time& last_access_time,
const base::Time& last_modified_time);
GURL origin;
StorageType type;
int used_count;
base::Time last_access_time;
base::Time last_modified_time;
// Constants for {Get,Set}QuotaConfigValue keys.
static const char kDesiredAvailableSpaceKey[];
static const char kTemporaryQuotaOverrideKey[];
// If 'path' is empty, an in memory database will be used.
explicit QuotaDatabase(const base::FilePath& path);
void CloseConnection();
// Returns whether the record could be found.
bool GetHostQuota(const std::string& host, StorageType type, int64_t* quota);
// Returns whether the operation succeeded.
bool SetHostQuota(const std::string& host, StorageType type, int64_t quota);
bool DeleteHostQuota(const std::string& host, StorageType type);
bool SetOriginLastAccessTime(const GURL& origin,
StorageType type,
base::Time last_access_time);
bool SetOriginLastModifiedTime(const GURL& origin,
StorageType type,
base::Time last_modified_time);
// Gets the time |origin| was last evicted. Returns whether the record could
// be found.
bool GetOriginLastEvictionTime(const GURL& origin,
StorageType type,
base::Time* last_eviction_time);
// Sets the time the origin was last evicted. Returns whether the operation
// succeeded.
bool SetOriginLastEvictionTime(const GURL& origin,
StorageType type,
base::Time last_eviction_time);
bool DeleteOriginLastEvictionTime(const GURL& origin, StorageType type);
// Register initial |origins| info |type| to the database.
// This method is assumed to be called only after the installation or
// the database schema reset.
bool RegisterInitialOriginInfo(
const std::set<GURL>& origins, StorageType type);
// Gets the OriginInfoTableEntry for |origin|. Returns whether the record
// could be found.
bool GetOriginInfo(const GURL& origin,
StorageType type,
OriginInfoTableEntry* entry);
bool DeleteOriginInfo(const GURL& origin, StorageType type);
bool GetQuotaConfigValue(const char* key, int64_t* value);
bool SetQuotaConfigValue(const char* key, int64_t value);
// Sets |origin| to the least recently used origin of origins not included
// in |exceptions| and not granted the special unlimited storage right.
// It returns false when it failed in accessing the database.
// |origin| is set to empty when there is no matching origin.
bool GetLRUOrigin(StorageType type,
const std::set<GURL>& exceptions,
SpecialStoragePolicy* special_storage_policy,
GURL* origin);
// Populates |origins| with the ones that have been modified since
// the |modified_since|. Returns whether the operation succeeded.
bool GetOriginsModifiedSince(StorageType type,
std::set<GURL>* origins,
base::Time modified_since);
// Returns false if SetOriginDatabaseBootstrapped has never
// been called before, which means existing origins may not have been
// registered.
bool IsOriginDatabaseBootstrapped();
bool SetOriginDatabaseBootstrapped(bool bootstrap_flag);
struct STORAGE_EXPORT QuotaTableEntry {
QuotaTableEntry(const std::string& host, StorageType type, int64_t quota);
std::string host;
StorageType type;
int64_t quota;
friend STORAGE_EXPORT bool operator <(
const QuotaTableEntry& lhs, const QuotaTableEntry& rhs);
friend STORAGE_EXPORT bool operator <(
const OriginInfoTableEntry& lhs, const OriginInfoTableEntry& rhs);
// Structures used for CreateSchema.
struct TableSchema {
const char* table_name;
const char* columns;
struct IndexSchema {
const char* index_name;
const char* table_name;
const char* columns;
bool unique;
typedef base::Callback<bool (const QuotaTableEntry&)> QuotaTableCallback;
typedef base::Callback<bool (const OriginInfoTableEntry&)>
struct QuotaTableImporter;
// For long-running transactions support. We always keep a transaction open
// so that multiple transactions can be batched. They are flushed
// with a delay after a modification has been made. We support neither
// nested transactions nor rollback (as we don't need them for now).
void Commit();
void ScheduleCommit();
bool LazyOpen(bool create_if_needed);
bool EnsureDatabaseVersion();
bool ResetSchema();
bool UpgradeSchema(int current_version);
bool InsertOrReplaceHostQuota(const std::string& host,
StorageType type,
int64_t quota);
static bool CreateSchema(
sql::Connection* database,
sql::MetaTable* meta_table,
int schema_version, int compatible_version,
const TableSchema* tables, size_t tables_size,
const IndexSchema* indexes, size_t indexes_size);
// |callback| may return false to stop reading data.
bool DumpQuotaTable(const QuotaTableCallback& callback);
bool DumpOriginInfoTable(const OriginInfoTableCallback& callback);
base::FilePath db_file_path_;
std::unique_ptr<sql::Connection> db_;
std::unique_ptr<sql::MetaTable> meta_table_;
bool is_recreating_;
bool is_disabled_;
base::OneShotTimer timer_;
friend class content::QuotaDatabaseTest;
friend class QuotaManager;
static const TableSchema kTables[];
static const IndexSchema kIndexes[];
} // namespace storage