Reland "Stop removing rpath_for_built_shared_libraries from chrome_sandbox"

This is a reland of 43a48785f23a65d5b3f0cefac086d67c3dea4eb0

After [1], the RPATH is no longer set for sanitizer builds.  Also, after [2],
the setuid bit is no longer set on chrome_sandbox anyway.


Original change's description:
> Stop removing rpath_for_built_shared_libraries from chrome_sandbox
> For instrumented builds like tsan, this causes chrome_sandbox to reference the
> wrong due to a missing RPATH.
> Since all configurations we ship don't set RPATH, we don't have to worry about
> security vulnerabilities introduced by RPATH=$ORIGIN.  There's also a check to
> enforce this in chrome/installer/linux/common/installer.include.
> BUG=850682
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Bug: 850682
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