Allow RTCPeerConnection-track-stats.https.html to fail.

This unblocks a third_party/webrtc roll which adds new metrics. Making
this test pass again is blocked on but
that CL is blocked on the roll. To get out of this situation, the test
is temporarily allowed to both pass and fail.

Bug: webrtc:10453
Change-Id: I5d2986d642efa92bb93a9e008956655e03967fc1
Reviewed-by: Henrik Boström <>
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diff --git a/third_party/blink/web_tests/TestExpectations b/third_party/blink/web_tests/TestExpectations
index df92c04..0fbb867 100644
--- a/third_party/blink/web_tests/TestExpectations
+++ b/third_party/blink/web_tests/TestExpectations
@@ -5681,3 +5681,7 @@
 # Sheriff 2019-05-21 [ Linux ] virtual/mouseevent_fractional/fast/events/pointerevents/multi-touch-events.html [ Failure ]
+# Temporarily allow failing to unblock third_party/webrtc from rolling. external/wpt/webrtc/RTCPeerConnection-track-stats.https.html [ Pass Failure ] virtual/webrtc-wpt-plan-b/external/wpt/webrtc/RTCPeerConnection-track-stats.https.html [ Pass Failure ]