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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "ash/ash_export.h"
#include "ash/common/login_status.h"
#include "base/callback_forward.h"
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/i18n/time_formatting.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
class AccountId;
namespace base {
class TimeDelta;
class TimeTicks;
namespace device {
enum class BluetoothDeviceType;
namespace ash {
struct IMEInfo;
struct IMEPropertyInfo;
class CustodianInfoTrayObserver;
class SystemTray;
class SystemTrayItem;
using IMEInfoList = std::vector<IMEInfo>;
using IMEPropertyInfoList = std::vector<IMEPropertyInfo>;
struct ASH_EXPORT BluetoothDeviceInfo {
BluetoothDeviceInfo(const BluetoothDeviceInfo& other);
std::string address;
base::string16 display_name;
bool connected;
bool connecting;
bool paired;
device::BluetoothDeviceType device_type;
using BluetoothDeviceList = std::vector<BluetoothDeviceInfo>;
struct ASH_EXPORT UpdateInfo {
enum UpdateSeverity {
UpdateSeverity severity;
bool update_required;
bool factory_reset_required;
class CastConfigDelegate;
class NetworkingConfigDelegate;
class VPNDelegate;
// SystemTrayDelegate is intended for delegating tasks in the System Tray to the
// application (e.g. Chrome). These tasks should be limited to application
// (browser) specific tasks. For non application specific tasks, where possible,
// components/, chromeos/, device/, etc., code should be used directly. If more
// than one related method is being added, consider adding an additional
// specific delegate (e.g. VPNDelegate).
// These methods should all have trivial default implementations for platforms
// that do not implement the method (e.g. return false or nullptr). This
// eliminates the need to propagate default implementations across the various
// implementations of this class. Consumers of this delegate should handle the
// default return value (e.g. nullptr).
class ASH_EXPORT SystemTrayDelegate {
virtual ~SystemTrayDelegate();
// Called after SystemTray has been instantiated.
virtual void Initialize();
// Gets information about the active user.
virtual LoginStatus GetUserLoginStatus() const;
// Returns the domain that manages the device, if it is enterprise-enrolled.
virtual std::string GetEnterpriseDomain() const;
// Returns the realm that manages the device, if it is enterprise enrolled
// with Active Directory and joined the realm (Active Directory domain).
virtual std::string GetEnterpriseRealm() const;
// Returns notification for enterprise enrolled devices.
virtual base::string16 GetEnterpriseMessage() const;
// Returns the display email of the user that manages the current supervised
// user.
virtual std::string GetSupervisedUserManager() const;
// Returns the name of the user that manages the current supervised user.
virtual base::string16 GetSupervisedUserManagerName() const;
// Returns the notification for supervised users.
virtual base::string16 GetSupervisedUserMessage() const;
// Returns true if the current user is supervised: has legacy supervised
// account or kid account.
virtual bool IsUserSupervised() const;
// Returns true if the current user is child.
// TODO(merkulova): remove on FakeUserManager componentization.
virtual bool IsUserChild() const;
// Fills |info| structure (which must not be null) with current update info.
virtual void GetSystemUpdateInfo(UpdateInfo* info) const;
// Returns true if settings menu item should appear.
virtual bool ShouldShowSettings() const;
// Returns true if notification tray should appear.
virtual bool ShouldShowNotificationTray() const;
// Shows information about enterprise enrolled devices.
virtual void ShowEnterpriseInfo();
// Shows login UI to add other users to this session.
virtual void ShowUserLogin();
// Returns a list of available bluetooth devices.
virtual void GetAvailableBluetoothDevices(BluetoothDeviceList* devices);
// Requests bluetooth start discovering devices.
virtual void BluetoothStartDiscovering();
// Requests bluetooth stop discovering devices.
virtual void BluetoothStopDiscovering();
// Connect to a specific bluetooth device.
virtual void ConnectToBluetoothDevice(const std::string& address);
// Returns true if bluetooth adapter is discovering bluetooth devices.
virtual bool IsBluetoothDiscovering() const;
// Returns the currently selected IME.
virtual void GetCurrentIME(IMEInfo* info);
// Returns a list of availble IMEs.
virtual void GetAvailableIMEList(IMEInfoList* list);
// Returns a list of properties for the currently selected IME.
virtual void GetCurrentIMEProperties(IMEPropertyInfoList* list);
// Switches to the selected input method.
virtual void SwitchIME(const std::string& ime_id);
// Activates an IME property.
virtual void ActivateIMEProperty(const std::string& key);
// Shows UI to manage bluetooth devices.
virtual void ManageBluetoothDevices();
// Toggles bluetooth.
virtual void ToggleBluetooth();
// Returns whether bluetooth capability is available.
virtual bool GetBluetoothAvailable();
// Returns whether bluetooth is enabled.
virtual bool GetBluetoothEnabled();
// Returns whether the delegate has initiated a bluetooth discovery session.
virtual bool GetBluetoothDiscovering();
// Returns CastConfigDelegate. May return nullptr.
virtual CastConfigDelegate* GetCastConfigDelegate();
// Returns NetworkingConfigDelegate. May return nullptr.
virtual NetworkingConfigDelegate* GetNetworkingConfigDelegate() const;
// Retrieves the session start time. Returns |false| if the time is not set.
virtual bool GetSessionStartTime(base::TimeTicks* session_start_time);
// Retrieves the session length limit. Returns |false| if no limit is set.
virtual bool GetSessionLengthLimit(base::TimeDelta* session_length_limit);
// Get the system tray menu size in pixels (dependent on the language).
// This is not used in material design and should be removed during pre-MD
// code cleanup. See
virtual int GetSystemTrayMenuWidth();
// The active user has been changed. This will be called when the UI is ready
// to be switched to the new user.
// Note: This will happen after SessionStateObserver::ActiveUserChanged fires.
virtual void ActiveUserWasChanged();
// Returns true when the Search key is configured to be treated as Caps Lock.
virtual bool IsSearchKeyMappedToCapsLock();
// Adding observers that are notified when supervised info is being changed.
virtual void AddCustodianInfoTrayObserver(
CustodianInfoTrayObserver* observer);
virtual void RemoveCustodianInfoTrayObserver(
CustodianInfoTrayObserver* observer);
// Returns VPNDelegate. May return nullptr.
virtual VPNDelegate* GetVPNDelegate() const;
// Creates a system tray item for display rotation lock.
// TODO(jamescook): Remove this when mus has support for display management
// and we have a DisplayManager equivalent. See
virtual std::unique_ptr<SystemTrayItem> CreateRotationLockTrayItem(
SystemTray* tray);
} // namespace ash