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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "ash/ash_export.h"
#include "ash/common/media_delegate.h"
#include "ash/common/metrics/gesture_action_type.h"
#include "ash/common/metrics/user_metrics_action.h"
#include "ash/common/wm/lock_state_observer.h"
#include "base/observer_list.h"
#include "components/ui_devtools/devtools_server.h"
#include "ui/base/ui_base_types.h"
#include "ui/compositor/layer_type.h"
#include "ui/wm/public/window_types.h"
namespace base {
class SequencedWorkerPool;
namespace display {
class Display;
class ManagedDisplayInfo;
namespace gfx {
class Insets;
class Point;
namespace views {
class PointerWatcher;
enum class PointerWatcherEventTypes;
namespace ash {
class AcceleratorController;
class AccessibilityDelegate;
class BrightnessControlDelegate;
class FocusCycler;
class ImmersiveContextAsh;
class ImmersiveFullscreenController;
class KeyEventWatcher;
class KeyboardBrightnessControlDelegate;
class KeyboardUI;
class LocaleNotificationController;
class MaximizeModeController;
class MruWindowTracker;
class PaletteDelegate;
class ScopedDisableInternalMouseAndKeyboard;
class SessionStateDelegate;
class ShelfController;
class ShelfDelegate;
class ShelfModel;
class ShelfWindowWatcher;
class ShellDelegate;
class ShellObserver;
class ShutdownController;
class SystemTrayDelegate;
class SystemTrayController;
class SystemTrayNotifier;
class ToastManager;
class WallpaperController;
class WallpaperDelegate;
class WindowCycleController;
class WindowCycleEventFilter;
class WindowResizer;
class WindowSelectorController;
class WmActivationObserver;
class WmDisplayObserver;
class WmRootWindowController;
class WmWindow;
class WorkspaceEventHandler;
enum class LoginStatus;
enum class TaskSwitchSource;
namespace mojom {
class NewWindowClient;
namespace wm {
class MaximizeModeEventHandler;
class WindowState;
#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
class LogoutConfirmationController;
// Similar to ash::Shell. Eventually the two will be merged.
class ASH_EXPORT WmShell {
// This is necessary for a handful of places that is difficult to plumb
// through context.
static void Set(WmShell* instance);
static WmShell* Get();
static bool HasInstance() { return instance_ != nullptr; }
void Initialize(const scoped_refptr<base::SequencedWorkerPool>& pool);
virtual void Shutdown();
ShellDelegate* delegate() { return delegate_.get(); }
AcceleratorController* accelerator_controller() {
return accelerator_controller_.get();
AccessibilityDelegate* accessibility_delegate() {
return accessibility_delegate_.get();
BrightnessControlDelegate* brightness_control_delegate() {
return brightness_control_delegate_.get();
FocusCycler* focus_cycler() { return focus_cycler_.get(); }
KeyboardBrightnessControlDelegate* keyboard_brightness_control_delegate() {
return keyboard_brightness_control_delegate_.get();
KeyboardUI* keyboard_ui() { return keyboard_ui_.get(); }
LocaleNotificationController* locale_notification_controller() {
return locale_notification_controller_.get();
MaximizeModeController* maximize_mode_controller() {
return maximize_mode_controller_.get();
MruWindowTracker* mru_window_tracker() { return mru_window_tracker_.get(); }
MediaDelegate* media_delegate() { return media_delegate_.get(); }
mojom::NewWindowClient* new_window_client() {
return new_window_client_.get();
// NOTE: Prefer ScopedRootWindowForNewWindows when setting temporarily.
void set_root_window_for_new_windows(WmWindow* root) {
root_window_for_new_windows_ = root;
PaletteDelegate* palette_delegate() { return palette_delegate_.get(); }
ShelfController* shelf_controller() { return shelf_controller_.get(); }
ShelfDelegate* shelf_delegate() { return shelf_delegate_.get(); }
ShelfModel* shelf_model();
ShutdownController* shutdown_controller() {
return shutdown_controller_.get();
SystemTrayController* system_tray_controller() {
return system_tray_controller_.get();
SystemTrayNotifier* system_tray_notifier() {
return system_tray_notifier_.get();
SystemTrayDelegate* system_tray_delegate() {
return system_tray_delegate_.get();
ToastManager* toast_manager() { return toast_manager_.get(); }
WallpaperController* wallpaper_controller() {
return wallpaper_controller_.get();
WallpaperDelegate* wallpaper_delegate() { return wallpaper_delegate_.get(); }
WindowCycleController* window_cycle_controller() {
return window_cycle_controller_.get();
WindowSelectorController* window_selector_controller() {
return window_selector_controller_.get();
// Returns true when ash is running as a service_manager::Service.
virtual bool IsRunningInMash() const = 0;
virtual WmWindow* NewWindow(ui::wm::WindowType window_type,
ui::LayerType layer_type) = 0;
virtual WmWindow* GetFocusedWindow() = 0;
virtual WmWindow* GetActiveWindow() = 0;
virtual WmWindow* GetCaptureWindow() = 0;
// Convenience for GetPrimaryRootWindow()->GetRootWindowController().
WmRootWindowController* GetPrimaryRootWindowController();
virtual WmWindow* GetPrimaryRootWindow() = 0;
// Returns the root window for the specified display.
virtual WmWindow* GetRootWindowForDisplayId(int64_t display_id) = 0;
// Returns the root window that newly created windows should be added to.
// Value can be temporarily overridden using ScopedRootWindowForNewWindows.
// NOTE: this returns the root, newly created window should be added to the
// appropriate container in the returned window.
WmWindow* GetRootWindowForNewWindows();
// Retuns the display info associated with |display_id|.
// TODO(mash): Remove when DisplayManager has been moved.
virtual const display::ManagedDisplayInfo& GetDisplayInfo(
int64_t display_id) const = 0;
// Matches that of DisplayManager::IsActiveDisplayId().
// TODO(mash): Remove when DisplayManager has been moved.
virtual bool IsActiveDisplayId(int64_t display_id) const = 0;
// Returns true if the desktop is in unified mode and there are no mirroring
// displays.
// TODO(mash): Remove when DisplayManager has been moved.
virtual bool IsInUnifiedMode() const = 0;
// Returns true if the desktop is in unified mode.
// TODO(mash): Remove when DisplayManager has been moved.
virtual bool IsInUnifiedModeIgnoreMirroring() const = 0;
// Returns the first display; this is the first display listed by hardware,
// which corresponds to internal displays on devices with integrated displays.
// TODO(mash): Remove when DisplayManager has been moved.
virtual display::Display GetFirstDisplay() const = 0;
// Returns true if the first window shown on first run should be
// unconditionally maximized, overriding the heuristic that normally chooses
// the window size.
virtual bool IsForceMaximizeOnFirstRun() = 0;
// Sets work area insets of the display containing |window|, pings observers.
virtual void SetDisplayWorkAreaInsets(WmWindow* window,
const gfx::Insets& insets) = 0;
// Returns true if a system-modal dialog window is currently open.
bool IsSystemModalWindowOpen();
// Creates a modal background (a partially-opaque fullscreen window) on all
// displays for |window|.
void CreateModalBackground(WmWindow* window);
// Called when a modal window is removed. It will activate another modal
// window if any, or remove modal screens on all displays.
void OnModalWindowRemoved(WmWindow* removed);
// For testing only: set simulation that a modal window is open
void SimulateModalWindowOpenForTesting(bool modal_window_open) {
simulate_modal_window_open_for_testing_ = modal_window_open;
// Shows the app list on the active root window.
void ShowAppList();
// Dismisses the app list.
void DismissAppList();
// Shows the app list if it's not visible. Dismisses it otherwise.
void ToggleAppList();
// Returns app list actual visibility. This might differ from
// GetAppListTargetVisibility() when hiding animation is still in flight.
bool IsApplistVisible() const;
// Returns app list target visibility.
bool GetAppListTargetVisibility() const;
// Returns true if a window is currently pinned.
virtual bool IsPinned() = 0;
// Sets/Unsets the |window| to as a pinned window. If this is called with a
// window with WINDOW_STATE_TYPE_PINNED state, then this sets the |window|
// as a pinned window. Otherwise, this unsets it.
// For setting, a caller needs to guarantee that no windows are set
// as pinned window. For unsetting, a caller needs to guarantee that the
// |window| is the one which is currently set as a pinned window via previous
// this function invocation.
virtual void SetPinnedWindow(WmWindow* window) = 0;
// See aura::client::CursorClient for details on these.
virtual void LockCursor() = 0;
virtual void UnlockCursor() = 0;
virtual bool IsMouseEventsEnabled() = 0;
virtual std::vector<WmWindow*> GetAllRootWindows() = 0;
virtual void RecordGestureAction(GestureActionType action) = 0;
virtual void RecordUserMetricsAction(UserMetricsAction action) = 0;
virtual void RecordTaskSwitchMetric(TaskSwitchSource source) = 0;
// Shows the context menu for the wallpaper or shelf at |location_in_screen|.
void ShowContextMenu(const gfx::Point& location_in_screen,
ui::MenuSourceType source_type);
// Returns a WindowResizer to handle dragging. |next_window_resizer| is
// the next WindowResizer in the WindowResizer chain. This may return
// |next_window_resizer|.
virtual std::unique_ptr<WindowResizer> CreateDragWindowResizer(
std::unique_ptr<WindowResizer> next_window_resizer,
wm::WindowState* window_state) = 0;
virtual std::unique_ptr<WindowCycleEventFilter>
CreateWindowCycleEventFilter() = 0;
virtual std::unique_ptr<wm::MaximizeModeEventHandler>
CreateMaximizeModeEventHandler() = 0;
virtual std::unique_ptr<WorkspaceEventHandler> CreateWorkspaceEventHandler(
WmWindow* workspace_window) = 0;
virtual std::unique_ptr<ScopedDisableInternalMouseAndKeyboard>
CreateScopedDisableInternalMouseAndKeyboard() = 0;
virtual std::unique_ptr<ImmersiveFullscreenController>
CreateImmersiveFullscreenController() = 0;
virtual std::unique_ptr<KeyEventWatcher> CreateKeyEventWatcher() = 0;
// Initializes the appropriate shelves. Does nothing for any existing shelves.
void CreateShelf();
// Show shelf view if it was created hidden (before session has started).
void ShowShelf();
void CreateShelfDelegate();
// Called after maximize mode has started, windows might still animate though.
void OnMaximizeModeStarted();
// Called after maximize mode has ended, windows might still be returning to
// their original position.
void OnMaximizeModeEnded();
// Called when the overview mode is about to be started (before the windows
// get re-arranged).
virtual void OnOverviewModeStarting() = 0;
// Called after overview mode has ended.
virtual void OnOverviewModeEnded() = 0;
// Called when the login status changes.
// TODO(oshima): Investigate if we can merge this and |OnLoginStateChanged|.
void UpdateAfterLoginStatusChange(LoginStatus status);
// Notify observers that fullscreen mode has changed for |root_window|.
void NotifyFullscreenStateChanged(bool is_fullscreen, WmWindow* root_window);
// Notify observers that |pinned_window| changed its pinned window state.
void NotifyPinnedStateChanged(WmWindow* pinned_window);
// Notify observers that the virtual keyboard has been activated/deactivated.
void NotifyVirtualKeyboardActivated(bool activated);
// Notify observers that the shelf was created for |root_window|.
// TODO(jamescook): Move to Shelf.
void NotifyShelfCreatedForRootWindow(WmWindow* root_window);
// Notify observers that |root_window|'s shelf changed auto-hide alignment.
// TODO(jamescook): Move to Shelf.
void NotifyShelfAlignmentChanged(WmWindow* root_window);
// Notify observers that |root_window|'s shelf changed auto-hide behavior.
// TODO(jamescook): Move to Shelf.
void NotifyShelfAutoHideBehaviorChanged(WmWindow* root_window);
virtual SessionStateDelegate* GetSessionStateDelegate() = 0;
virtual void AddActivationObserver(WmActivationObserver* observer) = 0;
virtual void RemoveActivationObserver(WmActivationObserver* observer) = 0;
virtual void AddDisplayObserver(WmDisplayObserver* observer) = 0;
virtual void RemoveDisplayObserver(WmDisplayObserver* observer) = 0;
void AddShellObserver(ShellObserver* observer);
void RemoveShellObserver(ShellObserver* observer);
// If |events| is PointerWatcherEventTypes::MOVES,
// PointerWatcher::OnPointerEventObserved() is called for pointer move events.
// If |events| is PointerWatcherEventTypes::DRAGS,
// PointerWatcher::OnPointerEventObserved() is called for pointer drag events.
// Requesting pointer moves or drags may incur a performance hit and should be
// avoided if possible.
virtual void AddPointerWatcher(views::PointerWatcher* watcher,
views::PointerWatcherEventTypes events) = 0;
virtual void RemovePointerWatcher(views::PointerWatcher* watcher) = 0;
// TODO: Move these back to LockStateController when that has been moved.
void OnLockStateEvent(LockStateObserver::EventType event);
void AddLockStateObserver(LockStateObserver* observer);
void RemoveLockStateObserver(LockStateObserver* observer);
// Displays the shutdown animation and requests a system shutdown or system
// restart depending on the the state of the |RebootOnShutdown| device policy.
// TODO(mash): Remove this method and call LockStateController directly when
// it is available to code in ash/common.
virtual void RequestShutdown() = 0;
void SetShelfDelegateForTesting(std::unique_ptr<ShelfDelegate> test_delegate);
void SetPaletteDelegateForTesting(
std::unique_ptr<PaletteDelegate> palette_delegate);
// True if any touch points are down.
virtual bool IsTouchDown() = 0;
const scoped_refptr<base::SequencedWorkerPool>& blocking_pool() {
return blocking_pool_;
#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
LogoutConfirmationController* logout_confirmation_controller() {
return logout_confirmation_controller_.get();
// TODO(jamescook): Remove this when VirtualKeyboardController has been moved.
virtual void ToggleIgnoreExternalKeyboard() = 0;
// Enable or disable the laser pointer.
virtual void SetLaserPointerEnabled(bool enabled) = 0;
explicit WmShell(std::unique_ptr<ShellDelegate> shell_delegate);
virtual ~WmShell();
base::ObserverList<ShellObserver>* shell_observers() {
return &shell_observers_;
void SetKeyboardUI(std::unique_ptr<KeyboardUI> keyboard_ui);
// Helpers to set (and initialize) or destroy various delegates.
// TODO(msw|jamescook): Remove these once ShellDelegate, etc. are ported.
void SetSystemTrayDelegate(std::unique_ptr<SystemTrayDelegate> delegate);
void DeleteSystemTrayDelegate();
void DeleteWindowCycleController();
void DeleteWindowSelectorController();
void CreateMaximizeModeController();
void DeleteMaximizeModeController();
void CreateMruWindowTracker();
void DeleteMruWindowTracker();
void DeleteToastManager();
void SetAcceleratorController(
std::unique_ptr<AcceleratorController> accelerator_controller);
friend class AcceleratorControllerTest;
friend class ScopedRootWindowForNewWindows;
friend class Shell;
friend class WmShellTestApi;
static WmShell* instance_;
base::ObserverList<ShellObserver> shell_observers_;
std::unique_ptr<ShellDelegate> delegate_;
std::unique_ptr<AcceleratorController> accelerator_controller_;
std::unique_ptr<AccessibilityDelegate> accessibility_delegate_;
std::unique_ptr<BrightnessControlDelegate> brightness_control_delegate_;
std::unique_ptr<FocusCycler> focus_cycler_;
std::unique_ptr<ImmersiveContextAsh> immersive_context_;
std::unique_ptr<KeyboardUI> keyboard_ui_;
std::unique_ptr<LocaleNotificationController> locale_notification_controller_;
std::unique_ptr<MaximizeModeController> maximize_mode_controller_;
std::unique_ptr<MediaDelegate> media_delegate_;
std::unique_ptr<MruWindowTracker> mru_window_tracker_;
std::unique_ptr<mojom::NewWindowClient> new_window_client_;
std::unique_ptr<PaletteDelegate> palette_delegate_;
std::unique_ptr<ShelfController> shelf_controller_;
std::unique_ptr<ShelfDelegate> shelf_delegate_;
std::unique_ptr<ShelfWindowWatcher> shelf_window_watcher_;
std::unique_ptr<ShutdownController> shutdown_controller_;
std::unique_ptr<SystemTrayController> system_tray_controller_;
std::unique_ptr<SystemTrayNotifier> system_tray_notifier_;
std::unique_ptr<SystemTrayDelegate> system_tray_delegate_;
std::unique_ptr<ToastManager> toast_manager_;
std::unique_ptr<WallpaperController> wallpaper_controller_;
std::unique_ptr<WallpaperDelegate> wallpaper_delegate_;
std::unique_ptr<WindowCycleController> window_cycle_controller_;
std::unique_ptr<WindowSelectorController> window_selector_controller_;
std::unique_ptr<ui::devtools::UiDevToolsServer> devtools_server_;
base::ObserverList<LockStateObserver> lock_state_observers_;
// See comment for GetRootWindowForNewWindows().
WmWindow* root_window_for_new_windows_ = nullptr;
WmWindow* scoped_root_window_for_new_windows_ = nullptr;
bool simulate_modal_window_open_for_testing_ = false;
scoped_refptr<base::SequencedWorkerPool> blocking_pool_;
#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
std::unique_ptr<LogoutConfirmationController> logout_confirmation_controller_;
} // namespace ash