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Name: harfbuzz-ng
Short Name: harfbuzz-ng
Version: 2.3.1-79
Date: 20190301
Revision: 4f37ab63de9705d7bf74ee75364747e41b7c06a1
Security Critical: yes
License: MIT
License File: src/COPYING
This is harfbuzz-ng, a new implementation of harfbuzz with a different
API from the old one.
This copy of harfbuzz is usually updated by running
$ third_party/harfbuzz-ng/
from your Chromium ./src directory.
This should update your checkout by putting the new upstream HarfBuzz ToT commit
hash top level DEPS file. In cases added or deleted files have been detected in
HarfBuzz' src directory, a step in the script will fail and you should edit the file accordingly and continue the roll manually.
Chromium-local cherry picks or patches can be done by pushing new branches to
refs/heads/chromium/ of [1]. The set of HarfBuzz OWNERS has write rights to this
part of the tree. We suggest to follow a pattern of naming branches needed for
Chromium revisions by the chromium milestone number. For example, if a
cherry-pick is needed for M65, push to "refs/heads/chromium/m65" and reference
the new commit in DEPS. Take a look at for an example.
Currently we are intentionally not building the following files from
HarfBuzz. Specifically, we are not building hb-coretext any longer, as we rely
on HarfBuzz' built-in AAT shaping.