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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// This source set defines shared expectations for:
// 1. The packed-data format used to pass information from chrome.dll
// to chrome_elf.dll across restarts.
// 2. The APIs exported by chrome_elf.dll to share logs of module load attempts.
#include <stdint.h>
#include "chrome_elf/sha1/sha1.h"
namespace third_party_dlls {
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// This defines the expected format for a packed list of third-party modules.
// - At offset 0: {PackedListMetadata}
// - Immediately following: {Array of PackedListModule}
// - Anything else can be stored in the rest of the file.
// - It's a requirement that the list be packed little-endian and also that
// 32-bit alignment == 64-bit alignment (so no handling required).
// - It's also required that the array be *sorted*. First by basename hash,
// second by code_id hash (there can be multiple of the same basename hash).
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Subdir relative to install_static::GetUserDataDirectory().
extern const wchar_t kFileSubdir[];
// Packed module list cache file.
extern const wchar_t kBlFileName[];
enum PackedListVersion : uint32_t {
kInitialVersion = 1,
kCurrent = kInitialVersion,
struct PackedListMetadata {
// The version of the packed list format. This should always be ordered
// first for backward compatibility purposes.
PackedListVersion version;
// The number of PackedListModule elements that follows the metadata in
// the packed list.
uint32_t module_count;
struct PackedListModule {
// SHA1 of lowercase, UTF-8 basename (no path).
uint8_t basename_hash[elf_sha1::kSHA1Length];
// Code ID. This is equivalent to the string generated by formatting
// the FileHeader.TimeDateStamp and OptionalHeader.SizeOfImage with the
// formatting string %08X%x. Then SHA1 the string.
uint8_t code_id_hash[elf_sha1::kSHA1Length];
// A timestamp used for tracking "last attempted load". Used to manage
// lifetime of entries in the local caches.
uint32_t time_date_stamp;
// These structs are directly written to a storage type. Therefore the padding
// should be consistent across compilations.
static_assert(sizeof(PackedListMetadata) == 8,
"The actual padding of the PackedListMetadata struct doesn't"
"match the expected padding");
static_assert(sizeof(PackedListModule) == 44,
"The actual padding of the PackedListModule struct doesn't match"
"the expected padding");
} // namespace third_party_dlls