Revert "MacPWAs: Reparent tabs when installing PWAs"

This reverts commit 96b864cc836925ac0756772dcf1d7435205767c6.

Reason for revert: This sometimes results in mangled .app bundles, needs a cleaner solution.

Original change's description:
> MacPWAs: Reparent tabs when installing PWAs
> This works now. When re-parenting the window, the initial attempt to
> re-parent the window fails, because the PWA's bundle has not yet
> been created. The second attempt then re-creates the bundle and
> succeeds. This is a bit kludgey in that it is possible that the bundle
> will be recreated twice.
> A cleaner solution would be to delay reparenting the contents and
> revealing the app in Finder until the app has been created, but that
> solution may not be suitable for merge.
> Bug: 915571
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Bug: 859152
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