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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/scoped_observer.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "base/task/cancelable_task_tracker.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "base/values.h"
#include "components/history/core/browser/history_service_observer.h"
#include "components/history/core/browser/url_row.h"
#include "components/history/core/browser/web_history_service.h"
#include "content/public/browser/web_ui_message_handler.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
class ProfileSyncService;
class SupervisedUserService;
namespace bookmarks {
class BookmarkModel;
namespace history {
class HistoryService;
struct QueryOptions;
class QueryResults;
// The handler for Javascript messages related to the "history" view.
class BrowsingHistoryHandler : public content::WebUIMessageHandler,
public history::HistoryServiceObserver {
// Represents a history entry to be shown to the user, representing either
// a local or remote visit. A single entry can represent multiple visits,
// since only the most recent visit on a particular day is shown.
struct HistoryEntry {
// Values indicating whether an entry represents only local visits, only
// remote visits, or a mixture of both.
enum EntryType {
HistoryEntry(EntryType type, const GURL& url, const base::string16& title,
base::Time time, const std::string& client_id,
bool is_search_result, const base::string16& snippet,
bool blocked_visit);
HistoryEntry(const HistoryEntry& other);
virtual ~HistoryEntry();
// Formats this entry's URL and title and adds them to |result|.
void SetUrlAndTitle(base::DictionaryValue* result) const;
// Converts the entry to a DictionaryValue to be owned by the caller.
std::unique_ptr<base::DictionaryValue> ToValue(
bookmarks::BookmarkModel* bookmark_model,
SupervisedUserService* supervised_user_service,
const ProfileSyncService* sync_service) const;
// Comparison function for sorting HistoryEntries from newest to oldest.
static bool SortByTimeDescending(
const HistoryEntry& entry1, const HistoryEntry& entry2);
// The type of visits this entry represents: local, remote, or both.
EntryType entry_type;
GURL url;
base::string16 title; // Title of the entry. May be empty.
// The time of the entry. Usually this will be the time of the most recent
// visit to |url| on a particular day as defined in the local timezone.
base::Time time;
// The sync ID of the client on which the most recent visit occurred.
std::string client_id;
// Timestamps of all local or remote visits the same URL on the same day.
std::set<int64_t> all_timestamps;
// If true, this entry is a search result.
bool is_search_result;
// The entry's search snippet, if this entry is a search result.
base::string16 snippet;
// Whether this entry was blocked when it was attempted.
bool blocked_visit;
~BrowsingHistoryHandler() override;
// WebUIMessageHandler implementation.
void RegisterMessages() override;
// Handler for the "queryHistory" message.
void HandleQueryHistory(const base::ListValue* args);
// Handler for the "removeVisits" message.
void HandleRemoveVisits(const base::ListValue* args);
// Handler for "clearBrowsingData" message.
void HandleClearBrowsingData(const base::ListValue* args);
// Handler for "removeBookmark" message.
void HandleRemoveBookmark(const base::ListValue* args);
// Merges duplicate entries from the query results, only retaining the most
// recent visit to a URL on a particular day. That visit contains the
// timestamps of the other visits.
static void MergeDuplicateResults(
std::vector<BrowsingHistoryHandler::HistoryEntry>* results);
// The range for which to return results:
// - ALLTIME: allows access to all the results in a paginated way.
// - WEEK: the last 7 days.
// - MONTH: the last calendar month.
enum Range {
WEEK = 1,
// Core implementation of history querying.
void QueryHistory(const base::string16& search_text,
const history::QueryOptions& options);
// Combines the query results from the local history database and the history
// server, and sends the combined results to the front end.
void ReturnResultsToFrontEnd();
// Callback from |web_history_timer_| when a response from web history has
// not been received in time.
void WebHistoryTimeout();
// Callback from the history system when a history query has completed.
void QueryComplete(const base::string16& search_text,
const history::QueryOptions& options,
history::QueryResults* results);
// Callback from the WebHistoryService when a query has completed.
void WebHistoryQueryComplete(const base::string16& search_text,
const history::QueryOptions& options,
base::TimeTicks start_time,
history::WebHistoryService::Request* request,
const base::DictionaryValue* results_value);
// Callback telling us whether other forms of browsing history were found
// on the history server.
void OtherFormsOfBrowsingHistoryQueryComplete(
bool found_other_forms_of_browsing_history);
// Callback from the history system when visits were deleted.
void RemoveComplete();
// Callback from history server when visits were deleted.
void RemoveWebHistoryComplete(bool success);
bool ExtractIntegerValueAtIndex(
const base::ListValue* value, int index, int* out_int);
// Sets the query options for a week-wide query, |offset| weeks ago.
void SetQueryTimeInWeeks(int offset, history::QueryOptions* options);
// Sets the query options for a monthly query, |offset| months ago.
void SetQueryTimeInMonths(int offset, history::QueryOptions* options);
// kAcceptLanguages pref value.
std::string GetAcceptLanguages() const;
// history::HistoryServiceObserver:
void OnURLsDeleted(history::HistoryService* history_service,
bool all_history,
bool expired,
const history::URLRows& deleted_rows,
const std::set<GURL>& favicon_urls) override;
// Tracker for search requests to the history service.
base::CancelableTaskTracker query_task_tracker_;
// The currently-executing request for synced history results.
// Deleting the request will cancel it.
std::unique_ptr<history::WebHistoryService::Request> web_history_request_;
// True if there is a pending delete requests to the history service.
bool has_pending_delete_request_;
// Tracker for delete requests to the history service.
base::CancelableTaskTracker delete_task_tracker_;
// The list of URLs that are in the process of being deleted.
std::set<GURL> urls_to_be_deleted_;
// The info value that is returned to the front end with the query results.
base::DictionaryValue results_info_value_;
// The list of query results received from the history service.
std::vector<HistoryEntry> query_results_;
// The list of query results received from the history server.
std::vector<HistoryEntry> web_history_query_results_;
// Timer used to implement a timeout on a Web History response.
base::OneShotTimer web_history_timer_;
ScopedObserver<history::HistoryService, history::HistoryServiceObserver>
// Whether the last call to Web History returned synced results.
bool has_synced_results_;
// Whether there are other forms of browsing history on the history server.
bool has_other_forms_of_browsing_history_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<BrowsingHistoryHandler> weak_factory_;