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Using wpt-import in Chromium 932fdb31ad977e5012b3905e8a79b5f4aa577f21.
With Chromium commits locally applied on WPT:
68d5240e06 "[ChromeDriver] Set key modifiers with mouse actions"
a6d9cfdaf7 "[WPT] Changes to generated files by CL 1476144"
4665f96b94 "RestrictDeviceSensorEventsToSecureContexts by default."
03505df617 "[Origin Policy] Implement error reporting via Reporting API"
2c455f7b13 "Move outputContext from XRSession to XRRenderState"

Note to sheriffs: This CL imports external tests and adds
expectations for those tests; if this CL is large and causes
a few new failures, please fix the failures by adding new
lines to TestExpectations rather than reverting. See:

Directory owners for changes in this CL:


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