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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <list>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/sequence_checker.h"
#include "media/filters/h264_bitstream_buffer.h"
#include "media/gpu/h264_dpb.h"
#include "media/gpu/vaapi/accelerated_video_encoder.h"
namespace media {
// This class provides an H264 encoder functionality, generating stream headers,
// managing encoder state, reference frames, and other codec parameters, while
// requiring support from an Accelerator to encode frame data based on these
// parameters.
// This class must be created, called and destroyed on a single sequence.
// Names used in documentation of this class refer directly to naming used
// in the H.264 specification (
class H264Encoder : public AcceleratedVideoEncoder {
struct EncodeParams {
// Produce an IDR at least once per this many frames.
// Must be >= 16 (per spec).
size_t idr_period_frames;
// Produce an I frame at least once per this many frames.
size_t i_period_frames;
// How often do we need to have either an I or a P frame in the stream.
// A period of 1 implies no B frames.
size_t ip_period_frames;
// Bitrate in bps.
uint32_t bitrate_bps;
// Framerate in FPS.
uint32_t framerate;
// Bitrate window size in ms.
unsigned int cpb_window_size_ms;
// Bitrate window size in bits.
unsigned int cpb_size_bits;
// Quantization parameter.
int qp;
// An accelerator interface. The client must provide an appropriate
// implementation on creation.
class Accelerator {
Accelerator() = default;
virtual ~Accelerator();
// Returns the H264Picture to be used as output for |job|.
virtual scoped_refptr<H264Picture> GetPicture(EncodeJob* job) = 0;
// Initializes |job| to insert the provided |packed_sps| and |packed_pps|
// before the frame produced by |job| into the output video stream.
virtual bool SubmitPackedHeaders(
EncodeJob* job,
scoped_refptr<H264BitstreamBuffer> packed_sps,
scoped_refptr<H264BitstreamBuffer> packed_pps) = 0;
// Initializes |job| to use the provided |sps|, |pps|, |encode_params|, and
// encoded picture parameters in |pic|, as well as |ref_pic_list0| and
// |ref_pic_list1| as the corresponding H264 reference frame lists
// (RefPicList0 and RefPicList1 per spec) for the frame to be produced.
virtual bool SubmitFrameParameters(
EncodeJob* job,
const H264Encoder::EncodeParams& encode_params,
const H264SPS& sps,
const H264PPS& pps,
scoped_refptr<H264Picture> pic,
const std::list<scoped_refptr<H264Picture>>& ref_pic_list0,
const std::list<scoped_refptr<H264Picture>>& ref_pic_list1) = 0;
explicit H264Encoder(std::unique_ptr<Accelerator> accelerator);
~H264Encoder() override;
// AcceleratedVideoEncoder implementation.
bool Initialize(const VideoEncodeAccelerator::Config& config) override;
bool UpdateRates(const VideoBitrateAllocation& bitrate_allocation,
uint32_t framerate) override;
gfx::Size GetCodedSize() const override;
size_t GetMaxNumOfRefFrames() const override;
bool PrepareEncodeJob(EncodeJob* encode_job) override;
// Fill current_sps_ and current_pps_ with current encoding state parameters.
void UpdateSPS();
void UpdatePPS();
// Generate packed SPS and PPS in packed_sps_ and packed_pps_, using values
// in current_sps_ and current_pps_.
void GeneratePackedSPS();
void GeneratePackedPPS();
// Check if |bitrate| and |framerate| and current coded size are supported by
// current profile and level.
bool CheckConfigValidity(uint32_t bitrate, uint32_t framerate);
// Current SPS, PPS and their packed versions. Packed versions are NALUs
// in AnnexB format *without* emulation prevention three-byte sequences
// (those are expected to be added by the client as needed).
H264SPS current_sps_;
scoped_refptr<H264BitstreamBuffer> packed_sps_;
H264PPS current_pps_;
scoped_refptr<H264BitstreamBuffer> packed_pps_;
// Current encoding parameters being used.
EncodeParams curr_params_;
// H264 profile currently used.
VideoCodecProfile profile_ = VIDEO_CODEC_PROFILE_UNKNOWN;
// H264 level currently used.
uint8_t level_ = 0;
// Current visible and coded sizes in pixels.
gfx::Size visible_size_;
gfx::Size coded_size_;
// Width/height in macroblocks.
unsigned int mb_width_ = 0;
unsigned int mb_height_ = 0;
// frame_num (spec section 7.4.3) to be used for the next frame.
unsigned int frame_num_ = 0;
// idr_pic_id (spec section 7.4.3) to be used for the next frame.
unsigned int idr_pic_id_ = 0;
// True if encoding parameters have changed that affect decoder process, then
// we need to submit a keyframe with updated parameters.
bool encoding_parameters_changed_ = false;
// Currently active reference frames.
// RefPicList0 per spec (spec section
std::list<scoped_refptr<H264Picture>> ref_pic_list0_;
// Accelerator instance used to prepare encode jobs.
const std::unique_ptr<Accelerator> accelerator_;
} // namespace media