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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Presubmit script for Chromium JS resources.
See chrome/browser/
import regex_check
class JSChecker(object):
def __init__(self, input_api, output_api, file_filter=None):
self.input_api = input_api
self.output_api = output_api
self.file_filter = file_filter
def RegexCheck(self, line_number, line, regex, message):
return regex_check.RegexCheck(, line_number, line, regex, message)
def BindThisCheck(self, i, line):
return self.RegexCheck(i, line, r"(\.bind\(this)[^)]*\)",
"Prefer arrow (=>) functions over bind(this)");
def ChromeSendCheck(self, i, line):
"""Checks for a particular misuse of "chrome.send"."""
return self.RegexCheck(i, line, r"chrome\.send\('[^']+'\s*(, \[\])\)",
"Passing an empty array to chrome.send is unnecessary")
def CommentIfAndIncludeCheck(self, line_number, line):
return self.RegexCheck(line_number, line, r"(?<!\/\/ )(<if|<include) ",
"<if> or <include> should be in a single line comment with a space " +
"after the slashes. Examples:\n" +
' // <include src="...">\n' +
' // <if expr="chromeos">\n' +
" // </if>\n")
def EndJsDocCommentCheck(self, i, line):
msg = "End JSDoc comments with */ instead of **/"
def _check(regex):
return self.RegexCheck(i, line, regex, msg)
return _check(r"^\s*(\*\*/)\s*$") or _check(r"/\*\* @[a-zA-Z]+.* (\*\*/)")
def ExtraDotInGenericCheck(self, i, line):
return self.RegexCheck(i, line, r"((?:Array|Object|Promise)\.<)",
"Don't use a dot after generics (Object.<T> should be Object<T>).")
def InheritDocCheck(self, i, line):
"""Checks for use of "@inheritDoc" instead of "@override"."""
return self.RegexCheck(i, line, r"\* (@inheritDoc)",
"@inheritDoc is deprecated, use @override instead")
def PolymerLocalIdCheck(self, i, line):
"""Checks for use of element.$.localId."""
return self.RegexCheck(i, line, r"(?<!this)(\.\$)[\[\.](?![a-zA-Z]+\()",
"Please only use this.$.localId, not element.$.localId")
def RunEsLintChecks(self, affected_js_files, format="stylish"):
"""Runs lint checks using ESLint. The ESLint rules being applied are defined
in the .eslintrc.js configuration file.
os_path = self.input_api.os_path
# Extract paths to be passed to ESLint.
affected_js_files_paths = []
for f in affected_js_files:
from os import isatty as os_isatty
args = ["--color"] if os_isatty(self.input_api.sys.stdout.fileno()) else []
args += ["--format", format, "--ignore-pattern '!.eslintrc.js'"]
args += affected_js_files_paths
import eslint
output = eslint.Run(os_path=os_path, args=args)
return [self.output_api.PresubmitError(output)] if output else []
def VariableNameCheck(self, i, line):
"""See the style guide."""
return self.RegexCheck(i, line,
r"(?:var|let|const) (?!g_\w+)(_?[a-z][a-zA-Z]*[_$][\w_$]*)(?<! \$)",
"Please use variable namesLikeThis <>")
def _GetErrorHighlight(self, start, length):
"""Takes a start position and a length, and produces a row of "^"s to
highlight the corresponding part of a string.
return start * " " + length * "^"
def RunChecks(self):
"""Check for violations of the Chromium JavaScript style guide. See
results = []
affected_files = self.input_api.AffectedFiles(file_filter=self.file_filter,
affected_js_files = filter(lambda f: f.LocalPath().endswith(".js"),
if affected_js_files:
results += self.RunEsLintChecks(affected_js_files)
for f in affected_js_files:
error_lines = []
for i, line in enumerate(f.NewContents(), start=1):
error_lines += filter(None, [
self.ChromeSendCheck(i, line),
self.CommentIfAndIncludeCheck(i, line),
self.EndJsDocCommentCheck(i, line),
self.ExtraDotInGenericCheck(i, line),
self.InheritDocCheck(i, line),
self.PolymerLocalIdCheck(i, line),
self.VariableNameCheck(i, line),
if error_lines:
error_lines = [
"Found JavaScript style violations in %s:" %
f.LocalPath()] + error_lines
if results:
"See the JavaScript style guide at "
return results