Revert "Rename translation files for android_keyboard_accessory_strings.grd"

This reverts commit ab4cac496a525970f6bb3bf9bb424499c45471d4.

Reason for revert: breaks compile on android.

Sample failure:

Original change's description:
> Rename translation files for android_keyboard_accessory_strings.grd
> When running the script, it fails because the translation
> files have an incorrect name:
> android_keyboard_accessory_strings.grd: invalid xtb name:
>  "android_chrome_keyboard_accessory_strings_am.xtb. xtb name must be
>   android_keyboard_accessory_strings_<lang>.xtb where <lang> is the
>   language code."
> This CL drops the "chrome_" from all translation names to resolve this.
> Bug: 956128
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