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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "chrome/browser/flag_descriptions.h"
// Keep in identical order as the header file, see the comment at the top
// for formatting rules.
namespace flag_descriptions {
const char kAccelerated2dCanvasName[] = "Accelerated 2D canvas";
const char kAccelerated2dCanvasDescription[] =
"Enables the use of the GPU to perform 2d canvas rendering instead of "
"using software rendering.";
const char kAcceleratedVideoDecodeName[] = "Hardware-accelerated video decode";
const char kAcceleratedVideoDecodeDescription[] =
"Hardware-accelerated video decode where available.";
const char kAffiliationBasedMatchingName[] =
"Affiliation based matching in password manager";
const char kAffiliationBasedMatchingDescription[] =
"Allow credentials stored for Android applications to be filled into "
"corresponding websites.";
const char kAllowInsecureLocalhostName[] =
"Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost.";
const char kAllowInsecureLocalhostDescription[] =
"Allows requests to localhost over HTTPS even when an invalid certificate "
"is presented.";
const char kAllowNaclSocketApiName[] = "NaCl Socket API.";
const char kAllowNaclSocketApiDescription[] =
"Allows applications to use NaCl Socket API. Use only to test NaCl "
const char kAppBannersName[] = "App Banners";
const char kAppBannersDescription[] =
"Enable the display of Progressive Web App banners, which prompt a user to "
"add a web app to their shelf, or other platform-specific equivalent.";
const char kAsyncImageDecodingName[] = "AsyncImageDecoding";
const char kAsyncImageDecodingDescription[] =
"Enables asynchronous decoding of images from raster for web content";
const char kAutoplayPolicyName[] = "Autoplay policy";
const char kAutoplayPolicyDescription[] =
"Policy used when deciding if audio or video is allowed to autoplay.";
const char kAutoplayPolicyUserGestureRequiredForCrossOrigin[] =
"User gesture is required for cross-origin iframes.";
const char kAutoplayPolicyNoUserGestureRequired[] =
"No user gesture is required.";
const char kAutoplayPolicyUserGestureRequired[] = "User gesture is required.";
const char kAutoplayPolicyDocumentUserActivation[] =
"Document user activation is required.";
const char kBackgroundVideoTrackOptimizationName[] =
"Optimize background video playback.";
const char kBackgroundVideoTrackOptimizationDescription[] =
"Disable video tracks when the video is played in the background to "
"optimize performance.";
const char kBleAdvertisingInExtensionsName[] = "BLE Advertising in Chrome Apps";
const char kBleAdvertisingInExtensionsDescription[] =
"Enables BLE Advertising in Chrome Apps. BLE Advertising might interfere "
"with regular use of Bluetooth Low Energy features.";
const char kBrowserSideNavigationName[] = "Enable browser side navigation";
const char kBrowserSideNavigationDescription[] =
"Enable browser side navigation (aka PlzNavigate).";
const char kBrowserTaskSchedulerName[] = "Task Scheduler";
const char kBrowserTaskSchedulerDescription[] =
"Enables redirection of some task posting APIs to the task scheduler.";
const char kBypassAppBannerEngagementChecksName[] =
"Bypass user engagement checks";
const char kBypassAppBannerEngagementChecksDescription[] =
"Bypasses user engagement checks for displaying app banners, such as "
"requiring that users have visited the site before and that the banner "
"hasn't been shown recently. This allows developers to test that other "
"eligibility requirements for showing app banners, such as having a "
"manifest, are met.";
const char kCaptureThumbnailOnLoadFinishedName[] =
"Capture page thumbnail on load finished";
const char kCaptureThumbnailOnLoadFinishedDescription[] =
"Capture a page thumbnail (for use on the New Tab page) when the page load "
"finishes, in addition to other times a thumbnail may be captured.";
const char kCaptureThumbnailOnNavigatingAwayName[] =
"Capture page thumbnail on navigating away";
const char kCaptureThumbnailOnNavigatingAwayDescription[] =
"Capture a page thumbnail (for use on the New Tab page) when navigating "
"away from the current page, in addition to other times a thumbnail may be "
const char kCastStreamingHwEncodingName[] =
"Cast Streaming hardware video encoding";
const char kCastStreamingHwEncodingDescription[] =
"This option enables support in Cast Streaming for encoding video streams "
"using platform hardware.";
const char kCloudImportName[] = "Cloud Import";
const char kCloudImportDescription[] = "Allows the cloud-import feature.";
const char kColorCorrectRenderingName[] = "Color correct rendering";
const char kColorCorrectRenderingDescription[] =
"Enables color correct rendering of web content.";
const char kCompositedLayerBordersName[] = "Composited render layer borders";
const char kCompositedLayerBordersDescription[] =
"Renders a border around composited Render Layers to help debug and study "
"layer compositing.";
const char kContextualSuggestionsCarouselName[] =
"Enable Contextual Suggestions";
const char kContextualSuggestionsCarouselDescription[] =
"If enabled, shows contextual suggestions in a horizontal carousel in "
"bottom sheet content.";
const char kCreditCardAssistName[] = "Credit Card Assisted Filling";
const char kCreditCardAssistDescription[] =
"Enable assisted credit card filling on certain sites.";
const char kCrossProcessGuestViewIsolationName[] =
"Cross process frames for guests";
const char kCrossProcessGuestViewIsolationDescription[] =
"Highly experimental where guests such as <webview> are implemented on "
"the out-of-process iframe infrastructure.";
const char kDataReductionProxyLoFiName[] = "Data Saver Lo-Fi mode";
const char kDataReductionProxyLoFiDescription[] =
"Forces Data Saver Lo-Fi mode to be always enabled, enabled only on "
"cellular connections, or disabled. Data Saver must be enabled for Lo-Fi "
"mode to be used.";
const char kDataReductionProxyLoFiAlwaysOn[] = "Always on";
const char kDataReductionProxyLoFiCellularOnly[] = "Cellular only";
const char kDataReductionProxyLoFiDisabled[] = "Disable";
const char kDataReductionProxyLoFiSlowConnectionsOnly[] =
"Slow connections only";
const char kDatasaverPromptName[] = "Cellular Data Saver Prompt";
const char kDatasaverPromptDescription[] =
"Enables a prompt, which appears when a cellular network connection is "
"detected, to take the user to the Data Saver extension page on Chrome Web "
const char kDatasaverPromptDemoMode[] = "Demo mode";
const char kDebugPackedAppName[] = "Debugging for packed apps";
const char kDebugPackedAppDescription[] =
"Enables debugging context menu options such as Inspect Element for packed "
const char kDefaultTileHeightName[] = "Default tile height";
const char kDefaultTileHeightDescription[] = "Specify the default tile height.";
const char kDefaultTileHeightShort[] = "128";
const char kDefaultTileHeightTall[] = "256";
const char kDefaultTileHeightGrande[] = "512";
const char kDefaultTileHeightVenti[] = "1024";
const char kDefaultTileWidthName[] = "Default tile width";
const char kDefaultTileWidthDescription[] = "Specify the default tile width.";
const char kDefaultTileWidthShort[] = "128";
const char kDefaultTileWidthTall[] = "256";
const char kDefaultTileWidthGrande[] = "512";
const char kDefaultTileWidthVenti[] = "1024";
const char kDebugShortcutsName[] = "Debugging keyboard shortcuts";
const char kDebugShortcutsDescription[] =
"Enables additional keyboard shortcuts that are useful for debugging Ash.";
const char kDeviceDiscoveryNotificationsName[] =
"Device Discovery Notifications";
const char kDeviceDiscoveryNotificationsDescription[] =
"Device discovery notifications on local network.";
const char kDevtoolsExperimentsName[] = "Developer Tools experiments";
const char kDevtoolsExperimentsDescription[] =
"Enables Developer Tools experiments. Use Settings panel in Developer "
"Tools to toggle individual experiments.";
const char kDisableAudioForDesktopShareName[] =
"Disable Audio For Desktop Share";
const char kDisableAudioForDesktopShareDescription[] =
"With this flag on, desktop share picker window will not let the user "
"choose whether to share audio.";
const char kDisableTabForDesktopShareName[] =
"Disable Desktop Share with tab source";
const char kDisableTabForDesktopShareDescription[] =
"This flag controls whether users can choose a tab for desktop share.";
const char kDisallowDocWrittenScriptsUiName[] =
"Block scripts loaded via document.write";
const char kDisallowDocWrittenScriptsUiDescription[] =
"Disallows fetches for third-party parser-blocking scripts inserted into "
"the main frame via document.write.";
const char kDisplayList2dCanvasName[] = "Display list 2D canvas";
const char kDisplayList2dCanvasDescription[] =
"Enables the use of display lists to record 2D canvas commands. This "
"allows 2D canvas rasterization to be performed on separate thread.";
const char kDistanceFieldTextName[] = "Distance field text";
const char kDistanceFieldTextDescription[] =
"Text is rendered with signed distance fields rather than bitmap alpha "
const char kDriveSearchInChromeLauncherName[] =
"Drive Search in Chrome App Launcher";
const char kDriveSearchInChromeLauncherDescription[] =
"Files from Drive will show up when searching the Chrome App Launcher.";
const char kDropSyncCredentialName[] =
"Drop sync credentials from password manager";
const char kDropSyncCredentialDescription[] =
"The password manager will not offer to save the credential used to sync.";
const char kEasyUnlockBluetoothLowEnergyDiscoveryName[] =
"Smart Lock Bluetooth Low Energy Discovery";
const char kEasyUnlockBluetoothLowEnergyDiscoveryDescription[] =
"Disables a Smart Lock setting that allows Chromebook to discover phones "
"over Bluetooth Low Energy in order to unlock the Chromebook when the "
"phone is in its proximity.";
const char kEasyUnlockPromotionsName[] = "Smart Lock Promotions";
const char kEasyUnlockPromotionsDescription[] =
"Enables Smart Lock promotions. Promotions will be periodically display "
"if the user is eligible.";
const char kEmbeddedExtensionOptionsName[] = "Embedded extension options";
const char kEmbeddedExtensionOptionsDescription[] =
"Display extension options as an embedded element in chrome://extensions "
"rather than opening a new tab.";
const char kEnableAsmWasmName[] =
"Experimental Validate Asm.js and convert to WebAssembly when valid.";
const char kEnableAsmWasmDescription[] =
R"*(Validate Asm.js when "use asm" is present and then convert to )*"
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardBankNameDisplayName[] =
"Display the issuer bank name of a credit card in autofill.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardBankNameDisplayDescription[] =
"If enabled, displays the issuer bank name of a credit card in autofill.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardLastUsedDateDisplayName[] =
"Display the last used date of a credit card in autofill.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardLastUsedDateDisplayDescription[] =
"If enabled, display the last used date of a credit card in autofill.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardUploadCvcPromptName[] =
"Enable requesting missing CVC during Autofill credit card upload";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardUploadCvcPromptDescription[] =
"If enabled, requests missing CVC when offering to upload credit cards to "
"Google Payments.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardUploadGoogleLogoName[] =
"Show Google Logo for Autofill credit card upload";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardUploadGoogleLogoDescription[] =
"If enabled, displays the Google logo in the save prompt when offering to "
"upload credit cards to Google Payments.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardUploadNewUiName[] =
"Enable updated UI for Autofill credit card upload";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardUploadNewUiDescription[] =
"If enabled, displays a new save card bubble/infobar design when offering "
"to upload credit cards to Google Payments.";
const char kEnableBreakingNewsPushName[] = "Breaking News Push";
const char kEnableBreakingNewsPushDescription[] =
"Listen for breaking news content suggestions (e.g. for New Tab Page) "
"through Google Cloud Messaging.";
const char kEnableBrotliName[] = "Brotli Content-Encoding.";
const char kEnableBrotliDescription[] =
"Enable Brotli Content-Encoding support.";
const char kEnableClearBrowsingDataCountersName[] =
"Enable Clear browsing data counters.";
const char kEnableClearBrowsingDataCountersDescription[] =
"Shows data volume counters in the Clear browsing data dialog.";
const char kEnableClientLoFiName[] = "Client-side Lo-Fi previews";
const char kEnableClientLoFiDescription[] =
"Enable showing low fidelity images on some pages on slow networks.";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxyLitePageName[] =
"Lite pages for Data Saver Lo-Fi mode";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxyLitePageDescription[] =
"Enable lite pages in Data Saver Lo-Fi mode. Previews of pages will be "
"shown instead of image placeholders when Lo-Fi is on. Data Saver and "
"Lo-Fi must be enabled for lite pages to be shown.";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative[] =
"Use alternative server configuration";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxyServerExperimentName[] =
"Use an alternative Data Saver back end configuration.";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxyServerExperimentDescription[] =
"Enable a different approach to saving data by configuring the back end "
const char kEnableDataReductionProxySavingsPromoName[] =
"Data Saver 1 MB Savings Promo";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxySavingsPromoDescription[] =
"Enable a Data Saver promo for 1 MB of savings. If Data Saver has already "
"saved 1 MB of data, then the promo will not be shown. Data Saver must be "
"enabled for the promo to be shown.";
const char kEnableDesktopPWAWindowingName[] =
"Windowing related features for desktop PWAs.";
const char kEnableDesktopPWAWindowingDescription[] =
"Enable experimental windowing features for desktop PWAs.";
const char kEnableEnumeratingAudioDevicesName[] =
"Experimentally enable enumerating audio devices.";
const char kEnableEnumeratingAudioDevicesDescription[] =
"Experimentally enable the use of enumerating audio devices.";
const char kEnableGenericSensorName[] = "Generic Sensor";
const char kEnableGenericSensorDescription[] =
"Enable sensor APIs based on Generic Sensor API.";
const char kEnableHDRName[] = "HDR mode";
const char kEnableHDRDescription[] =
"Enables HDR support on compatible displays.";
const char kEnableHeapProfilingName[] = "Heap profiling";
const char kEnableHeapProfilingDescription[] = "Enables heap profiling.";
const char kEnableHeapProfilingModePseudo[] = "Enabled (pseudo mode)";
const char kEnableHeapProfilingModeNative[] = "Enabled (native mode)";
const char kEnableHeapProfilingTaskProfiler[] = "Enabled (task mode)";
const char kEnableHttpFormWarningName[] =
"Show in-form warnings for sensitive fields when the top-level page is not "
"not HTTPS";
const char kEnableHttpFormWarningDescription[] =
"Attaches a warning UI to any password or credit card fields detected when "
"the top-level page is not HTTPS";
const char kEnableIdleTimeSpellCheckingName[] =
"Enable idle time spell checker";
const char kEnableIdleTimeSpellCheckingDescription[] =
"Make spell-checking code run only when the browser is idle, so that input "
"latency is reduced, especially when editing long articles, emails, etc.";
const char kEnableManualFallbacksFillingName[] =
"Manual fallbacks for password manager forms filling";
const char kEnableManualFallbacksFillingDescription[] =
"If enabled, then if user clicks on the password field on a form, popup "
"might contain generation fallbacks or 'Show all saved passwords' "
const char kEnableMaterialDesignBookmarksName[] =
"Enable Material Design bookmarks";
const char kEnableMaterialDesignBookmarksDescription[] =
"If enabled, the chrome://bookmarks/ URL loads the Material Design "
"bookmarks page.";
const char kEnableMaterialDesignExtensionsName[] =
"Enable Material Design extensions";
const char kEnableMaterialDesignExtensionsDescription[] =
"If enabled, the chrome://extensions/ URL loads the Material Design "
"extensions page.";
const char kEnableMaterialDesignFeedbackName[] =
"Enable Material Design feedback";
const char kEnableMaterialDesignFeedbackDescription[] =
"If enabled, reporting an issue will load the Material Design feedback UI.";
const char kEnableMidiManagerDynamicInstantiationName[] =
"MIDIManager dynamic instantiation for Web MIDI.";
const char kEnableMidiManagerDynamicInstantiationDescription[] =
"Enable MIDIManager dynamic instantiation for Web MIDI.";
const char kEnableNavigationTracingName[] = "Enable navigation tracing";
const char kEnableNavigationTracingDescription[] =
"This is to be used in conjunction with the trace-upload-url flag. "
"WARNING: When enabled, Chrome will record performance data for every "
"navigation and upload it to the URL specified by the trace-upload-url "
"flag. The trace may include personally identifiable information (PII) "
"such as the titles and URLs of websites you visit.";
const char kEnableNetworkServiceName[] = "Enable network service";
const char kEnableNetworkServiceDescription[] =
"Enables the network service, which makes network requests through a "
"separate service. Note: most features don't work with this yet.";
const char kEnableNightLightName[] = "Enable Night Light";
const char kEnableNightLightDescription[] =
"Enable the Night Light feature which controls the color temperature of "
"the screen.";
const char kEnableOutOfBlinkCORSName[] = "Out of blink CORS";
const char kEnableOutOfBlinkCORSDescription[] =
"CORS handling logic is moved out of blink.";
const char kEnableOutOfProcessHeapProfilingName[] =
"Out of process heap profiling.";
const char kEnableOutOfProcessHeapProfilingDescription[] =
"Creates a profiling service that records stacktraces for all live, "
"malloced objects.";
const char kEnableOutOfProcessHeapProfilingModeBrowser[] =
"Profile only the browser process.";
const char kEnableOutOfProcessHeapProfilingModeAll[] = "Profile all processes.";
const char kEnablePictureInPictureName[] = "Enable picture in picture.";
const char kEnablePictureInPictureDescription[] =
"Enable the picture in picture feature for videos.";
const char kEnableTokenBindingName[] = "Token Binding.";
const char kEnableTokenBindingDescription[] = "Enable Token Binding support.";
const char kEnableUsernameCorrectionName[] = "Enable username correction";
const char kEnableUsernameCorrectionDescription[] =
"While on the pending password state, add an edit button to the bubble so "
"that user can edit the username.";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfName[] =
"Use Blink's zoom for device scale factor.";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfDescription[] =
"If enabled, Blink uses its zooming mechanism to scale content for device "
"scale factor.";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfChoiceDefault[] = "Default";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfChoiceEnabled[] = "Enabled";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfChoiceDisabled[] = "Disabled";
const char kEnableScrollAnchoringName[] = "Scroll Anchoring";
const char kEnableScrollAnchoringDescription[] =
"Adjusts scroll position to prevent visible jumps when offscreen content "
const char kEnableSharedArrayBufferName[] =
"Experimental enabled SharedArrayBuffer support in JavaScript.";
const char kEnableSharedArrayBufferDescription[] =
"Enable SharedArrayBuffer support in JavaScript.";
const char kEnableWasmName[] = "WebAssembly structured cloning support.";
const char kEnableWasmDescription[] =
"Enable web pages to use WebAssembly structured cloning.";
const char kEnableWebUsbName[] = "WebUSB";
const char kEnableWebUsbDescription[] = "Enable WebUSB support.";
const char kEnableImageCaptureAPIName[] = "Image Capture API";
const char kEnableImageCaptureAPIDescription[] =
"Enables the Web Platform Image Capture API: takePhoto(), "
"getPhotoCapabilities(), etc.";
const char kEnableZeroSuggestRedirectToChromeName[] =
"Experimental contextual omnibox suggestion";
const char kEnableZeroSuggestRedirectToChromeDescription[] =
"Change omnibox contextual suggestions to an experimental source. Note "
"that this is not an on/off switch for contextual omnibox and it only "
"applies to suggestions provided before the user starts typing a URL or a "
"search query (i.e. zero suggest).";
const char kEnableWasmStreamingName[] =
"WebAssembly streaming compile/instantiate support.";
const char kEnableWasmStreamingDescription[] =
"WebAssembly.{compile|instantiate} taking a Response as parameter.";
const char kEnableWebfontsInterventionName[] =
"New version of User Agent Intervention for WebFonts loading.";
const char kEnableWebfontsInterventionDescription[] =
"Enable New version of User Agent Intervention for WebFonts loading.";
const char kEnableWebfontsInterventionV2ChoiceDefault[] = "Default";
const char kEnableWebfontsInterventionV2ChoiceEnabledWith2g[] = "Enabled: 2G";
const char kEnableWebfontsInterventionV2ChoiceEnabledWith3g[] = "Enabled: 3G";
const char kEnableWebfontsInterventionV2ChoiceEnabledWithSlow2g[] =
"Enabled: Slow 2G";
const char kEnableWebfontsInterventionV2ChoiceDisabled[] = "Disabled";
const char kEnableWebfontsInterventionTriggerName[] =
"Trigger User Agent Intervention for WebFonts loading always.";
const char kEnableWebfontsInterventionTriggerDescription[] =
"Enable to trigger User Agent Intervention for WebFonts loading always. "
"This flag affects only when the intervention is enabled.";
const char kEnableWebNotificationCustomLayoutsName[] =
"Enable custom layouts for Web Notifications.";
const char kEnableWebNotificationCustomLayoutsDescription[] =
"Enable custom layouts for Web Notifications. They will have subtle layout "
"improvements that are otherwise not possible.";
const char kExpensiveBackgroundTimerThrottlingName[] =
"Throttle expensive background timers";
const char kExpensiveBackgroundTimerThrottlingDescription[] =
"Enables intervention to limit CPU usage of background timers to 1%.";
const char kExperimentalAppBannersName[] = "Experimental app banners";
const char kExperimentalAppBannersDescription[] =
"Enables a new experimental app banner flow and UI";
const char kExperimentalCanvasFeaturesName[] = "Experimental canvas features";
const char kExperimentalCanvasFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enables the use of experimental canvas features which are still in "
const char kExperimentalExtensionApisName[] = "Experimental Extension APIs";
const char kExperimentalExtensionApisDescription[] =
"Enables experimental extension APIs. Note that the extension gallery "
"doesn't allow you to upload extensions that use experimental APIs.";
const char kExperimentalFullscreenExitUIName[] =
"Experimental fullscreen exit UI";
const char kExperimentalFullscreenExitUIDescription[] =
"Displays experimental UI to allow mouse and touch input methods to exit "
"fullscreen mode.";
const char kExperimentalHotwordHardwareName[] =
"Simulated hardware 'Ok Google' features";
const char kExperimentalHotwordHardwareDescription[] =
"Enables an experimental version of 'Ok Google' hotword detection features "
"that have a hardware dependency.";
const char kExperimentalKeyboardLockUiName[] = "Experimental keyboard lock UI.";
const char kExperimentalKeyboardLockUiDescription[] =
"An experimental full screen with keyboard lock mode requiring users to "
"hold Esc to exit.";
const char kExperimentalSecurityFeaturesName[] =
"Potentially annoying security features";
const char kExperimentalSecurityFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enables several security features that will likely break one or more "
"pages that you visit on a daily basis. Strict mixed content checking, for "
"example. And locking powerful features to secure contexts. This flag will "
"probably annoy you.";
const char kExperimentalWebPlatformFeaturesName[] =
"Experimental Web Platform features";
const char kExperimentalWebPlatformFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enables experimental Web Platform features that are in development.";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationName[] =
"Extension Content Verification";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationDescription[] =
"This flag can be used to turn on verification that the contents of the "
"files on disk for extensions from the webstore match what they're "
"expected to be. This can be used to turn on this feature if it would not "
"otherwise have been turned on, but cannot be used to turn it off (because "
"this setting can be tampered with by malware).";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationBootstrap[] =
"Bootstrap (get expected hashes, but do not enforce them)";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationEnforce[] =
"Enforce (try to get hashes, and enforce them if successful)";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationEnforceStrict[] =
"Enforce strict (hard fail if we can't get hashes)";
const char kExtensionsOnChromeUrlsName[] = "Extensions on chrome:// URLs";
const char kExtensionsOnChromeUrlsDescription[] =
"Enables running extensions on chrome:// URLs, where extensions explicitly "
"request this permission.";
const char kFastUnloadName[] = "Fast tab/window close";
const char kFastUnloadDescription[] =
"Enables fast tab/window closing - runs a tab's onunload js handler "
"independently of the GUI.";
const char kFeaturePolicyName[] = "Feature Policy";
const char kFeaturePolicyDescription[] =
"Enables granting and removing access to features through the "
"Feature-Policy HTTP header.";
const char kFetchKeepaliveTimeoutSettingName[] =
"Fetch API keepalive timeout setting";
const char kFetchKeepaliveTimeoutSettingDescription[] =
"This is for setting the timeout value for Fetch API with keepalive option "
"and SendBeacon";
const char kFontCacheScalingName[] = "FontCache scaling";
const char kFontCacheScalingDescription[] =
"Reuse a cached font in the renderer to serve different sizes of font for "
"faster layout.";
const char kForceEffectiveConnectionTypeName[] =
"Override effective connection type";
const char kForceEffectiveConnectionTypeDescription[] =
"Overrides the effective connection type of the current connection "
"returned by the network quality estimator.";
const char kEffectiveConnectionTypeUnknownDescription[] = "Unknown";
const char kEffectiveConnectionTypeOfflineDescription[] = "Offline";
const char kEffectiveConnectionTypeSlow2GDescription[] = "Slow 2G";
const char kEffectiveConnectionType2GDescription[] = "2G";
const char kEffectiveConnectionType3GDescription[] = "3G";
const char kEffectiveConnectionType4GDescription[] = "4G";
const char kFillOnAccountSelectName[] = "Fill passwords on account selection";
const char kFillOnAccountSelectDescription[] =
"Filling of passwords when an account is explicitly selected by the user "
"rather than autofilling credentials on page load.";
const char kForceTabletModeName[] = "Force Tablet Mode";
const char kForceTabletModeDescription[] =
R"*(This flag can be used to force a certain mode on to a chromebook, )*"
R"*(despite its current orientation. "TouchView" means that the )*"
R"*(chromebook will act as if it were in touch view mode. "Clamshell" )*"
R"*(means that the chromebook will act as if it were in clamshell )*"
R"*(mode . "Auto" means that the chromebook will alternate between )*"
R"*(the two, based on its orientation.)*";
const char kForceTabletModeTouchview[] = "TouchView";
const char kForceTabletModeClamshell[] = "Clamshell";
const char kForceTabletModeAuto[] = "Auto (default)";
const char kForceTextDirectionName[] = "Force text direction";
const char kForceTextDirectionDescription[] =
"Explicitly force the per-character directionality of UI text to "
"left-to-right (LTR) or right-to-left (RTL) mode, overriding the default "
"direction of the character language.";
const char kForceDirectionLtr[] = "Left-to-right";
const char kForceDirectionRtl[] = "Right-to-left";
const char kForceUiDirectionName[] = "Force UI direction";
const char kForceUiDirectionDescription[] =
"Explicitly force the UI to left-to-right (LTR) or right-to-left (RTL) "
"mode, overriding the default direction of the UI language.";
const char kFramebustingName[] =
"Framebusting requires same-origin or a user gesture";
const char kFramebustingDescription[] =
"Don't permit an iframe to navigate the top level browsing context unless "
"they are same-origin or the iframe is processing a user gesture.";
const char kGamepadExtensionsName[] = "Gamepad Extensions";
const char kGamepadExtensionsDescription[] =
"Enabling this option allows web applications to access experimental "
"extensions to the Gamepad APIs.";
const char kGlCompositedOverlayCandidateQuadBordersName[] =
"GL composited overlay candidate quad borders";
const char kGlCompositedOverlayCandidateQuadBordersDescription[] =
"Renders a border around GL composited overlay candidate quads to help "
"debug and study overlay support.";
const char kGpuRasterizationMsaaSampleCountName[] =
"GPU rasterization MSAA sample count.";
const char kGpuRasterizationMsaaSampleCountDescription[] =
"Specify the number of MSAA samples for GPU rasterization.";
const char kGpuRasterizationMsaaSampleCountZero[] = "0";
const char kGpuRasterizationMsaaSampleCountTwo[] = "2";
const char kGpuRasterizationMsaaSampleCountFour[] = "4";
const char kGpuRasterizationMsaaSampleCountEight[] = "8";
const char kGpuRasterizationMsaaSampleCountSixteen[] = "16";
const char kGpuRasterizationName[] = "GPU rasterization";
const char kGpuRasterizationDescription[] =
"Use GPU to rasterize web content. Requires impl-side painting.";
const char kForceGpuRasterization[] = "Force-enabled for all layers";
const char kGoogleProfileInfoName[] = "Google profile name and icon";
const char kGoogleProfileInfoDescription[] =
"Enables using Google information to populate the profile name and icon in "
"the avatar menu.";
const char kHarfbuzzRendertextName[] = "HarfBuzz for UI text";
const char kHarfbuzzRendertextDescription[] =
"Enable cross-platform HarfBuzz layout engine for UI text. Doesn't affect "
"web content.";
const char kHistoryRequiresUserGestureName[] =
"New history entries require a user gesture.";
const char kHistoryRequiresUserGestureDescription[] =
"Require a user gesture to add a history entry.";
const char kHyperlinkAuditingName[] = "Hyperlink auditing";
const char kHyperlinkAuditingDescription[] = "Sends hyperlink auditing pings.";
const char kHostedAppQuitNotificationName[] =
"Quit notification for hosted apps";
const char kHostedAppQuitNotificationDescription[] =
"Display a notification when quitting Chrome if hosted apps are currently "
const char kHostedAppShimCreationName[] =
"Creation of app shims for hosted apps on Mac";
const char kHostedAppShimCreationDescription[] =
"Create app shims on Mac when creating a hosted app.";
const char kIconNtpName[] = "Large icons on the New Tab page";
const char kIconNtpDescription[] =
"Enable the experimental New Tab page using large icons.";
const char kIgnoreGpuBlacklistName[] = "Override software rendering list";
const char kIgnoreGpuBlacklistDescription[] =
"Overrides the built-in software rendering list and enables "
"GPU-acceleration on unsupported system configurations.";
const char kImportantSitesInCbdName[] =
"Important sites options in clear browsing data dialog";
const char kImportantSitesInCbdDescription[] =
"Include the option to whitelist important sites in the clear browsing "
"data dialog.";
const char kInertVisualViewportName[] = "Inert visual viewport.";
const char kInertVisualViewportDescription[] =
"Experiment to have all APIs reflect the layout viewport. This will make "
"window.scroll properties relative to the layout viewport.";
const char kInProductHelpDemoModeChoiceName[] = "In-Product Help Demo Mode";
const char kInProductHelpDemoModeChoiceDescription[] =
"Selects the In-Product Help demo mode.";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyName[] = "Experimental JavaScript";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyDescription[] =
"Enable web pages to use experimental JavaScript features.";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyShippingName[] =
"Latest stable JavaScript features";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyShippingDescription[] =
"Some web pages use legacy or non-standard JavaScript extensions that may "
"conflict with the latest JavaScript features. This flag allows disabling "
"support of those features for compatibility with such pages.";
const char kLcdTextName[] = "LCD text antialiasing";
const char kLcdTextDescription[] =
"If disabled, text is rendered with grayscale antialiasing instead of LCD "
"(subpixel) when doing accelerated compositing.";
const char kLoadMediaRouterComponentExtensionName[] =
"Load Media Router Component Extension";
const char kLoadMediaRouterComponentExtensionDescription[] =
"Loads the Media Router component extension at startup.";
const char kManualPasswordGenerationName[] = "Manual password generation.";
const char kManualPasswordGenerationDescription[] =
"Show a 'Generate Password' option on the context menu for all password "
const char kMarkHttpAsName[] = "Mark non-secure origins as non-secure";
const char kMarkHttpAsDescription[] = "Change the UI treatment for HTTP pages";
const char kMarkHttpAsDangerous[] = "Always mark HTTP as actively dangerous";
const char kMarkHttpAsNonSecureAfterEditing[] =
"Warn on HTTP after editing forms";
const char kMarkHttpAsNonSecureWhileIncognito[] =
"Warn on HTTP while in Incognito mode";
const char kMarkHttpAsNonSecureWhileIncognitoOrEditing[] =
"Warn on HTTP while in Incognito mode or after editing forms";
extern const char kMaterialDesignIncognitoNTPName[] =
"Material Design Incognito NTP.";
extern const char kMaterialDesignIncognitoNTPDescription[] =
"If enabled, the Incognito New Tab page uses the new material design with "
"a better readable text.";
const char kMediaRemotingName[] = "Media Remoting during Cast Tab Mirroring";
const char kMediaRemotingDescription[] =
"When Casting a tab to a remote device, enabling this turns on an "
"optimization that forwards the content bitstream directly to the remote "
"device when a video is fullscreened.";
const char kMemoryAblationName[] = "Memory ablation experiment";
const char kMemoryAblationDescription[] =
"Allocates extra memory in the browser process.";
const char kMemoryCoordinatorName[] = "Memory coordinator";
const char kMemoryCoordinatorDescription[] =
"Enable memory coordinator instead of memory pressure listeners.";
const char kMessageCenterNewStyleNotificationName[] = "New style notification";
const char kMessageCenterNewStyleNotificationDescription[] =
"Enables the experiment style of material-design notification";
const char kMessageCenterAlwaysScrollUpUponRemovalName[] =
"Experiments that message center always scroll up upon notification "
const char kMessageCenterAlwaysScrollUpUponRemovalDescription[] =
"Enables experiment that message center always scroll up when a "
"notification is removed.";
const char kMhtmlGeneratorOptionName[] = "MHTML Generation Option";
const char kMhtmlGeneratorOptionDescription[] =
"Provides experimental options for MHTML file generator.";
const char kMhtmlSkipNostoreMain[] = "Skips no-store main frame.";
const char kMhtmlSkipNostoreAll[] = "Skips all no-store resources.";
const char kMojoLoadingName[] = "Use Mojo IPC for resource loading";
const char kMojoLoadingDescription[] =
"Use Mojo IPC instead of traditional Chrome IPC for resource loading.";
const char kMojoVideoEncodeAcceleratorName[] =
"Hardware-accelerated video encoder accessed using Mojo IPC";
const char kMojoVideoEncodeAcceleratorDescription[] =
"Use new Mojo IPC to access hardware-accelerated video encoder, where "
const char kModuleScriptsName[] = "Enable ECMAScript 6 modules";
const char kModuleScriptsDescription[] =
"Enables ECMAScript 6 modules support in Blink.";
const char kNewAudioRenderingMixingStrategyName[] =
"New audio rendering mixing strategy";
const char kNewAudioRenderingMixingStrategyDescription[] =
"Use the new audio rendering mixing strategy.";
const char kNewBookmarkAppsName[] = "The new bookmark app system";
const char kNewBookmarkAppsDescription[] =
"Enables the new system for creating bookmark apps.";
const char kNewOmniboxAnswerTypesName[] =
"New omnibox answers in suggest types";
const char kNewOmniboxAnswerTypesDescription[] =
"Enables new types of answers in the omnibox suggest drop-down: currency "
"conversions, dictionary definitions, sports scores, translations, and "
"when is.";
const char kNewRemotePlaybackPipelineName[] =
"Enable the new remote playback pipeline.";
const char kNewRemotePlaybackPipelineDescription[] =
"Enable the new pipeline for playing media element remotely via "
"RemotePlayback API or native controls.";
const char kNewUsbBackendName[] = "Enable new USB backend";
const char kNewUsbBackendDescription[] =
"Enables the new experimental USB backend for Windows.";
const char kNostatePrefetchName[] = "No-State Prefetch";
const char kNostatePrefetchDescription[] =
R"*("No-State Prefetch" pre-downloads resources to improve load )*"
R"*(times. "Prerender" does a full pre-rendering of the page, to )*"
R"*(improve load times even more. "Simple Load" does nothing and is )*"
R"*(similar to disabling the feature, but collects more metrics for )*"
R"*(comparison purposes.)*";
const char kNotificationsNativeFlagName[] = "Enable native notifications.";
const char kNotificationsNativeFlagDescription[] =
"Enable support for using the native notification toasts and notification "
"center on platforms where these are available.";
const char kNumRasterThreadsName[] = "Number of raster threads";
const char kNumRasterThreadsDescription[] =
"Specify the number of raster threads.";
const char kNumRasterThreadsOne[] = "1";
const char kNumRasterThreadsTwo[] = "2";
const char kNumRasterThreadsThree[] = "3";
const char kNumRasterThreadsFour[] = "4";
const char kOfferStoreUnmaskedWalletCardsName[] =
"Google Payments card saving checkbox";
const char kOfferStoreUnmaskedWalletCardsDescription[] =
"Show the checkbox to offer local saving of a credit card downloaded from "
"the server.";
const char kOfflineAutoReloadName[] = "Offline Auto-Reload Mode";
const char kOfflineAutoReloadDescription[] =
"Pages that fail to load while the browser is offline will be "
"auto-reloaded when the browser is online again.";
const char kOfflineAutoReloadVisibleOnlyName[] =
"Only Auto-Reload Visible Tabs";
const char kOfflineAutoReloadVisibleOnlyDescription[] =
"Pages that fail to load while the browser is offline will only be "
"auto-reloaded if their tab is visible.";
const char kOffMainThreadFetchName[] = "Off-main-thread fetch for Web Workers";
const char kOffMainThreadFetchDescription[] =
"If enabled, the resource fetches from worker threads will not be blocked "
"by the busy main thread.";
const char kOmniboxDisplayTitleForCurrentUrlName[] =
"Include title for the current URL in the omnibox";
const char kOmniboxDisplayTitleForCurrentUrlDescription[] =
"In the event that the omnibox provides suggestions on-focus, the URL of "
"the current page is provided as the first suggestion without a title. "
"Enabling this flag causes the title to be displayed.";
const char kOmniboxUIElideSuggestionUrlAfterHostName[] =
"Omnibox UI Elide Suggestion URL After Host";
const char kOmniboxUIElideSuggestionUrlAfterHostDescription[] =
"Elides the path, query, and ref of suggested URLs in the Omnibox "
const char kOmniboxSpareRendererName[] =
"Start spare renderer on omnibox focus";
const char kOmniboxSpareRendererDescription[] =
"When the omnibox is focused, start an empty spare renderer. This can "
"speed up the load of the navigation from the omnibox.";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSuggestionUrlSchemeName[] =
"Omnibox UI Hide Suggestion URL Scheme";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSuggestionUrlSchemeDescription[] =
"Elides the schemes of suggested URLs in the Omnibox dropdown.";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSuggestionUrlTrivialSubdomainsName[] =
"Omnibox UI Hide Suggestion URL Trivial Subdomains";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSuggestionUrlTrivialSubdomainsDescription[] =
"Elides trivially informative subdomains from suggested URLs in the "
"Omnibox dropdown (e.g. www. and m.).";
const char kOmniboxUIMaxAutocompleteMatchesName[] =
"Omnibox UI Max Autocomplete Matches";
const char kOmniboxUIMaxAutocompleteMatchesDescription[] =
"Changes the maximum number of autocomplete matches displayed in the "
"Omnibox UI.";
const char kOmniboxUINarrowDropdownName[] = "Omnibox UI Narrow Dropdown";
const char kOmniboxUINarrowDropdownDescription[] =
"Makes the suggestions dropdown width match the omnibox width.";
const char kOmniboxUIVerticalLayoutName[] = "Omnibox UI Vertical Layout";
const char kOmniboxUIVerticalLayoutDescription[] =
"Displays Omnibox sugestions in 2 lines - title over origin.";
const char kOmniboxUIVerticalMarginName[] = "Omnibox UI Vertical Margin";
const char kOmniboxUIVerticalMarginDescription[] =
"Changes the vertical margin in the Omnibox UI.";
const char kOriginTrialsName[] = "Origin Trials";
const char kOriginTrialsDescription[] =
"Enables origin trials for controlling access to feature/API experiments.";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsName[] = "Overlay Scrollbars";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsDescription[] =
"Enable the experimental overlay scrollbars implementation. You must also "
"enable threaded compositing to have the scrollbars animate.";
const char kOverscrollHistoryNavigationName[] = "Overscroll history navigation";
const char kOverscrollHistoryNavigationDescription[] =
"Experimental history navigation in response to horizontal overscroll.";
const char kOverscrollHistoryNavigationSimpleUi[] = "Simple";
const char kOverscrollStartThresholdName[] = "Overscroll start threshold";
const char kOverscrollStartThresholdDescription[] =
"Changes overscroll start threshold relative to the default value.";
const char kOverscrollStartThreshold133Percent[] = "133%";
const char kOverscrollStartThreshold166Percent[] = "166%";
const char kOverscrollStartThreshold200Percent[] = "200%";
const char kPassiveEventListenerDefaultName[] =
"Passive Event Listener Override";
const char kPassiveEventListenerDefaultDescription[] =
"Forces touchstart, touchmove, mousewheel and wheel event listeners (which "
"haven't requested otherwise) to be treated as passive. This will break "
"touch/wheel behavior on some websites but is useful for demonstrating the "
"potential performance benefits of adopting passive event listeners.";
const char kPassiveEventListenerTrue[] = "True (when unspecified)";
const char kPassiveEventListenerForceAllTrue[] = "Force All True";
const char kPassiveEventListenersDueToFlingName[] =
"Touch Event Listeners Passive Default During Fling";
const char kPassiveEventListenersDueToFlingDescription[] =
"Forces touchstart, and first touchmove per scroll event listeners during "
"fling to be treated as passive.";
const char kPassiveDocumentEventListenersName[] =
"Document Level Event Listeners Passive Default";
const char kPassiveDocumentEventListenersDescription[] =
"Forces touchstart, and touchmove event listeners on document level "
"targets (which haven't requested otherwise) to be treated as passive.";
const char kPasswordForceSavingName[] = "Force-saving of passwords";
const char kPasswordForceSavingDescription[] =
"Allow the user to manually enforce password saving instead of relying on "
"password manager's heuristics.";
const char kPasswordGenerationName[] = "Password generation";
const char kPasswordGenerationDescription[] =
"Allow the user to have Chrome generate passwords when it detects account "
"creation pages.";
const char kPasswordImportExportName[] = "Password import and export";
const char kPasswordImportExportDescription[] =
"Import and Export functionality in password settings.";
const char kPermissionActionReportingName[] = "Permission Action Reporting";
const char kPermissionActionReportingDescription[] =
"Enables permission action reporting to Safe Browsing servers for opted in "
const char kPermissionsBlacklistName[] = "Permissions Blacklist";
const char kPermissionsBlacklistDescription[] =
"Enables the Permissions Blacklist, which blocks permissions for "
"blacklisted sites for Safe Browsing users.";
const char kPinchScaleName[] = "Pinch scale";
const char kPinchScaleDescription[] =
"Enables experimental support for scale using pinch.";
const char kPrintPdfAsImageName[] = "Print Pdf as Image";
const char kPrintPdfAsImageDescription[] =
"If enabled, an option to print PDF files as images will be available in "
"print preview.";
const char kPrintPreviewRegisterPromosName[] =
"Print Preview Registration Promos";
const char kPrintPreviewRegisterPromosDescription[] =
"Enable registering unregistered cloud printers from print preview.";
const char kProtectSyncCredentialName[] = "Autofill sync credential";
const char kProtectSyncCredentialDescription[] =
"How the password manager handles autofill for the sync credential.";
const char kProtectSyncCredentialOnReauthName[] =
"Autofill sync credential only for transactional reauth pages";
const char kProtectSyncCredentialOnReauthDescription[] =
"How the password manager handles autofill for the sync credential only "
"for transactional reauth pages.";
const char kPullToRefreshName[] = "Pull-to-refresh gesture";
const char kPullToRefreshDescription[] =
"Pull-to-refresh gesture in response to vertical overscroll.";
const char kPushApiBackgroundModeName[] = "Enable Push API background mode";
const char kPushApiBackgroundModeDescription[] =
"Enable background mode for the Push API. This allows Chrome to continue "
"running after the last window is closed, and to launch at OS startup, if "
"the Push API needs it.";
const char kPwaMinimalUiName[] = "Minimal-UI display mode for PWAs";
const char kPwaMinimalUiDescription[] =
"Enables support for Minimal-UI display mode for installed PWAs";
const char kQuicName[] = "Experimental QUIC protocol";
const char kQuicDescription[] = "Enable experimental QUIC protocol support.";
const char kReducedReferrerGranularityName[] =
"Reduce default 'referer' header granularity.";
const char kReducedReferrerGranularityDescription[] =
"If a page hasn't set an explicit referrer policy, setting this flag will "
"reduce the amount of information in the 'referer' header for cross-origin "
const char kRequestTabletSiteName[] =
"Request tablet site option in the settings menu";
const char kRequestTabletSiteDescription[] =
"Allows the user to request tablet site. Web content is often optimized "
"for tablet devices. When this option is selected the user agent string is "
"changed to indicate a tablet device. Web content optimized for tablets is "
"received there after for the current tab.";
const char kResetAppListInstallStateName[] =
"Reset the App Launcher install state on every restart.";
const char kResetAppListInstallStateDescription[] =
"Reset the App Launcher install state on every restart. While this flag is "
"set, Chrome will forget the launcher has been installed each time it "
"starts. This is used for testing the App Launcher install flow.";
const char kResourceLoadSchedulerName[] = "Use the resource load scheduler";
const char kResourceLoadSchedulerDescription[] =
"Uses the resource load scheduler in blink to schedule and throttle "
"resource load requests.";
const char kSafeSearchUrlReportingName[] = "SafeSearch URLs reporting.";
const char kSafeSearchUrlReportingDescription[] =
"If enabled, inappropriate URLs can be reported back to SafeSearch.";
const char kSaveasMenuLabelExperimentName[] =
"Switch 'Save as' menu labels to 'Download'";
const char kSaveasMenuLabelExperimentDescription[] =
"Enables an experiment to switch menu labels that use 'Save as...' to "
const char kSavePageAsMhtmlName[] = "Save Page as MHTML";
const char kSavePageAsMhtmlDescription[] =
"Enables saving pages as MHTML: a single text file containing HTML and all "
const char kScrollPredictionName[] = "Scroll prediction";
const char kScrollPredictionDescription[] =
"Predicts the finger's future position during scrolls allowing time to "
"render the frame before the finger is there.";
const char kSecondaryUiMd[] =
"Material Design in the rest of the browser's native UI";
const char kSecondaryUiMdDescription[] =
"Extends the --top-chrome-md setting to secondary UI (bubbles, dialogs, "
"etc.). On Mac, this enables MacViews, which uses toolkit-views for native "
"browser dialogs.";
const char kServiceWorkerNavigationPreloadName[] =
"Service worker navigation preload.";
const char kServiceWorkerNavigationPreloadDescription[] =
"Enable web pages to use the experimental service worker navigation "
"preload API.";
const char kServiceWorkerScriptStreamingName[] =
"Service worker script streaming.";
const char kServiceWorkerScriptStreamingDescription[] =
"Installed scripts for a service worker are sent over a dedicated "
"message pipe and data pipes, and that is never be blocked on the main "
const char kSettingsWindowName[] = "Show settings in a window";
const char kSettingsWindowDescription[] =
"Settings will be shown in a dedicated window instead of as a browser tab.";
const char kShowAutofillSignaturesName[] = "Show autofill signatures.";
const char kShowAutofillSignaturesDescription[] =
"Annotates web forms with Autofill signatures as HTML attributes.";
const char kShowAutofillTypePredictionsName[] = "Show Autofill predictions";
const char kShowAutofillTypePredictionsDescription[] =
"Annotates web forms with Autofill field type predictions as placeholder "
const char kShowOverdrawFeedbackName[] = "Show overdraw feedback";
const char kShowOverdrawFeedbackDescription[] =
"Visualize overdraw by color-coding elements based on if they have other "
"elements drawn underneath.";
const char kShowSavedCopyName[] = "Show Saved Copy Button";
const char kShowSavedCopyDescription[] =
"When a page fails to load, if a stale copy of the page exists in the "
"browser cache, a button will be presented to allow the user to load that "
"stale copy. The primary enabling choice puts the button in the most "
"salient position on the error page; the secondary enabling choice puts it "
"secondary to the reload button.";
const char kEnableShowSavedCopyPrimary[] = "Enable: Primary";
const char kEnableShowSavedCopySecondary[] = "Enable: Secondary";
const char kDisableShowSavedCopy[] = "Disable";
const char kShowTouchHudName[] = "Show HUD for touch points";
const char kShowTouchHudDescription[] =
"Enables a heads-up display at the top-left corner of the screen that "
"lists information about the touch-points on the screen.";
const char kSilentDebuggerExtensionApiName[] = "Silent Debugging";
const char kSilentDebuggerExtensionApiDescription[] =
"Do not show the infobar when an extension attaches to a page via "
"chrome.debugger API. This is required to debug extension background "
const char kSimpleCacheBackendName[] = "Simple Cache for HTTP";
const char kSimpleCacheBackendDescription[] =
"The Simple Cache for HTTP is a new cache. It relies on the filesystem for "
"disk space allocation.";
const char kSimplifiedFullscreenUiName[] =
"Simplified full screen / mouse lock UI.";
const char kSimplifiedFullscreenUiDescription[] =
"A simplified new user experience when entering page-triggered full screen "
"or mouse pointer lock states.";
const char kSingleClickAutofillName[] = "Single-click autofill";
const char kSingleClickAutofillDescription[] =
"Make autofill suggestions on initial mouse click on a form element.";
const char kSiteDetails[] = "Site Details";
const char kSiteDetailsDescription[] =
"Adds UI in MD Settings to view all content settings for a specific "
const char kSitePerProcessName[] = "Strict site isolation";
const char kSitePerProcessDescription[] =
"Highly experimental security mode that ensures each renderer process "
"contains pages from at most one site. In this mode, out-of-process "
"iframes will be used whenever an iframe is cross-site.";
const char kSiteSettings[] = "Site settings with All sites and Site details";
const char kSiteSettingsDescription[] =
"Adds new ways of viewing Site settings.";
const char kSlimmingPaintInvalidationName[] = "Slimming paint invalidation.";
const char kSlimmingPaintInvalidationDescription[] =
"Whether to enable a new paint invalidation system.";
const char kSmoothScrollingName[] = "Smooth Scrolling";
const char kSmoothScrollingDescription[] =
"Animate smoothly when scrolling page content.";
const char kSoftwareRasterizerName[] = "3D software rasterizer";
const char kSoftwareRasterizerDescription[] =
"Fall back to a 3D software rasterizer when the GPU cannot be used.";
const char kSpeculativePrefetchName[] = "Speculative Prefetch";
const char kSpeculativePrefetchDescription[] =
R"*("Speculative Prefetch" fetches likely resources early to improve )*"
R"*(load times, based on a local database (see chrome://predictors). )*"
R"*("Learning" means that only the database construction is enabled, )*"
R"*("Prefetching" that learning and prefetching are enabled.)*";
const char kSpeculativeServiceWorkerStartOnQueryInputName[] =
"Enable speculative start of a service worker when a search is predicted.";
const char kSpeculativeServiceWorkerStartOnQueryInputDescription[] =
"If enabled, when the user enters text in the omnibox that looks like a "
"a query, any service worker associated with the search engine the query "
"will be sent to is started early.";
const char kSpellingFeedbackFieldTrialName[] = "Spelling Feedback Field Trial";
const char kSpellingFeedbackFieldTrialDescription[] =
"Enable the field trial for sending user feedback to spelling service.";
const char kSuggestionsWithSubStringMatchName[] =
"Substring matching for Autofill suggestions";
const char kSuggestionsWithSubStringMatchDescription[] =
"Match Autofill suggestions based on substrings (token prefixes) rather "
"than just prefixes.";
const char kSupervisedUserManagedBookmarksFolderName[] =
"Managed bookmarks for supervised users";
const char kSupervisedUserManagedBookmarksFolderDescription[] =
"Enable the managed bookmarks folder for supervised users.";
const char kSyncAppListName[] = "App Launcher sync";
const char kSyncAppListDescription[] =
"Enable App Launcher sync. This also enables Folders where available (non "
const char kSyncSandboxName[] = "Use Chrome Sync sandbox";
const char kSyncSandboxDescription[] =
"Connects to the testing server for Chrome Sync.";
const char kTabAudioMutingName[] = "Tab audio muting UI control";
const char kTabAudioMutingDescription[] =
"When enabled, the audio indicators in the tab strip double as tab audio "
"mute controls. This also adds commands in the tab context menu for "
"quickly muting multiple selected tabs.";
const char kTcpFastOpenName[] = "TCP Fast Open";
const char kTcpFastOpenDescription[] =
"Enable the option to send extra authentication information in the initial "
"SYN packet for a previously connected client, allowing faster data send "
const char kTopChromeMd[] = "UI Layout for the browser's top chrome";
const char kTopChromeMdDescription[] =
R"*(Toggles between normal and touch (formerly "hybrid") layouts.)*";
const char kTopChromeMdMaterial[] = "Normal";
const char kTopChromeMdMaterialHybrid[] = "Touch";
const char kThreadedScrollingName[] = "Threaded scrolling";
const char kThreadedScrollingDescription[] =
"Threaded handling of scroll-related input events. Disabling this will "
"force all such scroll events to be handled on the main thread. Note that "
"this can dramatically hurt scrolling performance of most websites and is "
"intended for testing purposes only.";
const char kTLS13VariantName[] = "TLS 1.3";
const char kTLS13VariantDescription[] = "Sets the TLS 1.3 variant used.";
const char kTLS13VariantDisabled[] = "Disabled";
const char kTLS13VariantDraft[] = "Enabled (Draft)";
const char kTLS13VariantExperiment[] = "Enabled (Experiment)";
const char kTLS13VariantRecordTypeExperiment[] =
"Enabled (Record Type Experiment)";
const char kTLS13VariantNoSessionIDExperiment[] =
"Enabled (No Session ID Experiment)";
const char kTopDocumentIsolationName[] = "Top document isolation";
const char kTopDocumentIsolationDescription[] =
"Highly experimental performance mode where cross-site iframes are kept in "
"a separate process from the top document. In this mode, iframes from "
"different third-party sites will be allowed to share a process.";
const char kTouchAdjustmentName[] = "Touch adjustment";
const char kTouchAdjustmentDescription[] =
"Refine the position of a touch gesture in order to compensate for touches "
"having poor resolution compared to a mouse.";
const char kTouchDragDropName[] = "Touch initiated drag and drop";
const char kTouchDragDropDescription[] =
"Touch drag and drop can be initiated through long press on a draggable "
const char kTouchEventsName[] = "Touch Events API";
const char kTouchEventsDescription[] =
"Force Touch Events API feature detection to always be enabled or "
"disabled, or to be enabled when a touchscreen is detected on startup "
"(Automatic, the default).";
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyName[] = "Touch text selection strategy";
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyDescription[] =
"Controls how text selection granularity changes when touch text selection "
"handles are dragged. Non-default behavior is experimental.";
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyCharacter[] = "Character";
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyDirection[] = "Direction";
const char kTraceUploadUrlName[] = "Trace label for navigation tracing";
const char kTraceUploadUrlDescription[] =
"This is to be used in conjunction with the enable-navigation-tracing "
"flag. Please select the label that best describes the recorded traces. "
"This will choose the destination the traces are uploaded to. If you are "
"not sure, select other. If left empty, no traces will be uploaded.";
const char kTraceUploadUrlChoiceOther[] = "Other";
const char kTraceUploadUrlChoiceEmloading[] = "emloading";
const char kTraceUploadUrlChoiceQa[] = "QA";
const char kTraceUploadUrlChoiceTesting[] = "Testing";
const char kTranslate2016q2UiName[] = "Translate 2016Q2 UI";
const char kTranslate2016q2UiDescription[] =
"Improved triggering logic and look for Translate Bubble UI";
const char kTranslateLanguageByUlpName[] = "Translate Language by ULP";
const char kTranslateLanguageByUlpDescription[] =
"Improved translate target language and triggering logic by considering "
"information from User Language Profile (ULP).";
const char kTrySupportedChannelLayoutsName[] =
"Causes audio output streams to check if channel layouts other than the "
"default hardware layout are available.";
const char kTrySupportedChannelLayoutsDescription[] =
"Causes audio output streams to check if channel layouts other than the "
"default hardware layout are available. Turning this on will allow the OS "
"to do stereo to surround expansion if supported. May expose third party "
"driver bugs, use with caution.";
const char kUiPartialSwapName[] = "Partial swap";
const char kUiPartialSwapDescription[] = "Sets partial swap behavior.";
const char kUserConsentForExtensionScriptsName[] =
"User consent for extension scripts";
const char kUserConsentForExtensionScriptsDescription[] =
"Require user consent for an extension running a script on the page, if "
"the extension requested permission to run on all urls.";
const char kUseSuggestionsEvenIfFewFeatureName[] =
"Disable minimum for server-side tile suggestions on NTP.";
const char kUseSuggestionsEvenIfFewFeatureDescription[] =
"Request server-side suggestions even if there are only very few of them "
"and use them for tiles on the New Tab Page.";
const char kV8CacheOptionsName[] = "V8 caching mode.";
const char kV8CacheOptionsDescription[] =
"Caching mode for the V8 JavaScript engine.";
const char kV8CacheOptionsParse[] = "Cache V8 parser data.";
const char kV8CacheOptionsCode[] = "Cache V8 compiler data.";
const char kV8CacheStrategiesForCacheStorageName[] =
"V8 caching strategy for CacheStorage.";
const char kV8CacheStrategiesForCacheStorageDescription[] =
"Caching strategy of scripts in CacheStorage for the V8 JavaScript engine.";
const char kV8CacheStrategiesForCacheStorageNormal[] = "Normal";
const char kV8CacheStrategiesForCacheStorageAggressive[] = "Aggressive";
const char kVibrateRequiresUserGestureName[] =
"Requiring user gesture for the Vibration API";
const char kVibrateRequiresUserGestureDescription[] =
"Block the Vibration API if no user gesture has been received on the frame "
"or any embedded frame.";
const char kVideoFullscreenOrientationLockName[] =
"Lock screen orientation when playing a video fullscreen.";
const char kVideoFullscreenOrientationLockDescription[] =
"Lock the screen orientation of the device to match video orientation when "
"a video goes fullscreen. Only on phones.";
const char kVideoRotateToFullscreenName[] =
"Rotate-to-fullscreen gesture for videos.";
const char kVideoRotateToFullscreenDescription[] =
"Enter/exit fullscreen when device is rotated to/from the orientation of "
"the video. Only on phones.";
const char kWalletServiceUseSandboxName[] =
"Use Google Payments sandbox servers";
const char kWalletServiceUseSandboxDescription[] =
"For developers: use the sandbox service for Google Payments API calls.";
const char kWebgl2Name[] = "WebGL 2.0";
const char kWebgl2Description[] = "Allow web applications to access WebGL 2.0.";
const char kWebglDraftExtensionsName[] = "WebGL Draft Extensions";
const char kWebglDraftExtensionsDescription[] =
"Enabling this option allows web applications to access the WebGL "
"Extensions that are still in draft status.";
const char kWebMidiName[] = "Web MIDI API";
const char kWebMidiDescription[] = "Enable Web MIDI API experimental support.";
const char kWebPaymentsName[] = "Web Payments";
const char kWebPaymentsDescription[] =
"Enable Web Payments API integration, a JavaScript API for merchants.";
const char kWebPaymentsModifiersName[] = "Enable web payment modifiers";
const char kWebPaymentsModifiersDescription[] =
"If the website provides modifiers in the payment request, show the custom "
"total for each payment instrument, update the shopping cart when "
"instruments are switched, and send modified payment method specific data "
"to the payment app.";
const char kWebrtcEchoCanceller3Name[] = "WebRTC Echo Canceller 3.";
const char kWebrtcEchoCanceller3Description[] =
"Experimental WebRTC echo canceller (AEC3).";
const char kWebrtcHwDecodingName[] = "WebRTC hardware video decoding";
const char kWebrtcHwDecodingDescription[] =
"Support in WebRTC for decoding video streams using platform hardware.";
const char kWebrtcHwEncodingName[] = "WebRTC hardware video encoding";
const char kWebrtcHwEncodingDescription[] =
"Support in WebRTC for encoding video streams using platform hardware.";
const char kWebrtcHwH264EncodingName[] = "WebRTC hardware h264 video encoding";
const char kWebrtcHwH264EncodingDescription[] =
"Support in WebRTC for encoding h264 video streams using platform "
const char kWebrtcHwVP8EncodingName[] = "WebRTC hardware vp8 video encoding";
const char kWebrtcHwVP8EncodingDescription[] =
"Support in WebRTC for encoding vp8 video streams using platform hardware.";
const char kWebrtcSrtpAesGcmName[] =
"Negotiation with GCM cipher suites for SRTP in WebRTC";
const char kWebrtcSrtpAesGcmDescription[] =
"When enabled, WebRTC will try to negotiate GCM cipher suites for SRTP.";
const char kWebrtcStunOriginName[] = "WebRTC Stun origin header";
const char kWebrtcStunOriginDescription[] =
"When enabled, Stun messages generated by WebRTC will contain the Origin "
const char kWebvrName[] = "WebVR";
const char kWebvrDescription[] =
"Enabling this option allows web applications to access experimental "
"Virtual Reality APIs.";
const char kWifiCredentialSyncName[] = "WiFi credential sync";
const char kWifiCredentialSyncDescription[] =
"Enables synchronizing WiFi network settings across devices. When enabled, "
"the WiFi credential datatype is registered with Chrome Sync, and WiFi "
"credentials are synchronized subject to user preferences. (See also, "
const char kZeroCopyName[] = "Zero-copy rasterizer";
const char kZeroCopyDescription[] =
"Raster threads write directly to GPU memory associated with tiles.";
// Android ---------------------------------------------------------------------
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
const char kAiaFetchingName[] = "Intermediate Certificate Fetching";
const char kAiaFetchingDescription[] =
"Enable intermediate certificate fetching when a server does not provide "
"sufficient certificates to build a chain to a trusted root.";
const char kAccessibilityTabSwitcherName[] = "Accessibility Tab Switcher";
const char kAccessibilityTabSwitcherDescription[] =
"Enable the accessibility tab switcher for Android.";
const char kAndroidAutofillAccessibilityName[] = "Autofill Accessibility";
const char kAndroidAutofillAccessibilityDescription[] =
"Enable accessibility for autofill popup.";
const char kAndroidPaymentAppsName[] = "Android payment apps";
const char kAndroidPaymentAppsDescription[] =
"Enable third party Android apps to integrate as payment apps";
const char kAndroidSigninPromosName[] = "Signin promos for Android.";
const char kAndroidSigninPromosDescription[] =
"New signin promos for Android which will be displayed in content "
"suggestions, Settings, Bookmarks and Recent Tabs.";
const char kAndroidViewPasswordsName[] = "Copy and view passwords for Android";
const char kAndroidViewPasswordsDescription[] =
"Enables copying and viewing passwords in settings.";
const char kAutofillAccessoryViewName[] =
"Autofill suggestions as keyboard accessory view";
const char kAutofillAccessoryViewDescription[] =
"Shows Autofill suggestions on top of the keyboard rather than in a "
const char kBackgroundLoaderForDownloadsName[] =
"Enables background downloading of pages.";
const char kBackgroundLoaderForDownloadsDescription[] =
"Enables downloading pages in the background in case page is not yet "
"loaded in current tab.";
const char kChromeHomeExpandButtonName[] = "Chrome Home Expand Button";
const char kChromeHomeExpandButtonDescription[] =
"Enables the expand button for Chrome Home.";
const char kChromeHomeModernLayoutName[] = "Modern layout for Chrome Home.";
const char kChromeHomeModernLayoutDescription[] =
"Enables the modern layout for Chrome Home.";
const char kChromeHomeSwipeLogicName[] = "Chrome Home Swipe Logic";
const char kChromeHomeSwipeLogicDescription[] =
"Various swipe logic options for Chrome Home for sheet expansion.";
const char kChromeHomeSwipeLogicRestrictArea[] = "Restrict swipable area";
const char kChromeHomeSwipeLogicButtonOnly[] = "Swipe on expand button";
const char kChromeHomeName[] = "Chrome Home";
const char kChromeHomeDescription[] =
"Enables Chrome Home on Android. You must restart the browser"
" twice for changes to take effect.";
const char kContentSuggestionsCategoryOrderName[] =
"Default content suggestions category order (e.g. on NTP)";
const char kContentSuggestionsCategoryOrderDescription[] =
"Set default order of content suggestion categories (e.g. on the NTP).";
const char kContentSuggestionsCategoryRankerName[] =
"Content suggestions category ranker (e.g. on NTP)";
const char kContentSuggestionsCategoryRankerDescription[] =
"Set category ranker to order categories of content suggestions (e.g. on "
"the NTP).";
const char kContextualSearchContextualCardsBarIntegration[] =
"Contextual Search - Contextual Cards Integration";
const char kContextualSearchContextualCardsBarIntegrationDescription[] =
"Whether or not integration of Contextual Cards data in the Contextual "
"Search Bar is enabled.";
const char kContextualSearchSingleActionsName[] =
"Contextual Search - Single Actions";
const char kContextualSearchSingleActionsDescription[] =
"Whether or not single actions using Contextual Cards data in the "
"Contextual Search Bar is enabled.";
const char kContextualSearchUrlActionsName[] =
"Contextual Search - URL Actions";
const char kContextualSearchUrlActionsDescription[] =
"Whether or not URL actions using Contextual Cards data in the Contextual "
"Search Bar is enabled.";
const char kContextualSearchName[] = "Contextual Search";
const char kContextualSearchDescription[] =
"Whether or not Contextual Search is enabled.";
const char kDontPrefetchLibrariesName[] = "Don't Prefetch Libraries";
const char kDontPrefetchLibrariesDescription[] =
"Don't prefetch libraries after loading.";
const char kEnableAndroidPayIntegrationV1Name[] = "Enable Android Pay v1";
const char kEnableAndroidPayIntegrationV1Description[] =
"Enable integration with Android Pay using the first version of the API";
const char kEnableAndroidPayIntegrationV2Name[] = "Enable Android Pay v2";
const char kEnableAndroidPayIntegrationV2Description[] =
"Enable integration with Android Pay using the second version of the API";
const char kEnableAndroidSpellcheckerDescription[] =
"Enables use of the Android spellchecker.";
const char kEnableAndroidSpellcheckerName[] = "Enable spell checking";
const char kEnableConsistentOmniboxGeolocationName[] =
"Have consistent omnibox geolocation access.";
const char kEnableConsistentOmniboxGeolocationDescription[] =
"Have consistent geolocation access between the omnibox and default search "
const char kEnableContentSuggestionsNewFaviconServerName[] =
"Get favicons for content suggestions from a new server.";
const char kEnableContentSuggestionsNewFaviconServerDescription[] =
"If enabled, the content suggestions (on the NTP) will get favicons from a "
"new favicon server.";
const char kEnableContentSuggestionsLargeThumbnailName[] =
"Large thumbnails layout for content suggestions cards.";
const char kEnableContentSuggestionsLargeThumbnailDescription[] =
"If enabled, the content suggestions cards will use large thumbnails and "
"some related adjustments.";
const char kEnableContentSuggestionsVideoOverlayName[] =
"Video icon overlay on thumbnails for content suggestions cards.";
const char kEnableContentSuggestionsVideoOverlayDescription[] =
"If enabled, the content suggestions cards for suggestions with a video "
"will show a video play icon overlay on the thumbnail.";
const char kEnableContentSuggestionsSettingsName[] =
"Show content suggestions settings.";
const char kEnableContentSuggestionsSettingsDescription[] =
"If enabled, the content suggestions settings will be available from the "
"main settings menu.";
const char kEnableContentSuggestionsShowSummaryName[] =
"Show content suggestions summaries.";
const char kEnableContentSuggestionsShowSummaryDescription[] =
"If enabled, the content suggestions summaries will be shown.";
const char kEnableCopylessPasteName[] = "App Indexing (Copyless Paste)";
const char kEnableCopylessPasteDescription[] =
"Provide suggestions for text input, based on your recent context. For "
"example, if you looked at a restaurant website and switched to the Maps "
"app, the keyboard would offer the name of that restaurant as a suggestion "
"to enter into the search bar. The data is indexed locally, and never sent "
"to the server. It's disabled in incognito mode.";
const char kEnableCustomContextMenuName[] = "Enable custom context menu";
const char kEnableCustomContextMenuDescription[] =
"Enables a new context menu when a link, image, or video is pressed within "
const char kEnableCustomFeedbackUiName[] = "Enable Custom Feedback UI";
const char kEnableCustomFeedbackUiDescription[] =
"Enables a custom feedback UI when submitting feedback through Google "
"Feedback. Works with Google Play Services v10.2+";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxyMainMenuName[] =
"Enable Data Saver main menu footer";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxyMainMenuDescription[] =
"Enables the Data Saver footer in the main menu";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxySiteBreakdownName[] =
"Data Saver Site Breakdown";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxySiteBreakdownDescription[] =
"Enable the site breakdown on the Data Saver settings page.";
const char kEnableOmniboxClipboardProviderName[] =
"Omnibox clipboard URL suggestions";
const char kEnableOmniboxClipboardProviderDescription[] =
"Provide a suggestion of the URL stored in the clipboard (if any) upon "
"focus in the omnibox.";
const char kEnableExpandedAutofillCreditCardPopupLayoutName[] =
"Use expanded autofill credit card popup layout.";
const char kEnableExpandedAutofillCreditCardPopupLayoutDescription[] =
"If enabled, displays autofill credit card popup using expanded layout.";
const char kEnableFaviconsFromWebManifestName[] =
"Load favicons from Web Manifests";
const char kEnableFaviconsFromWebManifestDescription[] =
"Fetch Web Manifests on page load to read favicons from them.";
const char kEnableNtpAssetDownloadSuggestionsName[] =
"Show asset downloads on the New Tab page";
const char kEnableNtpAssetDownloadSuggestionsDescription[] =
"If enabled, the list of content suggestions on the New Tab page will "
"contain assets (e.g. books, pictures, audio) that the user downloaded for "
"later use.";
const char kEnableNtpBookmarkSuggestionsName[] =
"Show recently visited bookmarks on the New Tab page";
const char kEnableNtpBookmarkSuggestionsDescription[] =
"If enabled, the list of content suggestions on the New Tab page will "
"contain recently visited bookmarks.";
const char kEnableNtpForeignSessionsSuggestionsName[] =
"Show recent foreign tabs on the New Tab page";
const char kEnableNtpForeignSessionsSuggestionsDescription[] =
"If enabled, the list of content suggestions on the New Tab page will "
"contain recent foreign tabs.";
const char kEnableNtpMostLikelyFaviconsFromServerName[] =
"Download favicons for NTP tiles from Google.";
const char kEnableNtpMostLikelyFaviconsFromServerDescription[] =
"If enabled, missing favicons for NTP tiles get downloaded from Google. "
"This only applies to tiles that originate from synced history.";
const char kNtpTilesLowerResolutionFaviconsName[] =
"Show also lower resolution favicons in NTP tiles.";
const char kNtpTilesLowerResolutionFaviconsDescription[] =
"If enabled, the size limit for a favicon to get displayed in an NTP tile "
"decreases. Tiles where the largest available favicon is below this limit "
"get displayed as colored tiles.";
const char kEnableNtpOfflinePageDownloadSuggestionsName[] =
"Show offline page downloads on the New Tab page";
const char kEnableNtpOfflinePageDownloadSuggestionsDescription[] =
"If enabled, the list of content suggestions on the New Tab page will "
"contain pages that the user downloaded for later use.";
const char kEnableNtpRemoteSuggestionsName[] =
"Show server-side suggestions on the New Tab page";
const char kEnableNtpRemoteSuggestionsDescription[] =
"If enabled, the list of content suggestions on the New Tab page will "
"contain server-side suggestions (e.g., Articles for you). Furthermore, it "
"allows to override the source used to retrieve these server-side "
const char kEnableNtpSnippetsVisibilityName[] =
"Make New Tab Page Snippets more visible.";
const char kEnableNtpSnippetsVisibilityDescription[] =
"If enabled, the NTP snippets will become more discoverable with a larger "
"portion of the first card above the fold.";
const char kEnableNtpSuggestionsNotificationsName[] =
"Notify about new content suggestions available at the New Tab page";
const char kEnableNtpSuggestionsNotificationsDescription[] =
"If enabled, notifications will inform about new content suggestions on "
"the New Tab page.";
const char kEnablePhysicalWebName[] = "Enable the Physical Web.";
const char kEnablePhysicalWebDescription[] =
"Enable scanning for URLs from Physical Web objects.";
const char kEnableOfflinePreviewsName[] = "Offline Page Previews";
const char kEnableOfflinePreviewsDescription[] =
"Enable showing offline page previews on slow networks.";
const char kEnableOskOverscrollName[] = "Enable OSK Overscroll";
const char kEnableOskOverscrollDescription[] =
"Enable OSK overscroll support. With this flag on, the OSK will only "
"resize the visual viewport.";
const char kEnableSpecialLocaleName[] =
"Enable custom logic for special locales.";
const char kEnableSpecialLocaleDescription[] =
"Enable custom logic for special locales. In this mode, Chrome might "
"behave differently in some locales.";
const char kEnableWebNfcName[] = "WebNFC";
const char kEnableWebNfcDescription[] = "Enable WebNFC support.";
const char kEnableWebPaymentsMethodSectionOrderV2Name[] =
"Enable Web Payments method section order V2.";
const char kEnableWebPaymentsMethodSectionOrderV2Description[] =
"Enable this option to display payment method section above address "
"section instead of below it.";
const char kEnableWebPaymentsSingleAppUiSkipName[] =
"Enable Web Payments single app UI skip";
const char kEnableWebPaymentsSingleAppUiSkipDescription[] =
"Enable Web Payments to skip showing its UI if the developer specifies a "
"single app.";
const char kHerbPrototypeChoicesName[] = "Switch preferred flavor of Herb";
const char kHerbPrototypeChoicesDescription[] =
"Switching this option changes which tab management prototype is being "
const char kHerbPrototypeFlavorElderberry[] =
"ELDERBERRY: All View Intents in CCT v2";
const char kKeepPrefetchedContentSuggestionsName[] =
"Keep prefetched content suggestions";
const char kKeepPrefetchedContentSuggestionsDescription[] =
"If enabled, some of prefetched content suggestions are not replaced by "
"the new fetched suggestions.";
const char kLsdPermissionPromptName[] =
"Location Settings Dialog Permission Prompt";
const char kLsdPermissionPromptDescription[] =
"Whether to use the Google Play Services Location Settings Dialog "
"permission dialog.";
const char kMediaDocumentDownloadButtonName[] =
"Download button when opening a page with media url.";
const char kMediaDocumentDownloadButtonDescription[] =
"Allow a download button to show up when opening a page with media url.";
const char kMediaScreenCaptureName[] = "Experimental ScreenCapture.";
const char kMediaScreenCaptureDescription[] =
"Enable this option for experimental ScreenCapture feature on Android.";
const char kModalPermissionPromptsName[] = "Modal Permission Prompts";
const char kModalPermissionPromptsDescription[] =
"Whether to use permission dialogs in place of permission infobars.";
const char kNewBackgroundLoaderName[] =
"Use background loader instead of prerenderer to load pages.";
const char kNewBackgroundLoaderDescription[] =
"Use background loader instead of prerenderer to asynchronously download "
const char kNewPhotoPickerName[] = "Enable new Photopicker";
const char kNewPhotoPickerDescription[] =
"Activates the new picker for selecting photos.";
const char kNoCreditCardAbort[] = "No Credit Card Abort";
const char kNoCreditCardAbortDescription[] =
"Whether or not the No Credit Card Abort is enabled.";
const char kNtpCondensedLayoutName[] = "Condensed NTP layout";
const char kNtpCondensedLayoutDescription[] =
"Show a condensed layout on the New Tab Page.";
const char kNtpCondensedTileLayoutName[] = "Condensed NTP tile layout";
const char kNtpCondensedTileLayoutDescription[] =
"Show a condensed tile layout on the New Tab Page.";
const char kSiteExplorationUiName[] = "Site Exploration UI";
const char kSiteExplorationUiDescription[] =
"Show site suggestions in the Exploration UI";
const char kNtpGoogleGInOmniboxName[] = "Google G in New Tab Page omnibox";
const char kNtpGoogleGInOmniboxDescription[] =
"Show a Google G in the omnibox on the New Tab Page.";
const char kNtpOfflinePagesName[] = "Enable NTP offline pages";
const char kNtpOfflinePagesDescription[] =
"Enables badging of offline pages on the New Tab page. Only relevant if "
"offline pages are enabled.";
const char kNtpPopularSitesName[] = "Show popular sites on the New Tab page";
const char kNtpPopularSitesDescription[] =
"Pre-populate the New Tab page with popular sites.";
const char kNtpSwitchToExistingTabName[] =
"Switch to an existing tab for New Tab Page suggestions.";
const char kNtpSwitchToExistingTabDescription[] =
"When opening a suggested webpage from the New Tab Page, if a tab is "
"already open for the suggestion, switch to that one instead of loading "
"the suggestion in the new tab.";
const char kNtpSwitchToExistingTabMatchUrl[] = "Match by URL";
const char kNtpSwitchToExistingTabMatchHost[] = "Match by Hostname";
const char kOfflineBookmarksName[] = "Enable offline bookmarks";
const char kOfflineBookmarksDescription[] =
"Enable saving bookmarked pages for offline viewing.";
const char kOfflinePagesAsyncDownloadName[] =
R"*(Enables showing "DOWNLOAD WHEN ONLINE" button in error pages.)*";
const char kOfflinePagesAsyncDownloadDescription[] =
R"*(Enables showing "DOWNLOAD WHEN ONLINE" button in error pages such )*"
R"*(that the user can click on it to download the page later.)*";
const char kOfflinePagesCtName[] = "Enable Offline Pages CT features.";
const char kOfflinePagesCtDescription[] = "Enable Offline Pages CT features.";
const char kOfflinePagesCtV2Name[] = "Enable Offline Pages CT V2 features.";
const char kOfflinePagesCtV2Description[] =
"V2 features include attributing pages to the app that initiated the "
"custom tabs, and being able to query for pages by page attribution.";
const char kOfflinePagesLoadSignalCollectingName[] =
"Enables collecting load timing data for offline page snapshots.";
const char kOfflinePagesLoadSignalCollectingDescription[] =
"Enables loading completeness data collection while writing an offline "
"page. This data is collected in the snapshotted offline page to allow "
"data analysis to improve deciding when to make the offline snapshot.";
const char kOfflinePagesPrefetchingName[] =
"Enables suggested offline pages to be prefetched.";
const char kOfflinePagesPrefetchingDescription[] =
"Enables suggested offline pages to be prefetched, so useful content is "
"available while offline.";
const char kOfflinePagesRenovationsName[] = "Enables offline page renovations.";
const char kOfflinePagesRenovationsDescription[] =
"Enables offline page renovations which correct issues with dynamic "
"content that occur when offlining pages that use JavaScript.";
const char kOfflinePagesSharingName[] = "Enables offline pages to be shared.";
const char kOfflinePagesSharingDescription[] =
"Enables the saved offline pages to be shared via other applications.";
const char kOfflinePagesSvelteConcurrentLoadingName[] =
"Enables concurrent background loading on svelte.";
const char kOfflinePagesSvelteConcurrentLoadingDescription[] =
"Enables concurrent background loading (or downloading) of pages on "
"Android svelte (512MB RAM) devices. Otherwise, background loading will "
"happen when the svelte device is idle.";
const char kOffliningRecentPagesName[] =
"Enable offlining of recently visited pages";
const char kOffliningRecentPagesDescription[] =
"Enable storing recently visited pages locally for offline use. Requires "
"Offline Pages to be enabled.";
extern const char kPayWithGoogleV1Name[] = "Pay with Google v1";
extern const char kPayWithGoogleV1Description[] =
"Enable Pay with Google integration into Web Payments with API version "
const char kProgressBarAnimationName[] =
"Android phone page loading progress bar animation";
const char kProgressBarAnimationDescription[] =
"Configures Android phone page loading progress bar animation.";
const char kProgressBarAnimationLinear[] = "Linear";
const char kProgressBarAnimationSmooth[] = "Smooth";
const char kProgressBarAnimationSmoothIndeterminate[] = "Smooth indeterminate";
const char kProgressBarAnimationFastStart[] = "Fast start";
const char kProgressBarCompletionName[] =
"Android phone page load progress bar completion time.";
const char kProgressBarCompletionDescription[] =
"Configures Android phone page loading progress bar completion time.";
const char kProgressBarCompletionLoadEvent[] =
R"*(Top loading frame's onload event ("everything" is done in the )*"
R"*(page, historical behavior).)*";
const char kProgressBarCompletionResourcesBeforeDcl[] =
"Main frame's domContentLoaded and all resources loads started before "
"domContentLoaded (iframes ignored).";
const char kProgressBarCompletionDomContentLoaded[] =
"Main frame's domContentLoaded (iframes ignored).";
const char kProgressBarCompletionResourcesBeforeDclAndSameOriginIframes[] =
"domContentLoaded and all resources loads started before domContentLoaded "
"(main frame and same origin iframes).";
const char kPullToRefreshEffectName[] = "The pull-to-refresh effect";
const char kPullToRefreshEffectDescription[] =
"Page reloads triggered by vertically overscrolling content.";
const char kPwaPersistentNotificationName[] =
"Persistent notification in standalone PWA";
const char kPwaPersistentNotificationDescription[] =
"Enables a persistent Android notification for standalone PWAs";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsName[] = "Reader Mode triggering";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsDescription[] =
"Determines what pages the Reader Mode infobar is shown on.";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsMarkup[] = "With article structured markup";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsAdaboost[] = "Non-mobile-friendly articles";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsAllArticles[] = "All articles";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsAlwaysOff[] = "Never";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsAlwaysOn[] = "Always";
const char kReaderModeInCCTName[] = "Reader Mode in CCT";
const char kReaderModeInCCTDescription[] =
"Open Reader Mode in Chrome Custom Tabs.";
const char kServiceWorkerPaymentAppsName[] = "Service Worker payment apps";
const char kServiceWorkerPaymentAppsDescription[] =
"Enable Service Worker applications to integrate as payment apps";
const char kSetMarketUrlForTestingName[] = "Set market URL for testing";
const char kSetMarketUrlForTestingDescription[] =
"When enabled, sets the market URL for use in testing the update menu "
const char kSpannableInlineAutocompleteName[] = "Spannable inline autocomplete";
const char kSpannableInlineAutocompleteDescription[] =
"A new type of inline autocomplete for the omnibox that works with "
"keyboards that compose text.";
const char kTabsInCbdName[] = "Enable tabs for the Clear Browsing Data dialog.";
const char kTabsInCbdDescription[] =
"Enables a basic and an advanced tab for the Clear Browsing Data dialog.";
const char kTranslateCompactUIName[] = "New Translate Infobar";
const char kTranslateCompactUIDescription[] =
"Enable the new Translate compact infobar UI.";
const char kUpdateMenuBadgeName[] = "Force show update menu badge";
const char kUpdateMenuBadgeDescription[] =
"When enabled, an update badge will be shown on the app menu button.";
const char kUpdateMenuItemCustomSummaryDescription[] =
"When this flag and the force show update menu item flag are enabled, a "
"custom summary string will be displayed below the update menu item.";
const char kUpdateMenuItemCustomSummaryName[] =
"Update menu item custom summary";
const char kUpdateMenuItemName[] = "Force show update menu item";
const char kUpdateMenuItemDescription[] =
R"*(When enabled, an "Update Chrome" item will be shown in the app )*"
const char kUseAndroidMidiApiName[] = "Use Android Midi API";
const char kUseAndroidMidiApiDescription[] =
"Use Android Midi API for WebMIDI (effective only with Android M+ "
const char kUseDdljsonApiName[] = "Use new ddljson API for Doodles";
const char kUseDdljsonApiDescription[] =
"Enables the new ddljson API to fetch Doodles for the NTP.";
const char kXGEOVisibleNetworksName[] = "Enable XGEO Visible Networks";
const char kXGEOVisibleNetworksDescription[] =
"If location permissions are granted, include visible networks in the XGEO "
"Header for omnibox queries. This will only happen if location is not "
"fresh or not available (for example, due to a cold start).";
// Non-Android -----------------------------------------------------------------
#else // !defined(OS_ANDROID)
const char kAccountConsistencyName[] =
"Identity consistency between browser and cookie jar";
const char kAccountConsistencyDescription[] =
"When enabled, the browser manages signing in and out of Google accounts.";
const char kAccountConsistencyChoiceMirror[] = "Mirror";
const char kAccountConsistencyChoiceDice[] = "Dice";
const char kEnableAudioFocusName[] = "Manage audio focus across tabs";
const char kEnableAudioFocusDescription[] =
"Manage audio focus across tabs to improve the audio mixing.";
const char kEnableAudioFocusDisabled[] = "Disabled";
const char kEnableAudioFocusEnabled[] = "Enabled";
const char kEnableAudioFocusEnabledDuckFlash[] =
"Enabled (Flash lowers volume when interrupted by other sound, "
const char kEnableNewAppMenuIconName[] = "Enable the New App Menu Icon";
const char kEnableNewAppMenuIconDescription[] =
"Use the new app menu icon with update notification animations.";
const char kOmniboxEntitySuggestionsName[] = "Omnibox entity suggestions";
const char kOmniboxEntitySuggestionsDescription[] =
"Enable receiving entity suggestions - disambiguation descriptions - for "
"Omnibox suggestions.";
const char kOmniboxTailSuggestionsName[] = "Omnibox tail suggestions";
const char kOmniboxTailSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Enable receiving tail suggestions, a type of search suggestion based on "
"the last few words in the query, for the Omnibox.";
const char kOneGoogleBarOnLocalNtpName[] =
"Enable the OneGoogleBar on the local NTP";
const char kOneGoogleBarOnLocalNtpDescription[] =
"Show a OneGoogleBar on the local New Tab page if Google is the default "
"search engine.";
const char kPauseBackgroundTabsName[] = "Pause background tabs";
const char kPauseBackgroundTabsDescription[] =
"Pause timers in background tabs after 5 minutes on desktop.";
const char kUseGoogleLocalNtpName[] = "Enable using the Google local NTP";
const char kUseGoogleLocalNtpDescription[] =
"Use the local New Tab page if Google is the default search engine.";
const char kVoiceSearchOnLocalNtpName[] =
"Enable Voice Search on the local NTP";
const char kVoiceSearchOnLocalNtpDescription[] =
"Show a microphone for voice search on the local New Tab page "
"if Google is the default search engine.";
const char kGoogleBrandedContextMenuName[] =
"Google branding in the context menu";
const char kGoogleBrandedContextMenuDescription[] =
"Shows a Google icon next to context menu items powered by Google "
#endif // !defined(GOOGLE_CHROME_BUILD)
#endif // !defined(OS_ANDROID)
// Windows ---------------------------------------------------------------------
#if defined(OS_WIN)
const char kCloudPrintXpsName[] = "XPS in Google Cloud Print";
const char kCloudPrintXpsDescription[] =
"XPS enables advanced options for classic printers connected to the Cloud "
"Print with Chrome. Printers must be re-connected after changing this "
const char kDisablePostscriptPrinting[] = "Disable PostScript Printing";
const char kDisablePostscriptPrintingDescription[] =
"Disables PostScript generation when printing to PostScript capable "
"printers, and uses EMF generation in its place.";
const char kEnableAppcontainerName[] = "Enable AppContainer Lockdown.";
const char kEnableAppcontainerDescription[] =
"Enables the use of an AppContainer on sandboxed processes to improve "
const char kEnableD3DVsync[] = "D3D v-sync";
const char kEnableD3DVsyncDescription[] =
"Produces v-sync signal by having D3D wait for vertical blanking interval "
"to occur.";
const char kEnableDesktopIosPromotionsName[] = "Desktop to iOS promotions.";
const char kEnableDesktopIosPromotionsDescription[] =
"Enable Desktop to iOS promotions, and allow users to see them if they are "
const char kGdiTextPrinting[] = "GDI Text Printing";
const char kGdiTextPrintingDescription[] =
"Use GDI to print text as simply text";
const char kMergeKeyCharEventsName[] =
"Enable or disable merging merging the key event (WM_KEY*) with char event "
const char kMergeKeyCharEventsDescription[] =
"If disabled, Chrome will handle WM_KEY* and WM_CHAR separately.";
const char kTraceExportEventsToEtwName[] =
"Enable exporting of tracing events to ETW.";
const char kTraceExportEventsToEtwDesription[] =
"If enabled, trace events will be exported to the Event Tracing for "
"Windows (ETW) and can then be captured by tools such as UIForETW or "
const char kUseWinrtMidiApiName[] = "Use Windows Runtime MIDI API";
const char kUseWinrtMidiApiDescription[] =
"Use Windows Runtime MIDI API for WebMIDI (effective only on Windows 10 or "
const char kWindows10CustomTitlebarName[] = "Custom-drawn Windows 10 Titlebar";
const char kWindows10CustomTitlebarDescription[] =
"If enabled, Chrome will draw the titlebar and caption buttons instead of "
"deferring to Windows.";
#endif // defined(OS_WIN)
// Mac -------------------------------------------------------------------------
#if defined(OS_MACOSX)
const char kAppInfoDialogName[] = "Toolkit-Views App Info Dialog.";
const char kAppInfoDialogDescription[] =
"Makes the Toolkit-Views based App Info dialog accessible from "
"chrome://apps or chrome://extensions in place of the native extension "
"permissions dialog, or the details link (which is a link to the Web "
const char kAppWindowCyclingName[] = "Custom Window Cycling for Chrome Apps.";
const char kAppWindowCyclingDescription[] =
"Changes the behavior of Cmd+` when a Chrome App becomes active. When "
"enabled, Chrome Apps will not be cycled when Cmd+` is pressed from a "
"browser window, and browser windows will not be cycled when a Chrome App "
"is active.";
extern const char kCreditCardAutofillTouchBarName[] =
"Credit Card Autofill Touch Bar";
extern const char kCreditCardAutofillTouchBarDescription[] =
"Shows Credit Card Autofill Suggestions on the Touch Bar.";
const char kFullscreenToolbarRevealName[] =
"Enables the toolbar in fullscreen to reveal itself.";
const char kFullscreenToolbarRevealDescription[] =
"Reveal the toolbar in fullscreen for a short period when the tab strip "
"has changed.";
const char kContentFullscreenName[] = "Improved Content Fullscreen";
const char kContentFullscreenDescription[] =
"Fullscreen content window detaches from main browser window and goes to "
"a new space without moving or changing the original browser window.";
extern const char kDialogTouchBarName[] = "Dialog Touch Bar";
extern const char kDialogTouchBarDescription[] =
"Shows Dialog buttons on the Touch Bar.";
const char kHostedAppsInWindowsName[] =
"Allow hosted apps to be opened in windows";
const char kHostedAppsInWindowsDescription[] =
"Allows hosted apps to be opened in windows instead of being limited to "
extern const char kMacRTLName[] = "Enable RTL";
extern const char kMacRTLDescription[] =
"Mirrors the UI for RTL language users";
extern const char kMacTouchBarName[] = "Hardware Touch Bar";
extern const char kMacTouchBarDescription[] =
"Control the use of the Touch Bar.";
const char kMacV2SandboxName[] = "Mac V2 Sandbox";
const char kMacV2SandboxDescription[] =
"Eliminates the unsandboxed warmup phase and sandboxes processes for their "
"entire life cycle.";
const char kMacViewsNativeAppWindowsName[] = "Toolkit-Views App Windows.";
const char kMacViewsNativeAppWindowsDescription[] =
"Controls whether to use Toolkit-Views based Chrome App windows.";
const char kMacViewsTaskManagerName[] = "Toolkit-Views Task Manager.";
const char kMacViewsTaskManagerDescription[] =
"Controls whether to use the Toolkit-Views based Task Manager.";
const char kTabDetachingInFullscreenName[] =
"Allow tab detaching in fullscreen";
const char kTabDetachingInFullscreenDescription[] =
"Allow tabs to detach from the tabstrip when in fullscreen mode on Mac.";
const char kTabStripKeyboardFocusName[] = "Tab Strip Keyboard Focus";
const char kTabStripKeyboardFocusDescription[] =
"Enable keyboard focus for the tabs in the tab strip.";
const char kTranslateNewUxName[] = "New Translate UX";
const char kTranslateNewUxDescription[] =
"Enable the new Translate bubble UX is offered instead of the infobar.";
// Non-Mac ---------------------------------------------------------------------
#else // !defined(OS_MACOSX)
const char kPermissionPromptPersistenceToggleName[] =
"Persistence Toggle in Permission Prompts";
const char kPermissionPromptPersistenceToggleDescription[] =
"Whether to display a persistence toggle in permission prompts.";
// Chrome OS -------------------------------------------------------------------
#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
const char kAcceleratedMjpegDecodeName[] =
"Hardware-accelerated mjpeg decode for captured frame";
const char kAcceleratedMjpegDecodeDescription[] =
"Enable hardware-accelerated mjpeg decode for captured frame where "
const char kAllowTouchpadThreeFingerClickName[] = "Touchpad three-finger-click";
const char kAllowTouchpadThreeFingerClickDescription[] =
"Enables touchpad three-finger-click as middle button.";
const char kArcBootCompleted[] = "Load Android apps automatically";
const char kArcBootCompletedDescription[] =
"Allow Android apps to start automatically after signing in.";
const char kAshEnableUnifiedDesktopName[] = "Unified desktop mode";
const char kAshEnableUnifiedDesktopDescription[] =
"Enable unified desktop mode which allows a window to span multiple "
const char kBootAnimationName[] = "Boot animation";
const char kBootAnimationDescription[] =
"Wallpaper boot animation (except for OOBE case).";
const char kCaptivePortalBypassProxyName[] =
"Bypass proxy for Captive Portal Authorization";
const char kCaptivePortalBypassProxyDescription[] =
"If proxy is configured, it usually prevents from authorization on "
"different captive portals. This enables opening captive portal "
"authorization dialog in a separate window, which ignores proxy settings.";
const char kCrOSComponentName[] = "Chrome OS Component";
const char kCrOSComponentDescription[] =
"Enable the use of componentized escpr CUPS filter.";
const char kCrosRegionsModeName[] = "Cros-regions load mode";
const char kCrosRegionsModeDescription[] =
"This flag controls cros-regions load mode";
const char kCrosRegionsModeDefault[] = "Default";
const char kCrosRegionsModeOverride[] = "Override VPD values.";
const char kCrosRegionsModeHide[] = "Hide VPD values.";
const char kDisableNewVirtualKeyboardBehaviorName[] =
"New window behavior for the accessibility keyboard";
const char kDisableNewVirtualKeyboardBehaviorDescription[] =
"Disable new window behavior for the accessibility keyboard in non-sticky "
"mode (do not change work area in non-sticky mode).";
const char kEnablePerUserTimezoneName[] = "Per-user time zone preferences.";
const char kEnablePerUserTimezoneDescription[] =
"Chrome OS system timezone preference is stored and handled for each user "
const char kDisableSystemTimezoneAutomaticDetectionName[] =
"SystemTimezoneAutomaticDetection policy support";
const char kDisableSystemTimezoneAutomaticDetectionDescription[] =
"Disable system timezone automatic detection device policy.";
const char kDisplayColorCalibrationName[] = "Color calibration of the display";
const char kDisplayColorCalibrationDescription[] =
"Allow color calibration of the display if the display supports the "
const char kEnableFullscreenAppListName[] = "Enable The Peeking Launcher";
const char kEnableFullscreenAppListDescription[] =
"The peeking launcher UI supports touch and provides more space for "
"upcoming features.";
extern const char kEnableBackgroundBlurName[] = "Enable background blur.";
extern const char kEnableBackgroundBlurDescription[] =
"Enables background blur for the Peeking Launcher, Lock Screen, and Tab "
const char kEnableAndroidWallpapersAppName[] = "Android Wallpapers App";
const char kEnableAndroidWallpapersAppDescription[] =
"Enables the Android Wallpapers App as the default Wallpaper App on Chrome "
const char kEnableChromevoxArcSupportName[] = "ChromeVox ARC support";
const char kEnableChromevoxArcSupportDescription[] =
"Enable ChromeVox screen reader features in ARC";
const char kEnableEhvInputName[] =
"Emoji, handwriting and voice input on opt-in IME menu";
const char kEnableEhvInputDescription[] =
"Enable access to emoji, handwriting and voice input form opt-in IME menu.";
const char kEnableEncryptionMigrationName[] =
"Enable encryption migration of user data";
const char kEnableEncryptionMigrationDescription[] =
"If enabled and the device supports ARC, the user will be asked to update "
"the encryption of user data when the user signs in.";
const char kEnableImeMenuName[] = "Enable opt-in IME menu";
const char kEnableImeMenuDescription[] =
"Enable access to the new IME menu in the Language Settings page.";
const char kEnableLockScreenAppsName[] = "Enable lock screen note taking";
const char kEnableLockScreenAppsDescription[] =
"Enable new-note action handler apps on the lock screen. The user will be "
"able to launch the preferred note-taking action from the lock screen, "
"provided that the app supports lock screen note taking.";
const char kEnableZipArchiverOnFileManagerName[] = "ZIP archiver for Drive";
const char kEnableZipArchiverOnFileManagerDescription[] =
"Enable the ability to archive and unpack files on Drive in the Files app";
const char kEolNotificationName[] = "Disable Device End of Life notification.";
const char kEolNotificationDescription[] =
"Disable Notifcation when Device is End of Life.";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityFeaturesName[] =
"Experimental accessibility features";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enable additional accessibility features in the Settings page.";
const char kExperimentalInputViewFeaturesName[] =
"Experimental input view features";
const char kExperimentalInputViewFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enable experimental features for IME input views.";
const char kFileManagerTouchModeName[] = "Files App. touch mode";
const char kFileManagerTouchModeDescription[] =
"Touchscreen-specific interactions of the Files app.";
const char kFirstRunUiTransitionsName[] =
"Animated transitions in the first-run tutorial";
const char kFirstRunUiTransitionsDescription[] =
"Transitions during first-run tutorial are animated.";
const char kFloatingVirtualKeyboardName[] = "Floating virtual keyboard.";
const char kFloatingVirtualKeyboardDescription[] =
"Enable/Disable floating virtual keyboard.";
const char kForceEnableStylusToolsName[] = "Force enable stylus features";
const char kForceEnableStylusToolsDescription[] =
"Forces display of the stylus tools menu in the shelf and the stylus "
"section in settings, even if there is no attached stylus device.";
const char kGestureEditingName[] = "Gesture editing for the virtual keyboard.";
const char kGestureEditingDescription[] =
"Enable/Disable gesture editing option in the settings page for the "
"virtual keyboard.";
const char kGestureTypingName[] = "Gesture typing for the virtual keyboard.";
const char kGestureTypingDescription[] =
"Enable/Disable gesture typing option in the settings page for the virtual "
const char kInputViewName[] = "Input views";
const char kInputViewDescription[] =
"Enable IME extensions to supply custom views for user input such as "
"virtual keyboards.";
const char kMemoryPressureThresholdName[] =
"Memory discard strategy for advanced pressure handling";
const char kMemoryPressureThresholdDescription[] =
"Memory discarding strategy to use";
const char kConservativeThresholds[] =
"Conservative memory pressure release strategy";
const char kAggressiveCacheDiscardThresholds[] =
"Aggressive cache release strategy";
const char kAggressiveTabDiscardThresholds[] =
"Aggressive tab release strategy";
const char kAggressiveThresholds[] =
"Aggressive tab and cache release strategy";
const char kMtpWriteSupportName[] = "MTP write support";
const char kMtpWriteSupportDescription[] =
"MTP write support in File System API (and file manager). In-place editing "
"operations are not supported.";
const char kMultideviceName[] = "Enable multidevice features";
const char kMultideviceDescription[] =
"Enables UI for controlling multidevice features.";
const char kNetworkPortalNotificationName[] =
"Notifications about captive portals";
const char kNetworkPortalNotificationDescription[] =
"If enabled, notification is displayed when device is connected to a "
"network behind captive portal.";
const char kNetworkSettingsConfigName[] =
"Settings based Network Configuration";
const char kNetworkSettingsConfigDescription[] =
"Enables the Settings based network configuration UI instead of the Views "
"based configuration dialog.";
const char kNewKoreanImeName[] = "New Korean IME";
const char kNewKoreanImeDescription[] =
"New Korean IME, which is based on Google Input Tools' HMM engine.";
const char kNewZipUnpackerName[] = "New ZIP unpacker";
const char kNewZipUnpackerDescription[] =
"New ZIP unpacker flow, based on the File System Provider API.";
const char kPhysicalKeyboardAutocorrectName[] = "Physical keyboard autocorrect";
const char kPhysicalKeyboardAutocorrectDescription[] =
"Enable physical keyboard autocorrect for US keyboard, which can provide "
"suggestions as typing on physical keyboard.";
const char kPrinterProviderSearchAppName[] =
"Chrome Web Store Gallery app for printer drivers";
const char kPrinterProviderSearchAppDescription[] =
"Enables Chrome Web Store Gallery app for printer drivers. The app "
"searches Chrome Web Store for extensions that support printing to a USB "
"printer with specific USB ID.";
const char kQuickUnlockPinName[] = "Quick Unlock (PIN)";
const char kQuickUnlockPinDescription[] =
"Enabling PIN quick unlock allows you to use a PIN to unlock your ChromeOS "
"device on the lock screen after you have signed into your device.";
const char kQuickUnlockPinSignin[] = "Enable PIN when logging in.";
const char kQuickUnlockPinSigninDescription[] =
"Enabling PIN allows you to use a PIN to sign in and unlock your ChromeOS "
"device. After changing this flag PIN needs to be set up again.";
const char kQuickUnlockFingerprint[] = "Quick Unlock (Fingerprint)";
const char kQuickUnlockFingerprintDescription[] =
"Enabling fingerprint quick unlock allows you to setup and use a "
"fingerprint to unlock your Chromebook on the lock screen after you have "
"signed into your device.";
const char kOfficeEditingComponentAppName[] =
"Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides";
const char kOfficeEditingComponentAppDescription[] =
"Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides for testing purposes.";
const char kSpuriousPowerButtonWindowName[] = "Spurious power button window";
const char kSpuriousPowerButtonWindowDescription[] =
"Number of recent accelerometer samples to examine to determine if a power "
"button event was spurious.";
const char kSpuriousPowerButtonAccelCountName[] =
"Spurious power button acceleration count";
const char kSpuriousPowerButtonAccelCountDescription[] =
"Number of recent acceleration samples that must meet or exceed exceed the "
"threshold in order for a power button event to be considered spurious.";
const char kSpuriousPowerButtonScreenAccelName[] =
"Spurious power button screen acceleration threshold";
const char kSpuriousPowerButtonScreenAccelDescription[] =
"Threshold (in m/s^2, disregarding gravity) that screen acceleration must "
"meet or exceed for a power button event to be considered spurious.";
const char kSpuriousPowerButtonKeyboardAccelName[] =
"Spurious power button keyboard acceleration threshold";
const char kSpuriousPowerButtonKeyboardAccelDescription[] =
"Threshold (in m/s^2, disregarding gravity) that keyboard acceleration "
"must meet or exceed for a power button event to be considered spurious.";
const char kSpuriousPowerButtonLidAngleChangeName[] =
"Spurious power button lid angle change threshold";
const char kSpuriousPowerButtonLidAngleChangeDescription[] =
"Change in lid angle (i.e. hinge between keyboard and screen) that must be "
"met or exceeded for a power button event to be considered spurious.";
const char kTeamDrivesName[] = "Enable Team Drives Integration";
const char kTeamDrivesDescription[] =
"If enabled, files under Team Drives will appear in the Files app.";
const char kTetherName[] = "Instant Tethering";
const char kTetherDescription[] =
"Enables Instant Tethering. Instant Tethering allows your nearby Google "
"phone to share its Internet connection with this device.";
const char kTouchscreenCalibrationName[] =
"Enable/disable touchscreen calibration option in material design settings";
const char kTouchscreenCalibrationDescription[] =
"If enabled, the user can calibrate the touch screen displays in "
const char kUiDevToolsName[] = "Enable native UI inspection";
const char kUiDevToolsDescription[] =
"Enables inspection of native UI elements. For local inspection use "
const char kUseCrosMidiServiceName[] = "Use Chrome OS MIDI Service";
const char kUseCrosMidiServiceNameDescription[] =
"Use Chrome OS MIDI Service for Web MIDI and allow ARC to support Android "
const char kUseMusName[] = "Mus";
const char kUseMusDescription[] = "Enable the Mojo UI service.";
const char kEnableMashDescription[] =
"Mash (UI, Chrome and ash in separate services)";
const char kEnableMusDescription[] =
"Mus (UI in separate service, Chrome and ash in same service)";
const char kVideoPlayerChromecastSupportName[] =
"Experimental Chromecast support for Video Player";
const char kVideoPlayerChromecastSupportDescription[] =
"This option enables experimental Chromecast support for Video Player app "
"on ChromeOS.";
const char kVirtualKeyboardName[] = "Virtual Keyboard";
const char kVirtualKeyboardDescription[] = "Enable virtual keyboard support.";
const char kVirtualKeyboardOverscrollName[] = "Virtual Keyboard Overscroll";
const char kVirtualKeyboardOverscrollDescription[] =
"Enables virtual keyboard overscroll support.";
const char kVoiceInputName[] = "Voice input on virtual keyboard";
const char kVoiceInputDescription[] =
"Enables voice input on virtual keyboard.";
const char kWakeOnPacketsName[] = "Wake On Packets";
const char kWakeOnPacketsDescription[] =
"Enables waking the device based on the receipt of some network packets.";
#endif // defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
// Random platform combinations -----------------------------------------------
#if defined(OS_WIN) || defined(OS_LINUX)
const char kEnableInputImeApiName[] = "Enable Input IME API";
const char kEnableInputImeApiDescription[] =
"Enable the use of chrome.input.ime API.";
#endif // defined(OS_WIN) || defined(OS_LINUX)
#if defined(OS_WIN) || defined(OS_MACOSX)
const char kAutomaticTabDiscardingName[] = "Automatic tab discarding";
const char kAutomaticTabDiscardingDescription[] =
"If enabled, tabs get automatically discarded from memory when the system "
"memory is low. Discarded tabs are still visible on the tab strip and get "
"reloaded when clicked on. Info about discarded tabs can be found at "
#endif // defined(OS_WIN) || defined(OS_MACOSX)
// Feature flags --------------------------------------------------------------
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
const char kEnableVrShellName[] = "Enable Chrome VR.";
const char kEnableVrShellDescription[] =
"Allow browsing with a VR headset if available for this device.";
const char kVrCustomTabBrowsingName[] = "Enable Custom Tab browsing in VR.";
const char kVrCustomTabBrowsingDescription[] =
"Allow browsing with a VR headset in a Custom Tab if available for this "
const char kWebVrAutopresentName[] = "Enable WebVr auto presentation";
const char kWebVrAutopresentDescription[] =
"Allows auto presentation of WebVr content from trusted first-party apps";
const char kWebVrVsyncAlignName[] = "Enable WebVR VSync-aligned timing";
const char kWebVrVsyncAlignDescription[] =
"Enabling this option aligns WebVR application rendering with VSync "
"for smoother animations.";
#endif // OS_ANDROID
const char kWebvrExperimentalRenderingName[] =
"WebVR experimental rendering optimizations";
const char kWebvrExperimentalRenderingDescription[] =
"Enabling this option activates experimental rendering path optimizations "
"for WebVR.";
#endif // ENABLE_VR
#if !defined(DISABLE_NACL)
const char kNaclDebugMaskName[] =
"Restrict Native Client GDB-based debugging by pattern";
const char kNaclDebugMaskDescription[] =
"Restricts Native Client application GDB-based debugging by URL of "
"manifest file. Native Client GDB-based debugging must be enabled for this "
"option to work.";
const char kNaclDebugMaskChoiceDebugAll[] = "Debug everything.";
const char kNaclDebugMaskChoiceExcludeUtilsPnacl[] =
"Debug everything except secure shell and the PNaCl translator.";
const char kNaclDebugMaskChoiceIncludeDebug[] =
"Debug only if manifest URL ends with debug.nmf.";
const char kNaclDebugName[] = "Native Client GDB-based debugging";
const char kNaclDebugDescription[] =
"Enable GDB debug stub. This will stop a Native Client application on "
"startup and wait for nacl-gdb (from the NaCl SDK) to attach to it.";
const char kNaclName[] = "Native Client";
const char kNaclDescription[] =
"Support Native Client for all web applications, even those that were not "
"installed from the Chrome Web Store.";
const char kPnaclSubzeroName[] = "Force PNaCl Subzero";
const char kPnaclSubzeroDescription[] =
"Force the use of PNaCl's fast Subzero translator for all pexe files.";
#endif // !defined(DISABLE_NACL)
const char kWebrtcH264WithOpenh264FfmpegName[] =
"WebRTC H.264 software video encoder/decoder";
const char kWebrtcH264WithOpenh264FfmpegDescription[] =
"When enabled, an H.264 software video encoder/decoder pair is included. "
"If a hardware encoder/decoder is also available it may be used instead of "
"this encoder/decoder.";
#if defined(USE_ASH)
const char kAshDisableSmoothScreenRotationName[] =
"Disable smooth rotation animations.";
const char kAshDisableSmoothScreenRotationDescription[] =
"Disable smooth rotation animations.";
const char kAshEnableMirroredScreenName[] = "Enable mirrored screen mode.";
const char kAshEnableMirroredScreenDescription[] =
"Enable the mirrored screen mode. This mode flips the screen image "
const char kAshShelfColorName[] = "Shelf color in Chrome OS system UI";
const char kAshShelfColorDescription[] =
"Enables/disables the shelf color to be a derived from the wallpaper. The "
"--ash-shelf-color-scheme flag defines how that color is derived.";
const char kAshShelfColorScheme[] = "Shelf color scheme in Chrome OS System UI";
const char kAshShelfColorSchemeDescription[] =
"Specify how the color is derived from the wallpaper. This flag is only "
"used when the --ash-shelf-color flag is enabled. Defaults to Dark & Muted";
const char kAshShelfColorSchemeLightVibrant[] = "Light & Vibrant";
const char kAshShelfColorSchemeNormalVibrant[] = "Normal & Vibrant";
const char kAshShelfColorSchemeDarkVibrant[] = "Dark & Vibrant";
const char kAshShelfColorSchemeLightMuted[] = "Light & Muted";
const char kAshShelfColorSchemeNormalMuted[] = "Normal & Muted";
const char kAshShelfColorSchemeDarkMuted[] = "Dark & Muted";
const char kMaterialDesignInkDropAnimationSpeedName[] =
"Material Design Ink Drop Animation Speed";
const char kMaterialDesignInkDropAnimationSpeedDescription[] =
"Sets the speed of the experimental visual feedback animations for "
"material design.";
const char kMaterialDesignInkDropAnimationFast[] = "Fast";
const char kMaterialDesignInkDropAnimationSlow[] = "Slow";
const char kUiShowCompositedLayerBordersName[] =
"Show UI composited layer borders";
const char kUiShowCompositedLayerBordersDescription[] =
"Show border around composited layers created by UI.";
const char kUiShowCompositedLayerBordersRenderPass[] = "RenderPass";
const char kUiShowCompositedLayerBordersSurface[] = "Surface";
const char kUiShowCompositedLayerBordersLayer[] = "Layer";
const char kUiShowCompositedLayerBordersAll[] = "All";
const char kUiSlowAnimationsName[] = "Slow UI animations";
const char kUiSlowAnimationsDescription[] = "Makes all UI animations slow.";
#endif // defined(USE_ASH)
#if defined(TOOLKIT_VIEWS) || defined(OS_MACOSX)
const char kShowCertLinkOnPageInfoName[] = "Show certificate link";
const char kShowCertLinkOnPageInfoDescription[] =
"Add a link from the Page Info bubble to the certificate viewer for HTTPS "
#endif // defined(TOOLKIT_VIEWS) || defined(OS_MACOSX)
#if defined(TOOLKIT_VIEWS) || defined(OS_ANDROID)
const char kAutofillCreditCardUploadName[] =
"Enable offering upload of Autofilled credit cards";
const char kAutofillCreditCardUploadDescription[] =
"Enables a new option to upload credit cards to Google Payments for sync "
"to all Chrome devices.";
#endif // defined(TOOLKIT_VIEWS) || defined(OS_ANDROID)
// ============================================================================
// Don't just add flags to the end, put them in the right section in
// alphabetical order just like the header file.
// ============================================================================
} // namespace flag_descriptions