Always accelerate canvases by default

Effectively remove size and readback heuristics from acceleration
logic. This improves performance, simplifies testing and will
eventually simplify the code as well. For now quite a few tests need
to change as their small canvases are now accelerated.

CrElementsFingerprintProgressArcTest and
FileManagerJsTest.ImageOrientatio need to explicitly turn on pixel
output. It's off by default for browsertests and is required for
pixel readback from the gpu.

does not yet support accelerated canvases, so mark as failing for

The following 3 tests need to be rebaselined due to small anti-aliasing

Pixel_CanvasDisplayLinearRGBAccelerated2D was never actually using an
accelerated canvas due to the size heuristic.

yuv-video-on-accelerated-canvas.html was testing behaviour specifically
based on the idea that smaller canvases will be unaccelerated. Since
this is no longer true, this test is no longer valid.

Bug: 909937
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