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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "base/component_export.h"
#include "base/strings/string_piece_forward.h"
namespace base {
class Value;
namespace net {
struct CertPrincipal;
} // namespace net
namespace certificate_matching {
// Class to represent fields of a principal (issuer or subject) of a X509
// certificate and compare them.
class COMPONENT_EXPORT(CERTIFICATE_MATCHING) CertificatePrincipalPattern {
// Creates a pattern that matches every certificate principal.
// Creates a pattern that requires an exact equality with the specified
// |common_name|, |locality|, |organization| and |organization_unit| for a
// certificate to match. If one of these is empty, no constraint is put on the
// corresponding principal field.
CertificatePrincipalPattern(std::string common_name,
std::string locality,
std::string organization,
std::string organization_unit);
CertificatePrincipalPattern(const CertificatePrincipalPattern& rhs);
CertificatePrincipalPattern(CertificatePrincipalPattern&& rhs);
CertificatePrincipalPattern& operator=(
const CertificatePrincipalPattern& rhs);
CertificatePrincipalPattern& operator=(CertificatePrincipalPattern&& rhs);
// Returns true if all fields in the pattern are empty. A return value of true
// means that this pattern will match every |CertPrincipal|.
bool Empty() const;
// Returns true if this pattern matches |principal|.
bool Matches(const net::CertPrincipal& principal) const;
const std::string& common_name() const { return common_name_; }
const std::string& locality() const { return locality_; }
const std::string& organization() const { return organization_; }
const std::string& organization_unit() const { return organization_unit_; }
// Parses |value| to create a |CertificatePrincipalPattern|. If |value| is
// present and a dictionary, the |key_*| parameters will be used to fill
// corresponding fields of the resulting |CertificatePrincipalPattern|. If a
// key is not present in the dictionary, the corresponding field will be left
// empty (putting no constraint on the principal field). If |value| is nullptr
// or not a dictionary, returns an empty pattern.
static CertificatePrincipalPattern ParseFromOptionalDict(
const base::Value* dict,
base::StringPiece key_common_name,
base::StringPiece key_locality,
base::StringPiece key_organization,
base::StringPiece key_organization_unit);
std::string common_name_;
std::string locality_;
std::string organization_;
std::string organization_unit_;
} // namespace certificate_matching