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from __future__ import unicode_literals
from ..util import parseBoolValue
import warnings
class Extension(object):
""" Base class for extensions to subclass. """
# Default config -- to be overriden by a subclass
# Must be of the following format:
# {
# 'key': ['value', 'description']
# }
# Note that Extension.setConfig will raise a KeyError
# if a default is not set here.
config = {}
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
""" Initiate Extension and set up configs. """
# check for configs arg for backward compat.
# (there only ever used to be one so we use arg[0])
if len(args):
if args[0] is not None:
warnings.warn('Extension classes accepting positional args is '
'pending Deprecation. Each setting should be '
'passed into the Class as a keyword. Positional '
'args are deprecated and will raise '
'an error in version 2.7. See the Release Notes for '
'Python-Markdown version 2.6 for more info.',
# check for configs kwarg for backward compat.
if 'configs' in kwargs.keys():
if kwargs['configs'] is not None:
self.setConfigs(kwargs.pop('configs', {}))
warnings.warn('Extension classes accepting a dict on the single '
'keyword "config" is pending Deprecation. Each '
'setting should be passed into the Class as a '
'keyword directly. The "config" keyword is '
'deprecated and raise an error in '
'version 2.7. See the Release Notes for '
'Python-Markdown version 2.6 for more info.',
# finally, use kwargs
def getConfig(self, key, default=''):
""" Return a setting for the given key or an empty string. """
if key in self.config:
return self.config[key][0]
return default
def getConfigs(self):
""" Return all configs settings as a dict. """
return dict([(key, self.getConfig(key)) for key in self.config.keys()])
def getConfigInfo(self):
""" Return all config descriptions as a list of tuples. """
return [(key, self.config[key][1]) for key in self.config.keys()]
def setConfig(self, key, value):
""" Set a config setting for `key` with the given `value`. """
if isinstance(self.config[key][0], bool):
value = parseBoolValue(value)
if self.config[key][0] is None:
value = parseBoolValue(value, preserve_none=True)
self.config[key][0] = value
def setConfigs(self, items):
""" Set multiple config settings given a dict or list of tuples. """
if hasattr(items, 'items'):
# it's a dict
items = items.items()
for key, value in items:
self.setConfig(key, value)
def extendMarkdown(self, md, md_globals):
Add the various proccesors and patterns to the Markdown Instance.
This method must be overriden by every extension.
Keyword arguments:
* md: The Markdown instance.
* md_globals: Global variables in the markdown module namespace.
raise NotImplementedError(
'Extension "%s.%s" must define an "extendMarkdown"'
'method.' % (self.__class__.__module__, self.__class__.__name__)