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Tables Extension for Python-Markdown
Added parsing of tables to Python-Markdown.
See <>
for documentation.
Original code Copyright 2009 [Waylan Limberg](
All changes Copyright 2008-2014 The Python Markdown Project
License: [BSD](
from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import unicode_literals
from . import Extension
from ..blockprocessors import BlockProcessor
from ..util import etree
class TableProcessor(BlockProcessor):
""" Process Tables. """
def test(self, parent, block):
rows = block.split('\n')
return (len(rows) > 1 and '|' in rows[0] and
'|' in rows[1] and '-' in rows[1] and
rows[1].strip()[0] in ['|', ':', '-'])
def run(self, parent, blocks):
""" Parse a table block and build table. """
block = blocks.pop(0).split('\n')
header = block[0].strip()
seperator = block[1].strip()
rows = [] if len(block) < 3 else block[2:]
# Get format type (bordered by pipes or not)
border = False
if header.startswith('|'):
border = True
# Get alignment of columns
align = []
for c in self._split_row(seperator, border):
if c.startswith(':') and c.endswith(':'):
elif c.startswith(':'):
elif c.endswith(':'):
# Build table
table = etree.SubElement(parent, 'table')
thead = etree.SubElement(table, 'thead')
self._build_row(header, thead, align, border)
tbody = etree.SubElement(table, 'tbody')
for row in rows:
self._build_row(row.strip(), tbody, align, border)
def _build_row(self, row, parent, align, border):
""" Given a row of text, build table cells. """
tr = etree.SubElement(parent, 'tr')
tag = 'td'
if parent.tag == 'thead':
tag = 'th'
cells = self._split_row(row, border)
# We use align here rather than cells to ensure every row
# contains the same number of columns.
for i, a in enumerate(align):
c = etree.SubElement(tr, tag)
c.text = cells[i].strip()
except IndexError: # pragma: no cover
c.text = ""
if a:
c.set('align', a)
def _split_row(self, row, border):
""" split a row of text into list of cells. """
if border:
if row.startswith('|'):
row = row[1:]
if row.endswith('|'):
row = row[:-1]
return row.split('|')
class TableExtension(Extension):
""" Add tables to Markdown. """
def extendMarkdown(self, md, md_globals):
""" Add an instance of TableProcessor to BlockParser. """
def makeExtension(*args, **kwargs):
return TableExtension(*args, **kwargs)