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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/observer_list.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "chrome/browser/profiles/profile.h"
namespace ash {
class DriveWebContentsManager;
// This class is responsible for kicking off the Google Drive offline
// initialization process. There is an initial delay to avoid contention when
// the session starts. DriveFirstRunController will manage its own lifetime and
// destroy itself when the initialization succeeds or fails.
class DriveFirstRunController {
// This enum is used for UMA metrics. Keep the fields in the same order as
// the "CrosEnableDriveOfflineOutcome" enum in histograms.xml.
enum UMAOutcome {
class Observer {
// Called when enabling offline mode times out. OnCompletion will be called
// immediately afterwards.
virtual void OnTimedOut() = 0;
// Called when the first run flow finishes, informing the observer of
// success or failure.
virtual void OnCompletion(bool success) = 0;
virtual ~Observer() {}
explicit DriveFirstRunController(Profile* profile);
// Starts the process to enable offline mode for the user's Drive account.
void EnableOfflineMode();
// Manages observers of the first run flow.
void AddObserver(Observer* observer);
void RemoveObserver(Observer* observer);
// Set delay times for testing purposes.
void SetDelaysForTest(int initial_delay_secs, int timeout_secs);
// Set the app id and endpoint url for testing purposes.
void SetAppInfoForTest(const std::string& app_id,
const std::string& endpoint_url);
// Used as a callback to indicate whether the offline initialization
// succeeds or fails.
void OnOfflineInit(bool success, UMAOutcome outcome);
// Called when timed out waiting for offline initialization to complete.
void OnWebContentsTimedOut();
// Creates and shows a system notification when enable offline succeeds.
void ShowNotification();
// Cleans up internal state and schedules self for deletion.
void CleanUp();
Profile* profile_;
std::unique_ptr<DriveWebContentsManager> web_contents_manager_;
base::OneShotTimer web_contents_timer_;
base::OneShotTimer initial_delay_timer_;
bool started_;
base::ObserverList<Observer>::Unchecked observer_list_;
int initial_delay_secs_;
int web_contents_timeout_secs_;
std::string drive_offline_endpoint_url_;
std::string drive_hosted_app_id_;
} // namespace ash
// TODO( remove when ChromeOS code migration is done.
namespace chromeos {
using ::ash::DriveFirstRunController;
} // namespace chromeos
// TODO( remove after the //chrome/browser/chromeos
// source migration is finished.
namespace ash {
using ::chromeos::DriveFirstRunController;