Running GPU integration tests on Fuchsia.

General instruction on running and debugging GPU integration tests can be found here.

Fuchsia uses web_engine_shell to run GPU integration tests. For the sake of this example, we will be using gpu_process as the test suite we wish to execute. Build the target fuchsia_telemetry_gpu_integration_test and run the appropriate commands:

Hermetic emulation

The test script brings up an emulator, runs the tests on it, and shuts the emulator down when finished.

$ content/test/gpu/ gpu_process
--browser=web-engine-shell --out-dir=/path/to/outdir

Run on an physical device

$ content/test/gpu/ gpu_process
--browser=web-engine-shell --out-dir=/path/to/outdir -d

Run on a device paved with Fuchsia built from source

$ content/test/gpu/ gpu_process
--browser=web-engine-shell --out-dir=/path/to/outdir -d

Note that fx serve must be running for communication with the device to succeed.

Run on a device the host is connected to remotely via ssh

Note the --ssh-config flag, which should point to the config file used to set up the connection between the host and the remote device.

$ content/test/gpu/ gpu_process
--browser=web-engine-shell --out-dir=/path/to/outdir -d --host=localhost