Deploying content_shell and running web_tests on Fuchsia.

General instruction on running and debugging web_tests can be found here.

Currently, only a small subset of web tests can be run on Fuchsia. Build the target blink_tests first before running any of the commands below:

Hermetic emulation

The test script brings up an emulator, runs the tests on it, and shuts the emulator down when finished.

$ third_party/blink/tools/ -t <output-dir>  --platform=fuchsia

Run on an physical device.

Note the --fuchsia-host-ip flag, which is the ip address of the test host that the Fuchsia device uses to establish a connection.

$ third_party/blink/tools/ -t <output-dir> --platform=fuchsia
--device=device --fuchsia-target-cpu=<device-cpu-arch>