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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "base/cancelable_callback.h"
#include "base/containers/flat_map.h"
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/metrics/field_trial_params.h"
#include "components/leveldb_proto/public/proto_database.h"
#include "media/base/media_export.h"
#include "media/base/video_codecs.h"
#include "media/capabilities/video_decode_stats_db.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/size.h"
namespace base {
class FilePath;
class Clock;
} // namespace base
namespace leveldb_proto {
class ProtoDatabaseProvider;
} // namespace leveldb_proto
namespace media {
class DecodeStatsProto;
// LevelDB implementation of VideoDecodeStatsDB. This class is not
// thread safe. All API calls should happen on the same sequence used for
// construction. API callbacks will also occur on this sequence.
class MEDIA_EXPORT VideoDecodeStatsDBImpl : public VideoDecodeStatsDB {
static const char kMaxFramesPerBufferParamName[];
static const char kMaxDaysToKeepStatsParamName[];
static const char kEnableUnweightedEntriesParamName[];
// Create an instance! |db_dir| specifies where to store LevelDB files to
// disk. LevelDB generates a handful of files, so its recommended to provide a
// dedicated directory to keep them isolated.
static std::unique_ptr<VideoDecodeStatsDBImpl> Create(
base::FilePath db_dir,
leveldb_proto::ProtoDatabaseProvider* db_provider);
~VideoDecodeStatsDBImpl() override;
// Implement VideoDecodeStatsDB.
void Initialize(InitializeCB init_cb) override;
void AppendDecodeStats(const VideoDescKey& key,
const DecodeStatsEntry& entry,
AppendDecodeStatsCB append_done_cb) override;
void GetDecodeStats(const VideoDescKey& key,
GetDecodeStatsCB get_stats_cb) override;
void ClearStats(base::OnceClosure clear_done_cb) override;
friend class VideoDecodeStatsDBImplTest;
using PendingOpId = int;
// Private constructor only called by tests (friends). Production code
// should always use the static Create() method.
std::unique_ptr<leveldb_proto::ProtoDatabase<DecodeStatsProto>> db);
// Default |last_write_time| for DB entries that lack a time stamp due to
// using an earlier version of DecodeStatsProto. Date chosen so old stats from
// previous version will expire (unless new stats arrive) roughly 2 months
// after the proto update hits the chrome Stable channel (M71).
static constexpr char kDefaultWriteTime[] = "01-FEB-2019 12:00pm";
// Number of decoded frames to keep in the rolling "window" for a given entry
// in the database.
static int GetMaxFramesPerBuffer();
// Number of days after which stats will be discarded if not updated. This
// avoids users getting stuck with a bad capability prediction that may have
// been due to one-off circumstances.
static int GetMaxDaysToKeepStats();
// When true, each playback entry in the DB should be given equal weight
// regardless of how many frames were decoded.
static bool GetEnableUnweightedEntries();
// Returns current feature params.
static base::FieldTrialParams GetFieldTrialParams();
// Creates a PendingOperation using |uma_str| and adds it to |pending_ops_|
// map. Returns PendingOpId for newly started operation. Callers must later
// call CompletePendingOp() with this id to destroy the PendingOperation and
// finalize timing UMA.
PendingOpId StartPendingOp(std::string uma_str);
// Removes PendingOperation from |pending_ops_| using |op_id_| as a key. This
// destroys the object and triggers timing UMA.
void CompletePendingOp(PendingOpId op_id);
// Unified handler for timeouts of pending DB operations. PendingOperation
// will be notified that it timed out (to trigger timing UMA) and removed from
// |penidng_ops_|.
void OnPendingOpTimeout(PendingOpId id);
// Helper to report timing information for DB operations, including when they
// hang indefinitely.
class PendingOperation {
std::string uma_str,
std::unique_ptr<base::CancelableOnceClosure> timeout_closure);
// Records task timing UMA if it hasn't already timed out.
virtual ~PendingOperation();
// Copies disallowed. Incompatible with move-only members and UMA logging in
// the destructor.
PendingOperation(const PendingOperation&) = delete;
PendingOperation& operator=(const PendingOperation&) = delete;
// Trigger UMA recording for timeout.
void OnTimeout();
friend class VideoDecodeStatsDBImplTest;
std::string uma_str_;
std::unique_ptr<base::CancelableOnceClosure> timeout_closure_;
base::TimeTicks start_ticks_;
// Map of operation id -> outstanding PendingOperations.
base::flat_map<PendingOpId, std::unique_ptr<PendingOperation>> pending_ops_;
// Called when the database has been initialized. Will immediately call
// |init_cb| to forward |success|.
void OnInit(PendingOpId id,
InitializeCB init_cb,
leveldb_proto::Enums::InitStatus status);
// Returns true if the DB is successfully initialized.
bool IsInitialized();
// Passed as the callback for |OnGotDecodeStats| by |AppendDecodeStats| to
// update the database once we've read the existing stats entry.
void WriteUpdatedEntry(PendingOpId op_id,
const VideoDescKey& key,
const DecodeStatsEntry& entry,
AppendDecodeStatsCB append_done_cb,
bool read_success,
std::unique_ptr<DecodeStatsProto> stats_proto);
// Called when the database has been modified after a call to
// |WriteUpdatedEntry|. Will run |append_done_cb| when done.
void OnEntryUpdated(PendingOpId op_id,
AppendDecodeStatsCB append_done_cb,
bool success);
// Called when GetDecodeStats() operation was performed. |get_stats_cb|
// will be run with |success| and a |DecodeStatsEntry| created from
// |stats_proto| or nullptr if no entry was found for the requested key.
void OnGotDecodeStats(PendingOpId op_id,
GetDecodeStatsCB get_stats_cb,
bool success,
std::unique_ptr<DecodeStatsProto> stats_proto);
// Internal callback for OnLoadAllKeysForClearing(), initially triggered by
// ClearStats(). Method simply logs |success| and runs |clear_done_cb|.
void OnStatsCleared(PendingOpId op_id,
base::OnceClosure clear_done_cb,
bool success);
// Return true if:
// values aren't corrupted nonsense (e.g. way more frames dropped than
// decoded, or number of frames_decoded < frames_power_efficient)
// &&
// stats aren't expired.
// ("now" - stats_proto.last_write_date > GeMaxDaysToKeepStats())
bool AreStatsUsable(const DecodeStatsProto* const stats_proto);
void set_wall_clock_for_test(const base::Clock* tick_clock) {
wall_clock_ = tick_clock;
// Next PendingOpId for use in |pending_ops_| map. See StartPendingOp().
PendingOpId next_op_id_ = 0;
// Indicates whether initialization is completed. Does not indicate whether it
// was successful. Will be reset upon calling DestroyStats(). Failed
// initialization is signaled by setting |db_| to null.
bool db_init_ = false;
// ProtoDatabase instance. Set to nullptr if fatal database error is
// encountered.
std::unique_ptr<leveldb_proto::ProtoDatabase<DecodeStatsProto>> db_;
// For getting wall-clock time. Tests may override via SetClockForTest().
const base::Clock* wall_clock_ = nullptr;
// Stores parsed value of |kDefaultWriteTime|.
base::Time default_write_time_;
// Ensures all access to class members come on the same sequence. API calls
// and callbacks should occur on the same sequence used during construction.
// LevelDB operations happen on a separate task runner, but all LevelDB
// callbacks to this happen on the checked sequence.
base::WeakPtrFactory<VideoDecodeStatsDBImpl> weak_ptr_factory_{this};
} // namespace media