This directory contains a collection of components related to streaming using the Cast Streaming Protocol (over UDP network sockets). They encode/decode raw audio or video frames, and send/receive encoded data reliably over a local area network.

NOTE: This implementation is deprecated, and to be replaced soon by the one found in ../../third_party/openscreen/src/cast/streaming/. Contact for details.

Directory Breakdown

  • common/ - Collection of shared utility code and constants.

  • logging/ - Packet/Frame logging, for study/experimentation of the protocol at runtime.

  • net/ - Wire-level packetization and pacing.

  • sender/ - Encoder front-ends and frame-level sender implementation for audio/video.

  • test/ - A collection of end-to-end tests, experiments, benchmarks, and related utility code.

  • test/receiver/ - A minimal receiver implementation, used only for end-to-end testing.