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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "android_webview/common/aw_features.h"
namespace android_webview {
namespace features {
// Alphabetical:
// Enable brotli compression support in WebView.
const base::Feature kWebViewBrotliSupport{"WebViewBrotliSupport",
// Use the SafeBrowsingApiHandler which uses the connectionless GMS APIs. This
// Feature is checked and used in downstream internal code.
const base::Feature kWebViewConnectionlessSafeBrowsing{
"WebViewConnectionlessSafeBrowsing", base::FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Enable display cutout support for Android P and above.
const base::Feature kWebViewDisplayCutout{"WebViewDisplayCutout",
// When enabled, passive mixed content (Audio/Video/Image subresources loaded
// over HTTP on HTTPS sites) will be autoupgraded to HTTPS, and the load will be
// blocked if the resource fails to load over HTTPS. This only affects apps that
// set the mixed content mode to MIXED_CONTENT_COMPATIBILITY_MODE, autoupgrades
// are always disabled for MIXED_CONTENT_NEVER_ALLOW and
const base::Feature kWebViewMixedContentAutoupgrades{
"WebViewMixedContentAutoupgrades", base::FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Only allow extra headers added via loadUrl() to be sent to the original
// origin; strip them from the request if a cross-origin redirect occurs.
const base::Feature kWebViewExtraHeadersSameOriginOnly{
"WebViewExtraHeadersSameOriginOnly", base::FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Enable the new Java/JS Bridge code path with mojo implementation.
const base::Feature kWebViewJavaJsBridgeMojo{"WebViewJavaJsBridgeMojo",
// Measure the number of pixels occupied by one or more WebViews as a
// proportion of the total screen size. Depending on the number of
// WebVieaws and the size of the screen this might be expensive so
// hidden behind a feature flag until the true runtime cost can be
// measured.
const base::Feature kWebViewMeasureScreenCoverage{
"WebViewMeasureScreenCoverage", base::FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Field trial feature for controlling support of Origin Trials on WebView.
const base::Feature kWebViewOriginTrials{"WebViewOriginTrials",
// Enables package name logging for the most popular WebView embedders that are
// on a dynamically generated allowlist.
const base::Feature kWebViewAppsPackageNamesAllowlist{
"WebViewAppsPackageNamesAllowlist", base::FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Disallows window.{alert, prompt, confirm} if triggered inside a subframe that
// is not same origin with the main frame.
const base::Feature kWebViewSuppressDifferentOriginSubframeJSDialogs{
// A Feature used for WebView variations tests. Not used in production.
const base::Feature kWebViewTestFeature{"WebViewTestFeature",
// Enable raster in wide color gamut for apps that use webview in a wide color
// gamut activity.
const base::Feature kWebViewWideColorGamutSupport{
"WebViewWideColorGamutSupport", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
} // namespace features
} // namespace android_webview