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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "android_webview/common/aw_switches.h"
namespace switches {
const char kWebViewLogJsConsoleMessages[] = "webview-log-js-console-messages";
const char kWebViewSandboxedRenderer[] = "webview-sandboxed-renderer";
// used to disable safebrowsing functionality in webview
const char kWebViewDisableSafebrowsingSupport[] =
// Enables SafeBrowsing and causes WebView to treat all resources as malicious.
// Use care: this will block all resources from loading.
const char kWebViewSafebrowsingBlockAllResources[] =
// Highlight the contents (including web contents) of all WebViews with a yellow
// tint. This is useful for identifying WebViews in an Android application.
const char kHighlightAllWebViews[] = "highlight-all-webviews";
// WebView will log additional debugging information to logcat, such as
// variations and commandline state.
const char kWebViewVerboseLogging[] = "webview-verbose-logging";
// The length of time in seconds that an app's copy of the variations seed
// should be considered fresh. If an app's seed is older than this, a new seed
// will be requested from WebView's IVariationsSeedServer.
const char kFinchSeedExpirationAge[] = "finch-seed-expiration-age";
// Forces WebView's service to always schedule a new variations seed download
// job, even if one is already pending.
const char kFinchSeedIgnorePendingDownload[] =
// Forces WebView's service to always schedule a new variations seed download
// job, even if the device is not charging. Note this switch may be necessary
// for testing on Android emulators as these are not always considered to be
// charging.
const char kFinchSeedNoChargingRequirement[] =
// The minimum amount of time in seconds that WebView's service will wait
// between two variations seed downloads from the variations server.
const char kFinchSeedMinDownloadPeriod[] = "finch-seed-min-download-period";
// The minimum amount of time in seconds that the embedded WebView
// implementation will wait between two requests to WebView's service for a new
// variations seed.
const char kFinchSeedMinUpdatePeriod[] = "finch-seed-min-update-period";
// Enables modern SameSite cookie behavior (as opposed to legacy behavior). This
// is used for WebView versions prior to when the modern behavior will be
// enabled by default. This enables the same-site-by-default-cookies,
// cookies-without-SameSite-must-be-secure, and schemeful-same-site features.
const char kWebViewEnableModernCookieSameSite[] =
// Disables downloading/updating Apps Package Names Allowlist.
const char kWebViewDisableAppsPackageNamesAllowlistComponent[] =
} // namespace switches