run-webkit-tests --copy-baselines

If the actual result is different from the current baseline,
copy the current baseline into the *most-specific-platform*
directory, or the flag-specific generic-platform directory if
--additional-driver-flag is specified. See --reset-results.

Reset expectations to the generated results in their existing location.
If --copy-baselines is specified, the copied baselines will be reset.

Deprecated. Replaced by --copy-baselines --reset-results


The separation of --new-flag-specific-baseline into --copy-baselines and
--reset-results (existing) is to ease code review of flag-specific
rebaseline CLs. The developer can use --copy-baselines to generate the
first patch set, then use --reset-results to generate the second patch
set. The reviewer compares the first and the second patch sets to see
the difference of the new baselines.

Bug: 660231
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