Use Qt Creator as IDE or GUI Debugger

Qt Creator (Wiki) is a cross-platform C++ IDE.

You can use Qt Creator as a daily IDE or just as a GDB frontend and that does not require project configuration.



  1. ctrl+k Activate Locator, you can open file(not support sublime-like-search) or type . go to symbol.
  2. ctrl+r Build and Run, F5 Debug.
  3. F4 switch between header file and cpp file.
  4. ctrl+shift+r rename symbol under cursor.
  5. Code completion is built-in. And you can add your snippets.

Setup as IDE

  1. Install latest Qt Creator
  2. under chromium/src gn gen out/Default --ide=qtcreator
  3. qtcreator out/Default/qtcreator_project/all.creator

It takes 3 minutes to parsing C++ files in my workstation!!! And It will not block you while parsing.

Code Style

  1. Help - About Plugins enable Beautifier.
  2. Tools - Options - Beautifier - Clang Format, change Clang format command: $depot_tools_dir/clang-format, select use predefined style: file. You can also set a keyboard shortcut for it.
  3. Tools - Options - Code Style import this xml file
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE QtCreatorCodeStyle>
<!-- Written by QtCreator 4.2.1, 2017-02-08T19:07:34. -->
  <valuemap type="QVariantMap">
   <value type="bool" key="AlignAssignments">true</value>
   <value type="bool" key="AutoSpacesForTabs">false</value>
   <value type="bool" key="BindStarToIdentifier">false</value>
   <value type="bool" key="BindStarToLeftSpecifier">false</value>
   <value type="bool" key="BindStarToRightSpecifier">false</value>
   <value type="bool" key="BindStarToTypeName">true</value>
   <value type="bool" 
   <value type="bool" key="IndentAccessSpecifiers">true</value>
   <value type="bool" key="IndentBlockBody">true</value>
   <value type="bool" key="IndentBlockBraces">false</value>
   <value type="bool" key="IndentBlocksRelativeToSwitchLabels">false</value>
   <value type="bool" key="IndentClassBraces">false</value>
   <value type="bool" key="IndentControlFlowRelativeToSwitchLabels">true</value>
   <value type="bool"
   <value type="bool" key="IndentEnumBraces">false</value>
   <value type="bool" key="IndentFunctionBody">true</value>
   <value type="bool" key="IndentFunctionBraces">false</value>
   <value type="bool" key="IndentNamespaceBody">false</value>
   <value type="bool" key="IndentNamespaceBraces">false</value>
   <value type="int" key="IndentSize">2</value>
   <value type="bool" key="IndentStatementsRelativeToSwitchLabels">true</value>
   <value type="bool" key="IndentSwitchLabels">false</value>
   <value type="int" key="PaddingMode">2</value>
   <value type="bool" key="ShortGetterName">true</value>
   <value type="bool" key="SpacesForTabs">true</value>
   <value type="int" key="TabSize">2</value>
  <value type="QString">chrome</value>

Build & Run

In left panel, projects - setup the ninja command in build and clean step and
executable chrome path in run.


**You can skip the project settings and use QtCreator as a single file standalone GDB frontend. **

  1. Tools - Options - Build & Run - Debuggers, make sure GDB is set.
  2. Tools - Options - Kits, change the Desktop kit to GDB(LLDB doesnot work in Linux).
  3. Open file you want to debug.
  4. Debug - Start Debugging - Attach to running Application, you may need to open chrome's task manager to find the process number.

Tips, tricks, and troubleshooting

Debugger shows start then finish

$ echo 0 | sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope

Ensure yama allow you to attach another process.

Debugger do not stop in break point

Ensure you are using GDB not LLDB in Linux.