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Name: libpng
Version: 1.6.22
Security Critical: yes
License: libpng license
License Android Compatible: yes
Updated to 1.6.22, stripped all unneeded files.
- Turn on SSE optimizations for Intel platforms by running:
"patch -i contrib/intel/intel_sse.patch -p1"
- Use custom configuration file pnglibconf.h, which turns off all features that
are not in use.
- Use custom prefix file pngprefix.h, which avoids namespace conflicts with
pdfium's copy of libpng.
- Configures custom png chunk user limits ( in pnglibconf.h.
- Fix for potential memory leak from upstream:
- Fix for handling empty first IDAT chunk from upstream:
- Fix performance regression in png encoding (and overflow handling in filter heuristic)
from upstream (
- Avoid leaking params on bad pCAL chunk from upstream (
- Fix for large allocation for invalid ICC (