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Name: Polymer
Short Name: polymer
Version: 1.9.1
Revision: (see v1_0/components_summary.txt)
License: BSD
License File: LICENSE.polymer
Security Critical: no
This directory contains a copy of the Polymer framework and some elements from
the Polymer elements catalog ( See
v1_0/components_summary.txt for a full list of components.
The source git repositories can be found at:<component-name>
Polymer is comprised of two efforts:
1. A set of core platform features (Shadow DOM, Custom Elements, MDV).
Initially, these core features will be enabled with a set of polyfills. As
browsers begin to implement these new primitives, the polyfill platform layer
becomes smaller and better over time.
2. A next-generation web application framework built upon these core
technologies called the Polymer.
Local Modifications:
- Applied modifications that can be found in v1_0/chromium.patch.
- All inline JavaScript blocks are extracted from Polymer HTML elements to
external JS files. This version of the Polymer is used in a web UI, where CSP
forbids an execution of inline scripts. The extraction was made with the help of
the Crisper tool (
- Removed executable bit from some files.
- Resolved encoding issues.
- Replaced CRLF line endings with LF line endings in text files.
- Removed files that are not needed by Chromium, see v1_0/rsync_exclude.txt.
- Re-implemented <paper-ripple> using Web Animations API (which, as of
2/21/2017 does not work in Safari or IE). This is a complete fork from
Polymer's <paper-ripple>.
- Removed CSS properties that are not needed in Chromium using script.
- Bundled and minified Polymer 2 with, since Polymer 2 repo
does not distribute minified files (unlike Polymer 1).
- Note that the Polymer 2 bundle does not include dir-mixin.html which is
responsible for polyfylling :dir() CSS rules, because it causes a performance
regression (and it is unnecessary), see for more context.
To restore a content of the 'components-chromium' directory from scratch, run
./v1_0/ on a Linux machine.
Note on Bower:
The directory can be updated by running "bower update". A new component can be
installed by running "bower install -S PolymerElements/<component>#version".
Be sure to add the .bower.json file to the repository as it includes the
revision information of the polymer component.
Also be sure that you listed all the added packages in bower.json.
Polymer 3 notes
Polymer 3 resides under v3_0/, and uses NPM instead of Bower. To restore the
contents of the 'components-chromium' directory from scratch, run
./v3_0/ on a Linux machine.