Revert "Synthetic gestures wait on renderer ACK."

This reverts commit 91d6c20eccf8a67a4dd29f0102f526193db6b06a.

Reason for revert: external/wpt/pointerevents/pointerevent_lostpointercapture_for_disconnected_node.html is flaky (see

Original change's description:
> Synthetic gestures wait on renderer ACK.
> Currently, synthetic gestures invoke the "completed callback" as soon as
> the final gesture has been dispatched. This causes issues in client
> code, typically tests, that want to wait until the effects of a gesture
> are complete before sending further input or checking page state.
> This CL is the first step in a series of CLs to make this completion
> callback reliable. We add a new API in the renderer that resolves the
> completion callback once the input has been fully processed by the
> renderer. For now, this method just ACKs immediately but its
> implementation will be further fleshed out in a followup CL.
> Bug: 902446
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