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<p>Test for <a href="">bug 56264</a>:
Handle entering full screen security restrictions</p>
<p>To test manually, click the "Go full screen" button - the page should not enter full screen mode.</p>
<script src="full-screen-test.js"></script>
function runTest() {
var frame = document.getElementById('frame');
waitForEvent(frame.contentDocument, 'webkitfullscreenchange', function() {
consoleWrite("FAIL - entered full screen!");
waitForEventAndEnd(frame.contentDocument, 'webkitfullscreenerror', function() {
consoleWrite("SUCCEED - did not enter full screen!");
var x = frame.getBoundingClientRect().left + 10;
var y = frame.getBoundingClientRect().top + 10;
eventSender.mouseMoveTo(x, y);
<iframe id="frame" src="resources/inner.html" onload="runTest()">