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<p>This tests that the video element's timeline controls are draggable in full screen. Press any key to continue.</p>
<video id="video" width="300" controls></video>
if (window.internals)
runPixelTests = internals.runtimeFlags.forceOverlayFullscreenVideoEnabled;
<script src="full-screen-test.js"></script>
<script src="../media/media-controls.js"></script>
var video = document.getElementById('video');
var timeline;
waitForEvent(document, 'webkitfullscreenchange', function() {
if (window.internals) {
timeline = mediaControlsElement(internals.shadowRoot(video).firstChild, '-webkit-media-controls-timeline');
var box = internals.boundingBox(timeline);
eventSender.mouseMoveTo(box.left + 50, + 5);
waitForEvent(timeline, 'mousedown');
waitForEvent(timeline, 'mouseup');
waitForEventAndEnd(video, 'seeked');
logResult(false, "window.internals == undefined");
waitForEvent(video, 'canplaythrough', function() {
// Run with garbage key. User input is needed to go into fullscreen,
// and since the video will be in focus, we cannot use space as it
// will play the video.
runWithKeyDown(function(){video.webkitRequestFullScreen()}, 'a');
video.src = '../media/content/test.ogv';