[css-grid] Rename SmallestTrackStart to ExplicitGridStart

The SmallestTrackStart method used to return a signed int which was
never positive, representing the smallest untranslated start among all
grid items, clamped by 0 as a maximum.

In practice, though, what we usually want is the index of the first
explicit track/line among all tracks/lines, or equivalently, the number
of leading implicit tracks/lines.

That number is precisely minus the return value of SmallestTrackStart.
Thus, in grid layout there were various std::abs() to invert the value.

But it's a bit confusing to have an API which returns a non-positive
integer, which then needs to be made positive. Therefore, this patch
renames SmallestTrackStart to ExplicitGridStart, and makes it return
a positive size_t directly.

This patch should have no effect in practice.


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