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<!-- LayoutTests location is hard-coded to avoid duplication of code. -->
<script src=""></script>
var expectedRates = { "defaultPlaybackRate" : 1, "playbackRate" : 1};
var playingFromScript = false;
var changedRate = false;
function absoluteUrl(url)
var a = document.createElement('a');
a.href = url;
return a.href;
function testRates()
var playWithControllerButton = !changedRate && !playingFromScript;
testExpected("video.playbackRate", playWithControllerButton ? expectedRates['defaultPlaybackRate'] : expectedRates['playbackRate']);
testExpected("video.defaultPlaybackRate", expectedRates['defaultPlaybackRate']);
changedRate = false;
function playing()
consoleWrite("<br>'playing' event");
expectedRates['playbackRate'] = playingFromScript ? video.playbackRate : video.defaultPlaybackRate;
playingFromScript = false;
function ratechange()
consoleWrite("<br>'ratechange' event");
function start()
video.addEventListener('ratechange', ratechange);
video.addEventListener('playing', playing);
// Use the video file from the svn repository to avoid duplicating the file.
video.src = absoluteUrl('');
function play()
playingFromScript = true;;
function setRate(which, rate)
changedRate = true;
video[which] = rate;
expectedRates[which] = rate;
<body onload="start()">
<video controls > </video>
<li>The current 'playbackRate' and 'defaultPlaybackRate' should be logged every time either changes.</li>
<li>'playbackRate' should be set to 'defaultPlaybackRate' when the Play button in the built-in controls is pressed</li>
<li>'playbackRate' should NOT when play() is called from script.</li>
<button id="controls" onclick="setRate('defaultPlaybackRate', 2)">defaultPlaybackRate = 2</button>
<button id="controls" onclick="setRate('defaultPlaybackRate', 1)">defaultPlaybackRate = 1</button>
<button id="controls" onclick="setRate('playbackRate', 2)">playbackRate = 2</button>
<button id="controls" onclick="setRate('playbackRate', 1)">playbackRate = 1</button>
<button id="controls" onclick="play()">play()</button>
<button id="controls" onclick="video.pause()">pause()</button>