Remove chrome_test_util::WebViewNotContainingText.

All callsites have been updated, and now use

Bug: 739073
Change-Id: Ib25c76e4acfee2221bf65bc2314e2ad46487ce8d
Reviewed-by: Yuke Liao <>
Commit-Queue: Mike Baxley <>
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diff --git a/ios/web/public/test/earl_grey/web_view_matchers.h b/ios/web/public/test/earl_grey/web_view_matchers.h
index f645f60..98a12f0d 100644
--- a/ios/web/public/test/earl_grey/web_view_matchers.h
+++ b/ios/web/public/test/earl_grey/web_view_matchers.h
@@ -19,12 +19,6 @@
 // Matcher for WKWebView containing |text|.
 id<GREYMatcher> WebViewContainingText(std::string text, WebState* web_state);
-// Matcher for WKWebView not containing |text|.  This should be used to verify
-// that a visible WKWebView does not contain |text|, rather than verifying that
-// a WKWebView containing |text| is not visible, as would be the case if
-// WebViewContainingText() were asserted with grey_nil().
-id<GREYMatcher> WebViewNotContainingText(std::string text, WebState* web_state);
 // Matcher for WKWebView containing a blocked |image_id|.  When blocked, the
 // image element will be smaller actual image size.
 id<GREYMatcher> WebViewContainingBlockedImage(std::string image_id,
diff --git a/ios/web/public/test/earl_grey/ b/ios/web/public/test/earl_grey/
index 97c54dd..a314d7a 100644
--- a/ios/web/public/test/earl_grey/
+++ b/ios/web/public/test/earl_grey/
@@ -219,11 +219,6 @@
   return WebViewWithText(text, web_state, true);
-id<GREYMatcher> WebViewNotContainingText(std::string text,
-                                         WebState* web_state) {
-  return WebViewWithText(text, web_state, false);
 id<GREYMatcher> WebViewContainingBlockedImage(std::string image_id,
                                               WebState* web_state) {
   return WebViewContainingImage(image_id, web_state, IMAGE_STATE_BLOCKED);