FilesAppBrowserTest: code and document the use of trusted events

Remove the concept of LegacyEvents: irrelevant. Instead change concept
to the use of Trusted JS Events, which are used to force Blink to send
Tab key events to the Files.App page under test (add a comment).

If we don't use trusted Events, Blink consumes Tab key events with its
default handlers and the Tab key never reaches the JS page under test.
This affects the browser tests involving "tabindex" -- they won't work
unless they receive Tab key JS Events [1].

Clean up the TestCase struct: remove the accessors, and access members
directly since all access is const anyway. Add a new struct EventTest,
to specialize TestCase for the few tests that need trusted Events.

No change in behavior, no new tests.

[1] see

Bug: 836254,482121,480491
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