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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module cc.mojom;
import "cc/ipc/frame_sink_id.mojom";
import "cc/ipc/local_surface_id.mojom";
import "cc/ipc/mojo_compositor_frame_sink.mojom";
import "cc/ipc/surface_id.mojom";
import "cc/ipc/surface_info.mojom";
import "gpu/ipc/common/surface_handle.mojom";
import "mojo/common/time.mojom";
import "ui/gfx/geometry/mojo/geometry.mojom";
import "ui/gfx/mojo/color_space.mojom";
// See ui/compositor/compositor.h: ContextFactoryPrivate.
// The DisplayPrivate is used by privileged clients to talk to cc::Display.
// DisplayPrivate would eventually replace or be used by ContextFactoryPrivate.
interface DisplayPrivate {
SetDisplayVisible(bool visible);
ResizeDisplay(gfx.mojom.Size size_in_pixel);
SetDisplayColorSpace(gfx.mojom.ColorSpace color_space);
SetOutputIsSecure(bool secure);
SetLocalSurfaceId(cc.mojom.LocalSurfaceId local_surface_id,
float scale_factor);
// The DisplayCompositor interface is a privileged interface that allows
// the display compositor host (browser or window server) to create
// CompositorFrameSinks. Clients acquire a CompositorFrameSink connection
// through the display compositor host. Clients request a
// MojoCompositorFrameSink interface, and implement a
// MojoCompositorFrameSinkClient interface. The display compositor host
// holds one or more root CompositorFrameSinks that are tied to a valid
// |surface_handle|. All other CompositorFrameSinks are offscreen. FrameSinkIds
// are fixed for a given client and are determined ahead of time. Thus, a client
// will typically simply request a CompositorFrameSink from the display
// compositor host which will forward the request to the display compositor.
interface DisplayCompositor {
// Create a CompositorFrameSink for a privileged client (e.g. WindowServer).
// This is only used by privileged clients. The client can call methods that
// talks to the Display (e.g. ResizeDisplay(), SetDisplayVisible(), etc)
cc.mojom.FrameSinkId frame_sink_id,
gpu.mojom.SurfaceHandle widget,
associated cc.mojom.MojoCompositorFrameSink& compositor_frame_sink,
cc.mojom.MojoCompositorFrameSinkPrivate& compositor_frame_sink_private,
cc.mojom.MojoCompositorFrameSinkClient compositor_frame_sink_client,
associated DisplayPrivate& display_private);
// CreateCompositorFrameSink is used by unprivileged clients.
// This CompositorFrameSink is not a root, and has to be parented by another
// CompositorFrameSink in order to appear on screen.
cc.mojom.FrameSinkId frame_sink_id,
cc.mojom.MojoCompositorFrameSink& compositor_frame_sink,
cc.mojom.MojoCompositorFrameSinkPrivate& compositor_frame_sink_private,
cc.mojom.MojoCompositorFrameSinkClient compositor_frame_sink_client);
// Set up a BeginFrame relationship between two FrameSinkIds. In this case,
// the child inherits the BeginFrameSource from the parent if it doesn't
// already have a BeginFrameSource.
RegisterFrameSinkHierarchy(cc.mojom.FrameSinkId parent_frame_sink_id,
cc.mojom.FrameSinkId child_frame_sink_id);
// Removes a BeginFrame relationship between two FrameSinkIds.
UnregisterFrameSinkHierarchy(cc.mojom.FrameSinkId parent_frame_sink_id,
cc.mojom.FrameSinkId child_frame_sink_id);
// Drops the temporary reference for |surface_id|. This will get called when
// the DisplayCompositorClient doesn't think |surface_id| will be embedded.
DropTemporaryReference(cc.mojom.SurfaceId surface_id);
// The DisplayCompositorClient interface is implemented by the Display
// Compositor Host, a stable, and privileged peer service to the display
// compositor. The display compositor host is either the browser process in
// Chrome or the window server process.
interface DisplayCompositorClient {
// Called by the display compositor immediately upon receiving a
// CompositorFrame with a new SurfaceId for the first time.
OnSurfaceCreated(SurfaceInfo surface_info);