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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module cc.mojom;
import "cc/ipc/filter_operations.mojom";
import "cc/ipc/shared_quad_state.mojom";
import "cc/ipc/surface_id.mojom";
import "ui/gfx/geometry/mojo/geometry.mojom";
import "ui/gfx/mojo/transform.mojom";
struct DebugBorderQuadState {
// Debug border color.
uint32 color;
// Debug border width.
int32 width;
struct RenderPassQuadState {
int32 render_pass_id;
// If nonzero, resource id of mask to use when drawing this pass.
uint32 mask_resource_id;
// Render surface's normalized mask texture rect.
gfx.mojom.RectF mask_uv_rect;
gfx.mojom.Size mask_texture_size;
// The scale from layer space of the root layer of the render pass to
// the render pass physical pixels. This scale is applied to the filter
// parameters for pixel-moving filters. This scale should include
// content-to-target-space scale, and device pixel ratio.
gfx.mojom.Vector2dF filters_scale;
// The offset from the bounds of the root layer to the origin of the
// original primitive. This used to correctly position crop rects, lights,
// etc.
gfx.mojom.PointF filters_origin;
// Render surface's non-normalized texture rect.
gfx.mojom.RectF tex_coord_rect;
struct SolidColorQuadState {
uint32 color;
bool force_anti_aliasing_off;
struct StreamVideoQuadState {
uint32 resource_id;
gfx.mojom.Size resource_size_in_pixels;
gfx.mojom.Transform matrix;
enum SurfaceDrawQuadType {
struct SurfaceQuadState {
SurfaceId surface;
SurfaceDrawQuadType surface_draw_quad_type;
struct TextureQuadState {
uint32 resource_id;
gfx.mojom.Size resource_size_in_pixels;
bool premultiplied_alpha;
gfx.mojom.PointF uv_top_left;
gfx.mojom.PointF uv_bottom_right;
uint32 background_color;
array<float, 4> vertex_opacity;
bool y_flipped;
bool nearest_neighbor;
bool secure_output_only;
struct TileQuadState {
gfx.mojom.RectF tex_coord_rect;
gfx.mojom.Size texture_size;
bool swizzle_contents;
uint32 resource_id;
bool nearest_neighbor;
enum YUVColorSpace {
REC_601, // SDTV standard with restricted "studio swing" color range.
REC_709, // HDTV standard with restricted "studio swing" color range.
JPEG, // Full color range [0, 255] JPEG color space.
struct YUVVideoQuadState {
gfx.mojom.RectF ya_tex_coord_rect;
gfx.mojom.RectF uv_tex_coord_rect;
gfx.mojom.Size ya_tex_size;
gfx.mojom.Size uv_tex_size;
uint32 y_plane_resource_id;
uint32 u_plane_resource_id;
uint32 v_plane_resource_id;
uint32 a_plane_resource_id;
YUVColorSpace color_space;
float resource_offset;
float resource_multiplier;
uint32 bits_per_channel;
union DrawQuadState {
DebugBorderQuadState debug_border_quad_state;
RenderPassQuadState render_pass_quad_state;
SolidColorQuadState solid_color_quad_state;
StreamVideoQuadState stream_video_quad_state;
SurfaceQuadState surface_quad_state;
TextureQuadState texture_quad_state;
TileQuadState tile_quad_state;
YUVVideoQuadState yuv_video_quad_state;
struct DrawQuad {
// This rect, after applying the quad_transform(), gives the geometry that
// this quad should draw to. This rect lives in content space.
gfx.mojom.Rect rect;
// This specifies the region of the quad that is opaque. This rect lives in
// content space.
gfx.mojom.Rect opaque_rect;
// Allows changing the rect that gets drawn to make it smaller. This value
// should be clipped to |rect|. This rect lives in content space.
gfx.mojom.Rect visible_rect;
// Allows changing the rect that gets drawn to make it smaller. This value
// should be clipped to |rect|. This rect lives in content space.
bool needs_blending;
// Optionally holds a SharedQuadState (transforms etc) shared by multiple
// quads.
SharedQuadState? sqs;
DrawQuadState draw_quad_state;