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Name: Cocoa extension code from Camino
Short Name: camino
Version: unknown
License: MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1
Security Critical: yes
This directory contains the following files come from (Mozilla) Camino
Local modifications:
- NSURL+Utils.m was modified to use non-deprecated Cocoa APIs to allow
compilation on modern versions of Mac OS X.
- NSString+Utils.m was renamed to and modified to use GURL
for validation in -[NSString isValidURI].
- was modified to add an argument to
-[NSPasteboard getURLs:andTitles:] to determine whether or not filenames in
the drag should be converted to file URLs.
- -[NSPasteboard getURLs:andTitles:convertingFilenames:convertingTextToURL:]
was modified to keep going if WebURLsWithTitlesPboardType exists but doesn't
contain any URLs, which can happen with drags from WebView.
- -[NSPasteboard:containsURLData] and [NSPasteboard getURLs:andTitles:] were
modified to accept an additional parameter convertingTextToURL:, which
indicates whether the string contents of the pasteboard should be
interpreted as a URL if possible.
- NSWorkspace+Utils.m was modified to compile on the x86_64 architecture.
- MOZILLA_EXPORT was added to some constants in NSPasteboard+Utils.h.
- +[NSWorkspace(CaminoDefaultBrowserAdditions) isLeopardOrHigher] hidden since
it relies on methods deprecated in 10.8 (and is unused in Chrome).
- NSWorkspace(CaminoDefaultBrowserAdditions) methods defaultBrowserURL,
defaultFeedViewerURL, and urlOfApplicationWithIdentifier: removed since they
are unused in Chrome and rely on deprecated APIs as of 10.10.