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<title>Accept-CH-Lifetime test with same-origin iframe</title>
<meta name="timeout" content="long">
<script src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
<script src="/resources/testharnessreport.js"></script>
Apart from this webpage, the test opens another html web page. One test is run
in this web page, and another in the second web page.
// This test fetches resources/http_equiv_accept_ch_lifetime.html in a same
// origin iframe. The response to that webpage contains Accept-CH and
// Accept-CH-Lifetime http-equiv headers.
// Fetching that webpage should cause the user-agent to persist origin
// preferences for the client hints specified in Accept-CH header for a
// duration specified in the Accept-CH-Lifetime header.
// Next, to verify if the origin preferences were persisted by the user
// agent, this test fetches resources/expect_client_hints_headers.html
// in a new window. Fetching of resources/expect_client_hints_headers.html
// verifies that the user agent actually sends the client hints in the request
// headers.
// Test is marked as tentative until
// is resolved.
// First, verify the initial state to make sure that the browser does not have
// client hints preferences cached from a previous run of the test.
promise_test(t => {
return fetch("").then(r => {
assert_equals(r.status, 200)
// Verify that the browser did not include client hints in the request
// headers when fetching
assert_false(r.headers.has("device-memory-received"), "device-memory-received");
}, "Precondition: Test that the browser does not have client hints preferences cached");
var acceptChLifetimeLoaded;
async_test(t => {
acceptChLifetimeLoaded = t.step_func(() => {
// Open a new window. Verify that the user agent attaches the client hints.
var verify_win ="resources/expect_client_hints_headers.html");
assert_not_equals(verify_win, null, "Popup windows not allowed?");
window.addEventListener('message', t.step_func((e) => {
if(!e.source.location.pathname.includes("expect_client_hints_headers.html")) {
if(typeof != "string")
assert_equals(, "PASS");
}, "Loading of resources/expect_client_hints_headers.html did not finish.");
<!-- Fetching this webpage should cause user-agent to persist client hint
preferences for the origin.-->
<iframe onload="acceptChLifetimeLoaded()" src="resources/http_equiv_accept_ch_lifetime.html"></iframe>