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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "base/callback_forward.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "components/keyed_service/core/keyed_service.h"
#include "extensions/browser/install/crx_install_error.h"
#include "extensions/buildflags/buildflags.h"
#include "extensions/common/extension.h"
#error "Extensions must be enabled"
namespace content {
class BrowserContext;
namespace extensions {
class AppSorting;
class ContentVerifier;
class Extension;
class ExtensionService;
class ExtensionSet;
class InfoMap;
class ManagementPolicy;
class OneShotEvent;
class QuotaService;
class RuntimeData;
class ServiceWorkerManager;
class SharedUserScriptMaster;
class StateStore;
class ValueStoreFactory;
// ExtensionSystem manages the lifetime of many of the services used by the
// extensions and apps system, and it handles startup and shutdown as needed.
// Eventually, we'd like to make more of these services into KeyedServices in
// their own right.
class ExtensionSystem : public KeyedService {
// A callback to be executed when InstallUpdate finishes.
using InstallUpdateCallback =
base::OnceCallback<void(const base::Optional<CrxInstallError>& result)>;
~ExtensionSystem() override;
// Returns the instance for the given browser context, or NULL if none.
static ExtensionSystem* Get(content::BrowserContext* context);
// Initializes extensions machinery.
// Component extensions are always enabled, external and user extensions are
// controlled (for both incognito and non-incognito profiles) by the
// |extensions_enabled| flag passed to non-incognito initialization.
// These calls should occur after the profile IO data is initialized,
// as extensions initialization depends on that.
virtual void InitForRegularProfile(bool extensions_enabled) = 0;
virtual void InitForIncognitoProfile() = 0;
// The ExtensionService is created at startup. ExtensionService is only
// defined in Chrome.
virtual ExtensionService* extension_service() = 0;
// Per-extension data that can change during the life of the process but
// does not persist across restarts. Lives on UI thread. Created at startup.
virtual RuntimeData* runtime_data() = 0;
// The class controlling whether users are permitted to perform certain
// actions on extensions (install, uninstall, disable, etc.).
// The ManagementPolicy is created at startup.
virtual ManagementPolicy* management_policy() = 0;
// The ServiceWorkerManager is created at startup.
virtual ServiceWorkerManager* service_worker_manager() = 0;
// The SharedUserScriptMaster is created at startup.
virtual SharedUserScriptMaster* shared_user_script_master() = 0;
// The StateStore is created at startup.
virtual StateStore* state_store() = 0;
// The rules store is created at startup.
virtual StateStore* rules_store() = 0;
// Returns the |ValueStore| factory created at startup.
virtual scoped_refptr<ValueStoreFactory> store_factory() = 0;
// Returns the IO-thread-accessible extension data.
virtual InfoMap* info_map() = 0;
// Returns the QuotaService that limits calls to certain extension functions.
// Lives on the UI thread. Created at startup.
virtual QuotaService* quota_service() = 0;
// Returns the AppSorting which provides an ordering for all installed apps.
virtual AppSorting* app_sorting() = 0;
// Called by the ExtensionService that lives in this system. Gives the
// info map a chance to react to the load event before the EXTENSION_LOADED
// notification has fired. The purpose for handling this event first is to
// avoid race conditions by making sure URLRequestContexts learn about new
// extensions before anything else needs them to know. This operation happens
// asynchronously. |callback| is run on the calling thread once completed.
virtual void RegisterExtensionWithRequestContexts(
const Extension* extension,
const base::Closure& callback) {}
// Called by the ExtensionService that lives in this system. Lets the
// info map clean up its RequestContexts once all the listeners to the
// EXTENSION_UNLOADED notification have finished running.
virtual void UnregisterExtensionWithRequestContexts(
const std::string& extension_id,
const UnloadedExtensionReason reason) {}
// Signaled when the extension system has completed its startup tasks.
virtual const OneShotEvent& ready() const = 0;
// Returns the content verifier, if any.
virtual ContentVerifier* content_verifier() = 0;
// Get a set of extensions that depend on the given extension.
// TODO(elijahtaylor): Move SharedModuleService out of chrome/browser
// so it can be retrieved from ExtensionSystem directly.
virtual std::unique_ptr<ExtensionSet> GetDependentExtensions(
const Extension* extension) = 0;
// Install an updated version of |extension_id| with the version given in
// |unpacked_dir|. If |install_immediately| is true, the system will install
// the given extension immediately instead of waiting until idle. Ownership
// of |unpacked_dir| in the filesystem is transferred and implementors of
// this function are responsible for cleaning it up on errors, etc.
virtual void InstallUpdate(const std::string& extension_id,
const std::string& public_key,
const base::FilePath& unpacked_dir,
bool install_immediately,
InstallUpdateCallback install_update_callback) = 0;
// Attempts finishing installation of an update for an extension with the
// specified id, when installation of that extension was previously delayed.
// |install_immediately| - Install the extension should be installed if it is
// currently in use.
// Returns whether the extension installation was finished.
virtual bool FinishDelayedInstallationIfReady(const std::string& extension_id,
bool install_immediately) = 0;
} // namespace extensions