Use noexcept consistently on the move ctor of AutocompleteMatch

The move ctor of AutocompleteMatch has `noexcept` at its decl, but
didn't have it at the impl. That causes a build failure in C++17.

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diff --git a/components/omnibox/browser/ b/components/omnibox/browser/
index acc9af1a..0053538 100644
--- a/components/omnibox/browser/
+++ b/components/omnibox/browser/
@@ -154,7 +154,8 @@
       duplicate_matches(match.duplicate_matches) {}
-AutocompleteMatch::AutocompleteMatch(AutocompleteMatch&& match) = default;
+AutocompleteMatch::AutocompleteMatch(AutocompleteMatch&& match) noexcept =
+    default;
 AutocompleteMatch::~AutocompleteMatch() {