Rename NavigationInitiationType::USER_INITIATED to BROWSER_INITIATED.

Every navigation can be initiated by Browser or Renderer.

Browser-initiated navigations are:
 - url was typed into omnibox
 - back/forward/reload was tapped
Renderer-initiated navigations are:
 - link was clicked
 - state was replaced

Every navigation may or may not have user gesture.

Navigations with user gesture:
  - all browser-initiated navigations
  - link was clicked
  - pushState was called in response to user gesture
Navigations without user gesture:
  - pushState was called without user gesture (web site did that)
  - other client redirects which initiated by a web site

To avoid confusion between all these terms USER_INITIATED is renamed to
BROWSER_INITIATED, which matches //content terminology used in
WebContentsObserver comments.

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