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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ios/web/public/web_view_creation_util.h"
// A helper macro that allows skipping a unit test on iOS7 and earlier. Example:
// TEST_F(WKWebViewTest, WebViewInitializesCorrectly) {
// EXPECT_TRUE(NSClassFromString(@"WKWebView") != nil);
// }
if (!web::IsWKWebViewSupported()) \
// Defines a web test that uses two test fixtures and single testing code.
// The first two parameters are the corresponding names of UIWebView-based and
// WKWebView-based test fixture classes. Those will also be the test case names.
// The third parameter is the name of the test within the test case.
// A test fixture class must be declared earlier. Test code goes between braces
// after using this macro. Example:
// typedef web::WebTest UIViewTest;
// typedef web::WKWebViewWebTest WKViewTest;
// WEB_TEST_F(UIViewTest, WKViewTest, ControllerInitializesCorrectly) {
// EXPECT_TRUE(this->webController_);
// }
// Makes the name of a parent test class for WK and UI test fixtures.
// Only intended for use by WEB_TEST_F, not for direct use.
#define WEB_TEST_BASE_CLASS_(ui_fixture, wk_test_case, test_name)\
// Makes the name of a concrete WK or UI test fixture.
// Only intended for use by WEB_TEST_F, not for direct use.
#define WEB_TEST_TEST_CLASS_(test_case, test_name)\
// Makes the testing template class that runs WebTestBody function as the
// testing code.
// Only intended for use by WEB_TEST_F, not for direct use.
#define GTEST_WEB_TEST_(test_case, test_name, is_wk_web_view) \
GTEST_TEST_(test_case, test_name, \
WEB_TEST_TEST_CLASS_(test_case, test_name), \
::testing::internal::GetTypeId<test_case>()) { \
if (!is_wk_web_view || web::IsWKWebViewSupported()) \
WebTestBody(); \
#define WEB_TEST_F(ui_fixture, wk_fixture, test_name) \
template <typename T> \
class WEB_TEST_BASE_CLASS_(ui_fixture, wk_fixture, test_name) \
: public T { \
protected: \
void WebTestBody(); \
}; \
ui_fixture, wk_fixture, \
test_name) <ui_fixture> WEB_TEST_TEST_CLASS_(ui_fixture, test_name); \
ui_fixture, wk_fixture, \
test_name) <wk_fixture> WEB_TEST_TEST_CLASS_(wk_fixture, test_name); \
GTEST_WEB_TEST_(ui_fixture, test_name, false) \
GTEST_WEB_TEST_(wk_fixture, test_name, true) \
template <typename T> \
void WEB_TEST_BASE_CLASS_(ui_fixture, wk_fixture, \
test_name) <T>::WebTestBody()