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<title>RTCPeerConnection.prototype.setRemoteDescription rollback</title>
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<script src="RTCPeerConnection-helper.js"></script>
'use strict';
// Test is based on the following editor draft:
// The following helper functions are called from RTCPeerConnection-helper.js:
// assert_session_desc_similar
// generateAudioReceiveOnlyOffer
// generateDataChannelOffer
4.3.2. Interface Definition
[Constructor(optional RTCConfiguration configuration)]
interface RTCPeerConnection : EventTarget {
Promise<void> setLocalDescription(
RTCSessionDescriptionInit description);
readonly attribute RTCSessionDescription? localDescription;
readonly attribute RTCSessionDescription? currentLocalDescription;
readonly attribute RTCSessionDescription? pendingLocalDescription;
Promise<void> setRemoteDescription(
RTCSessionDescriptionInit description);
readonly attribute RTCSessionDescription? remoteDescription;
readonly attribute RTCSessionDescription? currentRemoteDescription;
readonly attribute RTCSessionDescription? pendingRemoteDescription;
4.6.2. RTCSessionDescription Class
dictionary RTCSessionDescriptionInit {
required RTCSdpType type;
DOMString sdp = "";
4.6.1. RTCSdpType
enum RTCSdpType {
/* Set the RTCSessionSessionDescription
2.2.3. Otherwise, if description is set as a remote description, then run one
of the following steps:
- If description is of type "rollback", then this is a rollback.
Set connection.pendingRemoteDescription to null and signaling state to stable.
promise_test(t => {
const pc = new RTCPeerConnection();
t.add_cleanup(() => pc.close());
const states = [];
pc.addEventListener('signalingstatechange', () => states.push(pc.signalingState));
return generateDataChannelOffer(pc)
.then(offer => pc.setRemoteDescription(offer))
.then(() => {
assert_equals(pc.signalingState, 'have-remote-offer');
assert_not_equals(pc.remoteDescription, null);
assert_not_equals(pc.pendingRemoteDescription, null);
assert_equals(pc.currentRemoteDescription, null);
return pc.setRemoteDescription({ type: 'rollback' });
.then(() => {
assert_equals(pc.signalingState, 'stable');
assert_equals(pc.remoteDescription, null);
assert_equals(pc.pendingRemoteDescription, null);
assert_equals(pc.currentRemoteDescription, null);
assert_array_equals(states, ['have-remote-offer', 'stable']);
}, 'setRemoteDescription(rollback) in have-remote-offer state should revert to stable state');
/* Set the RTCSessionSessionDescription
2.3. If the description's type is invalid for the current signaling state of
connection, then reject p with a newly created InvalidStateError and abort
these steps.
[jsep] Rollback
- Rollback can only be used to cancel proposed changes;
there is no support for rolling back from a stable state to a
previous stable state
promise_test(t => {
const pc = new RTCPeerConnection();
t.add_cleanup(() => pc.close());
return promise_rejects(t, 'InvalidStateError',
pc.setRemoteDescription({ type: 'rollback' }));
}, `setRemoteDescription(rollback) from stable state should reject with InvalidStateError`);
promise_test(t => {
const pc = new RTCPeerConnection();
t.add_cleanup(() => pc.close());
return generateAudioReceiveOnlyOffer(pc)
.then(offer => pc.setRemoteDescription(offer))
.then(() => pc.setRemoteDescription({
type: 'rollback',
sdp: '!<Invalid SDP Content>;'
}, `setRemoteDescription(rollback) should ignore invalid sdp content and succeed`);
promise_test(async t => {
const pc1 = new RTCPeerConnection();
const pc2 = new RTCPeerConnection();
t.add_cleanup(() => pc1.close());
t.add_cleanup(() => pc2.close());
// We don't use this right away
const offer1 = await pc1.createOffer({offerToReceiveAudio: true});
// Create offer from pc2, apply and rollback on pc1
const offer2 = await pc2.createOffer({offerToReceiveAudio: true});
await pc1.setRemoteDescription(offer2);
await pc1.setRemoteDescription({type: "rollback"});
// Then try applying pc1's old offer
await pc1.setLocalDescription(offer1);
}, `local offer created before setRemoteDescription(remote offer) then rollback should still be usable`);