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/* Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ppapi/c/pp_bool.h"
#include "ppapi/c/pp_graphics_3d.h"
#include "ppapi/c/pp_instance.h"
#include "ppapi/c/pp_resource.h"
#define PPB_CONTEXT_3D_DEV_INTERFACE_0_1 "PPB_Context3D(Dev);0.1"
struct PPB_Context3D_Dev {
// Creates and initializes a rendering context and returns a handle to it.
// The context can be used to render to any compatible PPB_Surface3D_Dev.
// If share_context is not NULL, then all shareable data, as defined
// by the client API (note that for OpenGL and OpenGL ES, shareable data
// excludes texture objects named 0) will be shared by share_context, all
// other contexts share_context already shares with, and the newly created
// context. An arbitrary number of PPB_Context3D_Dev can share data in
// this fashion.
// attrib_list specifies a list of attributes for the context. The list
// has the same structure as described for
// PPB_Graphics3D_Dev::GetConfigAttribs. The only attribute that can be
// specified in attrib_list is PP_GRAPHICS3DATTRIB_CONTEXT_CLIENT_VERSION,
// and this attribute may only be specified when creating a OpenGL ES context.
// attrib_list may be NULL or empty (first attribute is EGL_NONE), in which
// case attributes assume their default values.
// If config is not a valid PP_Config3D_Dev, or does not support
// the requested client API, then an PP_GRAPHICS3DERROR_BAD_CONFIG error is
// generated (this includes requesting creation of an OpenGL ES 1.x context
// when the PP_GRAPHICS3DATTRIB_RENDERABLE_TYPE attribute of config does not
// contain PP_GRAPHICS3DATTRIBVALUE_OPENGL_ES_BIT, or creation of an
// OpenGL ES 2.x context when the attribute does not contain
// On failure Create returns NULL resource.
PP_Resource (*Create)(PP_Instance instance,
PP_Config3D_Dev config,
PP_Resource share_context,
const int32_t* attrib_list);
// Returns PP_TRUE if the given resource is a valid PPB_Context3D_Dev,
// PP_FALSE if it is an invalid resource or is a resource of another type.
PP_Bool (*IsContext3D)(PP_Resource resource);
// Returns in value the value of attribute for context.
// Attributes that can be queried for include:
// - PP_GRAPHICS3DATTRIB_CONFIG_ID: returns the ID of the
// PP_Config3D_Dev with respect to which the context was created.
// - PP_GRAPHICS3DATTRIB_CONTEXT_CLIENT_TYPE: returns the type of client API
// this context supports.
// - PP_GRAPHICS3DATTRIB_CONTEXT_CLIENT_VERSION: returns the version of the
// client API this context supports, as specified at context creation time.
// - PP_GRAPHICS3DATTRIB_RENDER_BUFFER: returns the buffer which client API
// rendering via this context will use. The value returned depends on
// properties of both the context, and the surface to which the context
// is bound:
// - If the context is bound to a surface, then either
// returned depends on the buffer requested by the setting of the
// PP_GRAPHICS3DATTRIB_RENDER_BUFFER property of the surface.
// - If the context is not bound to a surface, then
// On failure the following error codes may be returned:
// - PP_GRAPHICS3DERROR_BAD_ATTRIBUTE if attribute is not a valid attribute
// - PP_GRAPHICS3DERROR_BAD_CONTEXT if context is invalid.
int32_t (*GetAttrib)(PP_Resource context,
int32_t attribute,
int32_t* value);
// Binds context to the draw and read surfaces.
// For an OpenGL or OpenGL ES context, draw is used for all operations except
// for any pixel data read back or copied, which is taken from the frame
// buffer values of read. Note that the same PPB_Surface3D_Dev may be
// specified for both draw and read.
// On failure the following error codes may be returned:
// - PP_GRAPHICS3DERROR_BAD_MATCH: if draw or read surfaces are not
// compatible with context.
// - PP_GRAPHICS3DERROR_BAD_ACCESS: if either draw or read is bound to any
// other context.
// - PP_GRAPHICS3DERROR_BAD_CONTEXT: if context is not a valid context.
// - PP_GRAPHICS3DERROR_BAD_SURFACE: if either draw or read are not valid
// surfaces.
// - PP_GRAPHICS3DERROR_BAD_MATCH: if draw and read cannot fit into
// graphics memory simultaneously.
// - PP_ERROR_NOMEMORY: if the ancillary buffers for draw and read cannot
// be allocated.
// - PP_GRAPHICS3DERROR_CONTEXT_LOST: if a power management event has
// occurred.
// If draw is destroyed after BindSurfaces is called, then subsequent
// rendering commands will be processed and the context state will be updated,
// but the surface contents become undefined. If read is destroyed after
// BindSurfaces then pixel values read from the framebuffer (e.g., as result
// of calling glReadPixels) are undefined.
// To unbind surfaces set draw and read to NULL.
int32_t (*BindSurfaces)(PP_Resource context,
PP_Resource draw,
PP_Resource read);
// Returns the surfaces bound to the context for drawing and reading in
// draw and read respectively.
// On failure, the following error codes can be returned:
// - PP_GRAPHICS3DERROR_BAD_CONTEXT: if context is not a valid context.
// - PP_ERROR_BADARGUMENT: if either draw or read is NULL.
int32_t (*GetBoundSurfaces)(PP_Resource context,
PP_Resource* draw,
PP_Resource* read);